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Under New Mismanagement, Part 6

| Australia | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners

(Our store just got a new head manager. I haven’t had the chance to meet him yet, but I got the impression he’s a bit rough and demanding. I finally get the opportunity to introduce myself.)

Me: *extending hand* “Hi, I haven’t had a chance to meet you yet. I’m [My Name].”

Manager: “What are you wasting time for? Get back to work!”

(Stunned, I stand frozen for a few seconds.)

Manager: “I don’t know what the previous manager was thinking, hiring all these idiot kids. Get back to work!”

(I finally find my voice.)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but I find that statement quite presumptuous and offensive.”

Manager: “Oh, really? Surprise me with something I don’t know.”

Me: “If you say so. For a start, I wasn’t hired by [Previous Manager]; you’re actually the fifth person who’s taken the store manager position since I was hired two years ago. Second, you may call me a ‘kid’ if you wish, but be aware that I’m actually twenty years old and many of the more mature team members often turn to me for advice. Third, I’d rather you talk to me and get to know me a little better before you form an opinion as to whether or not I’m an ‘idiot.'”

(As if on cue, a customer approached him and asked him a question that he was unable to answer. I intervened, took her straight to the item she needed, and showed her how to operate it. The manager left me alone after that.)

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Be Good To Your Daughters

| MO, USA | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Family & Kids

New Manager: *shouting* “Don’t f****** tell me what to do, you f****** piece of s***! I’m the f****** manager, not you!” *stomps out the back door*

Me: “[Owner’s Daughter], does he know who you are?”

Owner’s Daughter: *texting mom* “I don’t think so, but he’s about to.”

(We never saw that manager again.)

Out Of State, Out Of Mind

| GA, USA | Bad Behavior, Employees, Transportation

(A customer has requested that a previously delivered package be picked up and sent back. The shipper in our area apparently requested two such pickups, one in Ohio and the other in California. A customer service agent calls my station in Georgia to follow up on the pickups.)

Agent: “I need to know why these two pickups were not made today.”

Me: “I wouldn’t know… They’re not for our service area.”

Agent: “Sir, the shipper is in your service area.”

Me: “That is correct, but the pickups you’re asking about are to be made in Ohio and California and the packages are to come back to the shipper here in Georgia.”

Agent: “So why haven’t they been picked up yet?”

Me: “Again, I don’t know… The pickups are not for our service area.”

Agent: “Sir, the shipper, who is in your area, requested these pickups. I need to know why they haven’t been made because the shipper is requesting an update.”

Me: “Okay… you realize that you called this station in Georgia, right? The two pickups you are asking me about are to be made in Ohio and California. This station doesn’t service those two states.”

(I proceed to tell the Agent exactly which two stations are to make the pickups… and even give him each station’s phone number.)

Agent: “I don’t understand.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Agent: “How can these pickups not be for your area if the shipper, who is in your area, requested that they be made?”

Me: “Do you understand how this particular pickup process works? The tracking numbers you gave me indicate what station is supposed to pick them up. And I just told you which two stations you need to speak with. My station has nothing to with these two pickups aside from delivering the packages back to the shipper once they get here.”

Agent: “I don’t believe that is accurate. I will need to inform my manager about this conversation and how you were not willing give me the information as I have requested. And I will have him call you back to discuss this matter further.”

Me: “Oh, please do go tell your manager what all you know about this particular pickup process. I will be here all evening if he needs to discuss the matter with me.”

(Clearly the agent’s manager was more knowledgeable on the matter than he was as I did not receive another call about the pickups.)

The Boss Is Out Of Order

| Seattle, WA, USA | Bad Behavior, Coworkers

(I process and input the orders that come in for our product. It has been very busy the past few weeks, since we recently came out with a new version of our book, and have been slammed with orders. I finally manage to finish all the orders that were in my in basket.)

Me: “Hey, [Boss], look at this!”

(I show her my empty in basket. She puts in an order that just came in via fax.)

Me: “Aaawww…”

Coworker: “You just like bursting his bubble, don’t you?”

A Very Cranky Sale

, | CA, USA | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Coworkers, Popular, Time, Trending

(It is the late 1980s. I work in a women’s clothing store that has been open since the late 1960s. Nothing much has changed in those 20 years in terms of décor or clientele, who wear the same styles of clothing that were popular two decades earlier. Some of the cash registers are truly antiques; they are electric, but with a 10-key style system and a slot for a hand crank.)

Me: “Your purchase comes to [total].”

Customer: *hands me cash; I will need to make change*

(The main power goes out. It is about 10 minutes before closing time. It is not a power outage; the lights that stay on all night are still lit. The owner has turned off the power, apparently not realizing there is still a customer in the store.)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, I think the owner has shut the power off.” *sends coworker to tell owner to turn the power back on*

(The power controls are on the second floor. The coworker reaches the owner at the bottom of the stairs and he has to walk all the way back up to turn it back on.)

Customer: *laughing at the situation* “I can’t believe he would turn the power off before checking to see if there are still customers in the store!”

Me: “I know; I’m really sorry for the delay.”

Coworker: “You know, we’ve always wanted to crank out a sale on one of these old cash registers… Let’s try it!”

(By the time the power was back on, we had completed the sale with the old hand crank and enjoyed the joke at the expense of the store owner!)