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Will Need Some Stress Medications After This

| Knoxville, TN, USA | Bad Behavior, Employees, Health & Body

(I have called several days prior to this to get some prescriptions written by my doctor, as they were originally prescribed to me in the hospital, but are long term medications for a few of my disorders. I had spoken to my doctor’s nurse, who said that it would be no problem to get them; just come in and pick up the prescriptions. Note that, due to my being in the hospital so often, my doctor has a standing order with her office staff that no matter when I show up, with or without an appointment, she’ll make time to see me. This happens just after they hire a new receptionist.)

Me: *to the front desk receptionist* “Hi, I’m [My Name] and I’m here to pick up some prescriptions that [Doctor] wrote me. [Nurse] said they’d be ready by last week, but today’s the first time I’ve been able to get here.”

Receptionist: “There’s a note in your file that says you have to make an appointment with the doctor before you can get those medications. You can’t have the prescriptions.”

Me: “But [Nurse] told me it would be fine!”

Receptionist: “The note in your file says that you have to see the doctor.”

Me: “So why didn’t anyone call me to tell me this?”

Receptionist: “The note in your file says—“

Me: “I KNOW what the file says! I’m asking why no one thought to call me with this information! I live over two hours away! Why did I have to drive all the way here to find this out!?”

Receptionist: “Well, the note is in your file. You should have known.”

Me: “Really? You expect me to know what notes y’all put in YOUR system, that I have no access to?”

Receptionist: “Well, the note is in your file. I don’t know what you want me to do about it.”

Me: “Actually, it’s YOUR job to call people when things like this come up.”

Receptionist: “Well, I DID put the note in your file, so I DID let you know!”

Me: *mentally face palming* “Okay, since I have to see the doctor, and I really need the medications TODAY, just go tell [Doctor] I’m here and I’ll see her when she’s got a minute. I’ll wait.”

Receptionist: “She’s too busy to see you today.”

Me: “That’s why I said I’ll wait. She’ll work me in.”

Receptionist: “No, she won’t. I’ll make you an appointment for [date three months away].”

Me: “I can’t wait that long! Just let her know I’m here, please.”

Receptionist: “No. I won’t. Just because YOU forgot to get your medications filled doesn’t make this an emergency. It’s YOUR fault; YOU deal with it.”

Me: “Wait, let me get this straight. I called for my medications over a week ago, no one called me to tell me that I had to see the doctor, you just put a note in my file in a system that I HAVE NO ACCESS TO, you’re refusing to tell the doctor even though I KNOW she’ll see me, and this is MY fault?!? By the way, I KNOW there’s a note taped to the wall just behind your computer telling you that I’m one of the people she’ll ALWAYS see, even without an appointment. Can you please look at it?”

Receptionist: *without even looking at the note* “No. It’s YOUR fault. Now go away.”

Me: “No. Look at the note. I’m not leaving until you do.”

Receptionist: *finally looks at the note* “That isn’t you. You’re just trying to get special treatment.”

Me: “Yes, it is. Look at it. My name is [My Name], my birthday is [date], and my social security number is [number].”

Receptionist: “I still don’t believe you. I’m not going to interrupt the doctor just because YOU forgot your medications and didn’t read the note in your file. Now GO AWAY!”

(She shouts the last part loud enough that several people in the waiting room turn to look. I’m near tears and have the beginnings of a panic attack. Luckily, her yelling brings my doctor into the reception office as well.)

Doctor: “[Receptionist], why are you shouting at my patient?!”

Receptionist: “Because she won’t leave! I’ve told her that she has to talk to you about getting her medications, which I put a note in her file about, so she should have known! Now she’s saying she’s on this special list, but I don’t believe it’s her. I just think she’s making it up so she doesn’t have to wait three months like she should have to! It’s not MY fault she forgot to get her meds on time!”

Doctor: “So, you put a note in her file, but didn’t call her to let her know she had to come in, even though that’s part of YOUR job? Then refused to let me know she’s here, even though she’s on my special list, just because you thought she was lying? Then you YELLED at her in front of everyone, even though stress is listed in her files as something that can LITERALLY put her in the hospital, sometimes for weeks?!”

Receptionist: “No! I didn’t do anything wrong!”

Doctor: “You did EVERYTHING WRONG!”

(The receptionist continued to argue and my doctor ended up having to call security to have her removed from the building. She was still screaming “But I put a note in her file!” as she was being physically carried out. The kicker? It took my doctor less than five minutes to write the prescriptions I needed.)


That Rings Hollow

| NJ, USA | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners

(I have a couple of small diamonds missing from my engagement ring and need it fixed before taking my engagement photos. I call a local jeweler and ask if they can help. They say they will be glad to. My fiancé and I go the next day.)

Me: *tells the owner my predicament* “Is this something I can get fixed here?”

Owner: *looks at my ring, laughs, and turns to my fiancé* “Hey buddy, I bet you bought this ring online didn’t you?” *chuckles and proceeds to talk about how cheap he thinks the ring is*

(My fiancé looks mortified at this point.)

Me: “We actually got it in NYC. So can you help us?”

Owner: “I’m refusing to help fix such a cheap ring. All I know is you are going to come back with more missing diamonds and blame me for it.”

(I was so angry. At this point I just thanked him and walked out. I had to spend the evening reassuring my fiancé how much I loved my ring. We took it to a more established jeweler the next day who gladly took my ring and did a fabulous job. They even reassured me that there was absolutely nothing wrong with my ring.)


Time For Her To Reverse On Out Of There

| MD, USA | Bad Behavior, Job Seekers, Transportation

(I’m a manager at a very busy cafe. One day I head over to the restaurant for work. On my way there, a woman nearly hits me while changing lanes without using her blinker. I slam my brakes and lay on my horn, but she doesn’t even acknowledge the accident she almost started. She proceeds to cut off four other people, again without a blinker and without any room for her car to even go. She’s headed in the same direction as I am. When we turn off to the same shopping center, she pulls in front of another store, nearly hitting a pedestrian. While she’s not in front of me, I manage to get a look at her face. I go in the cafe and start setting up. An hour later, the same woman comes into the cafe.)

Insane Woman: *to the host* “HEY. I need to talk to the manager.”

Host: “Sure thing. What did you need to see the manager for? I can let him know when I tell him that you’d like to see him.”

Insane Woman: “None of your god-d*** business. Go get your manager.”

Host: *shocked* “Uh, okay.”

(The host comes to get me and tells me that there’s a woman to see me and that she appears to be angry. I ask what the problem was and the host, of course, doesn’t know. He mentions that she has just walked in.)

Me: “Hello, ma’am, how can I help you?”

(At this point, I recognize her from this morning)

Insane Woman: “I want a job application.”

Me: *trying not to laugh in disgust* “Oh, really? What makes you want to work here?”

Insane Woman: “Is that really any of your business?”

Me: “Considering that I do the hiring, yes.”

Insane Woman: “Does this place pay well? Also, I don’t work weekends.”

Me: *trying to contain myself* “I don’t think this would be a good fit for you.”

Insane Woman: *glaring* “Uh… WHY?”

Me: “Well, first, your attitude is sour and our cafe is known for its friendly staff. Second, your insane driving habits would be extremely off-putting to anyone who knew you worked here.”

Insane Woman: “How would YOU know how I drive?!”

Me: “Because you almost hit me this morning when you cut me off.”

Insane Woman: *silent*

Me: “You then almost hit four other cars and when you pulled into this shopping center about an hour ago, you nearly hit a pedestrian.”

Insane Woman: *rolls her eyes*

Me: “I sincerely hope you go home and work on your attitude some more. Being rude is one thing; causing physical danger to the people around you, though, is absolutely unforgivable. Have a nice day.”

Insane Woman: “Where’s the job application I asked for?”

Me: *thinking: has she even been listening?* “Have a nice day.”

(I walked away and she just stood there for a minute before leaving.)