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Doesn’t Get The Deal

| Chicago, IL, USA | Bad Behavior, Employees, Transportation

(My husband and I are looking to purchase a new car, an SUV. After looking at multiple deals online, we finalize a couple of cars and visit one dealership to test drive the car. This dealership is known for selling only high end cars, along the lines of Corvettes and BMW M3s. We call ahead to let them know we will stop by. We enter the dealership and are greeted by a younger guy. We test drive the car and love it and go back to the office to discuss the offer. Note that this is a Friday.)

Salesman #1: “Are you planning to buy the car today?”

Us: “We need to go over our options and also get the check ready for the total amount. But we would like to first discuss what deal you can offer us on the car. If we like the deal, we can make a small payment to hold the car for us.”

Salesman #1: “I cannot make any deals but let me get my manager.”

Manager: “Hi. I heard you wanted to buy the SUV. We do not usually sell those cars as they are below our normal price range. But we fortunately have just the one car for you.”

Us: *ignoring his tactic* “Yes. We test drove the car and we loved it. But what deal can you offer us on the car?”

Manager: “Sorry, no deal. Are you buying it today?”

Us: “We are serious about buying the car and definitely love this. But we do not have the check for the complete amount right now. We would also like to discuss our options, at least over the weekend, before we make such a huge investment. So we need some time.”

Manager: *to [Salesman #1]* “Okay. They need time. Let’s go.”

(Both of them just walk out from there without any further comment.)

Husband: *calling after them* “Excuse me. If you are walking out of this office, then so are we.”

(And we also walked out.)


Scheduled To Quit

| USA | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Time

(I’ve been working at this fast food place for about six months when my best friend gets hired. We are teenagers and it’s our first job. I normally snap pictures of the schedule, but by her second week of the job the management asks the workers to stop doing that, due to regulations or some such thing. I had already taken a picture before anyone told me, and I send the picture to my best friend so she’ll know when she works. And as a backup, she also copies it into a notebook directly from the schedule itself a few days later. Neither of us is scheduled to work that Sunday, so we go out to a movie and post online about it. Come Monday evening, we walk into work together.)

Boss: *grumpy* “Hope you enjoyed that movie.”

Me: *slightly confused as to how she knows, because we weren’t friends online* “Yeah, it wasn’t too bad.”

Boss: *turns to my friend* “More fun than working?”

Friend: *jokingly* “Well, usually most things are.”

Boss: “Is that really the attitude you’re going to take on only your second week here?!”

Friend: “Huh…?”

(My boss then takes her to the back room and shows her the schedule that suddenly now says that she was supposed to have worked the day before. My friend swears that she didn’t know, otherwise she would have been at work, and promises to never ever let it happen again. Practically in tears for the rest of the night, she works quickly and quietly. I find the picture of the schedule on my phone and walk up to my boss.)

Me: “Ma’am, in all fairness, I don’t believe the schedule said that she was supposed to work yesterday. When I took a picture of it—”

Boss: “You know we aren’t supposed to take pictures of the schedule, [My Name]. Now get back to work.”

(I went back to work, but took a picture of every schedule from then on ever as proof. That manager didn’t last long, but my friend’s mother never trusted me ever again. To make it even worse, there was white out on the schedule for Sunday, where it had obviously been erased and rewritten. In the two and a half years I worked there, they changed the schedule within a day’s notice so many times that I eventually quit in frustration.)


Time To Checkout Who Was On Checkout

| USA | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners

(Just recently we got a new register that the owners have me programming. My manager has no idea how to work it. On this particular day a woman calls in.)

Customer: “Hi, I was in your store yesterday morning and I was charged for an item I didn’t buy.”

Me: “Not a problem, ma’am. I just need your name and the last four digits of the card you made the purchase with, as well as the name of the item we charged.”

(The woman provides all the information, and I find her in the system for yesterday morning.)

Me: “All right, I’ve refunded the amount. It should be back on your card by tomorrow morning. Have a great day!”

Manager: “Did you just refund her over the phone? How could you do that?! You have no idea if she was lying or not. I could get in serious trouble for this! They never should have let you work this register.”

(She continues to rant for a while as I check out other customers. Finally, she calms down and I’m able to get a word in.)

Me: “The item she claims she didn’t buy is a product we haven’t sold in months. She was in yesterday. There’s no way she could have bought it.”

Manager: “Well, that’s ridiculous! Who could have rung her up for something like that?”

(Going by who was on the schedule, it was my manager.)


Witching Hour Versus The Bitching Hour

| USA | Bad Behavior, Coworkers, Time

(It is Tuesday at 11 am. I come in and head right to my boss’s office, but the secretary tries to stop me and calls over the business manager.)

Secretary: “I know you worked for [Boss] before moving here, but it is 11 am. Working hours start at 9 am. I know you get the big bucks but there is no special treatment for you.”

Me: “I’m really in no mood to deal with you, [Secretary].”

Business Manager: “I am not sure what to say here. Maybe we should let [Boss] handle this.”

(The boss sees me through his office window and comes out.)

Secretary: *smugly* “[My Name] is just getting in.”

Boss: “Oh, great. I take it everything is fixed? I stopped looking at emails after our call at midnight.”

(The secretary is looking confused.)

Me: “Everything is fixed; reports are in and we are back on schedule.”

Boss: “Great news. I know you’re tired, but after you get a cup of coffee could you put a few slides together for my presentation this afternoon? Oh, yeah, you picked up food for everyone on Saturday and Sunday, right? Just give the bill to [Secretary] for reimbursement. I’m late. Thanks again, I gotta run!”

(The boss left, and the secretary was fuming as I left.)


Bring It Up Just To Push You Down

| USA | Bad Behavior, Coworkers

(I work for one of the largest cruise lines in the world in one of the shore-side offices. We have recently hired two supervisors internally that come from different departments, one person who people aren’t particularly fond of. This exchange happens between me and another coworker, who despises this supervisor, had been on her team before, and has been assigned to her again. I should also mention I’m a part of an internship program to become a supervisor.)

Coworker: “I’m not happy at all.”

Me: “I can see that.”

Coworker: “I’m really not. She’s a terrible supervisor.” *proceeds to rant*

Me: “I can empathize. She’s nice, just doesn’t seem a great fit.”

Coworker: “Okay, but you can’t talk about that. You’re part of [Internship Program] and it’s unprofessional.”

Me: “…but you brought it up.”

Coworker: “Yeah, but I can talk about it. You can’t, though. People might be listening.”

Me: “…”