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Not How You A-Dress Customers

| TX, USA | Bad Behavior, Employees, Language & Words

(A few of my friends and I are in a clothing store. We are teenagers, and my friends have convinced me to try on a dress that I have no intention of buying. They insist, however, in seeing me.)

Me: “Here you go.”

Friend #1: “You look AWESOME!”

Friend #2: “Yeah! You totally should buy that!”

Me: “Maybe. I actually kinda like it, but—”

(One of our other party members, who was browsing clothes, hurries back over frantically.)

Friend #3: “We should leave. Hurry, please.”

Me: “What’s wrong?”

Friend #3: “We need to get out of here. Now.”

(I quickly change and we leave the store.)

Me: “What happened?”

Friend #3: “The employees back there heard you say you didn’t want to buy the dress you were trying on. They were talking about us. They said, ‘Those f*****g b*****s need to get out of here so our a*****e customers can get in and spend their f*****g money already!'”


Me: “One moment.”

(I walk back into the store and find the employees.)

Employee #1: “What do you want?”

Me: “I just wanted to give you a heads up.”

Employee #2: “On what?”

Me: “I thought you should know that my friend heard every word you said. You lost four new customers with your obscene language and incredibly rude attitude. Be ready for a call to your manager. Have a nice day!”

(I left the store with the employees having horrified expressions on their faces. I called the store the next week. Ever since, the employees were fired and I was given an immense discount on my next purchase. I saw one of the employees several weeks later. She recognized me as well.)

Me: *overly sweetly* “How’s your job? Did you get a raise?”

Employee #1: “F*** you!”

Not Entitled To That Third Dimension

| Wales, UK | Bad Behavior, Movies & TV

(I take my younger brother and sister to the cinema, booking my tickets online before going. When we get there we find three teenage girls in our seats, who refuse to move, so we get a member of staff.)

Usher: “This lady has booked these seats. Please move to your own allocated seats.”

Girl #1: “Well, there’s been a mistake. WE booked these seats online before she did.”

Usher: “Show me your tickets.”

(They show the usher their tickets, showing that they did indeed have the same seats… in a different screen room.)

Usher: “These are the tickets for the 3D version. This screen is showing it in 2D.”

Girl #2: “Well, someone should have told us where to go.”

Usher: “It says clearly on the ticket ‘screen five’ and the member of staff that checked your ticket will have told you ‘screen five.’”

Girl #1: “We paid for this film and these seats. We’re not moving.”

Usher: “You paid extra to see the 3D version.”

Girl #1: “Yes, we paid extra, so we should get these seats.”

Usher: “Fine, you may keep those seats.”

(The girls smiled at us victoriously. The usher directed us to screen five where we got to take their seats in the 3D film.)

Panic Attacks Should Not Be Attacked

| UK | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Health & Body

(I have been shopping in a store I used to work in several years back. I’m at the checkout with a cashier who is new according to their name badge.)

Cashier: “Oh, no. It isn’t working. Nothing is working!”

Me: “Maybe get a manager down to look at it?”

Cashier: “NO! Why do you want a manager? I’ve done nothing wrong. I’ve done nothing wrong!”

Me: “I know that. But a manager will know what to do and can restart it if need be.”

Cashier: “But it won’t work. It just won’t work!”

(The guy starts shaking and ends up on the floor rocking back and forward. The other cashiers are staring, not knowing what to do.)

Me: “Get a manager down, and you — call for an ambulance. I think he’s—”

Cashier: “NO! How could you do this! You don’t know what it’s like! I’ve done nothing wrong!”

(At this point the guy is shouting at the top of his lungs and isn’t taking breaths anymore. He finally collapses as manager arrives to see what all the shouting is for. A customer ended up calling an ambulance because the staff had no idea what to do. After he’s taken away the manager takes my purchases and apologises.)

Manager: “Sorry about that, [My Name]. He’s pulled that trick three times over the past month. He’ll be let go if he’s not careful.”

Me: “Trick? He just had a full on panic attack. Do you have idea what those are like? You need to put him somewhere less stressful.”

Manager: *grinning* “A psychiatric ward?”

(I gave him the coldest stare I could muster and walked out before finishing my purchase. I tried finding out where they guy was to tell him not to bother going back if it’s that stressful for him, but I eventually gave up. I heard a couple weeks later, from a friend who still works there, that he was indeed let go after another incident on the checkout. Mental health is something serious, and I’m sorry that poor guy had to work in such a poisonous environment. The management are awful there, but even that surprised me to hear a manager joking about the mental health of a worker he has a duty of care to.)

Shutting Down Your Attempts At Shutting Down

, | USA | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Overtime

(Our city is going through a particularly bad winter, with weather that’s extreme for the area. The city decides to shut down for one bad approaching ice storm, and recommends that other area businesses do the same for a long weekend. I get up on the morning of the first day to find my roommate getting ready for work.)

Me: “Aren’t you guys closed today like everyone else?”

Roommate: “Nope. When I asked my supervisor last night, she said, and I quote, ‘If an earthquake occurs, and the ground opens up to swallow [Call Center], then you will still report to work to find out which center we will reassign you to.’ So I get to go in today. Hooray.”

(She goes to work, and the storm arrives exactly at 11 am, as predicted. My roommate sticks it out, but her coworkers are getting fed up and leaving, risking not only bad driving conditions, but also being written up at work. Finally around three pm, my roommate is told that she is allowed to go home without the risk of disciplinary action. The center is going to remain open, thanks to one stubborn boss who refuses to close. My roommate carefully drives home, but just as she is arriving, her car slides on ice and she manages to do $3000 worth of damage to the undercarriage of her car. She is cold and frustrated by the time she walks in the door at four. She tells me what happened, and how she got a text from a coworker saying that other bosses finally overrode the stubborn one, and they closed the center shortly after she left. We are watching a movie a little later when she gets a text alert and snickers at the message.)

Me: “What’s so funny?”

Roommate: “Schadenfreude. The boss who refused to close the center got stuck sleeping there overnight.”

(The boss was fine. He had power and food to last him until he could safely leave. But the company magically changed their tune after that, offering cash bonuses to employees who opted to come in during bad weather, and closing the center much, much sooner. Funny how the employees can go hang when the weather gets dangerous, but when something bad happens to the boss, they fall all over themselves to change the policies!)

Policies Are Out Of Controller

| MA, USA | Bad Behavior, Employees, Liars/Scammers

(I am 14. I recently bought a wired Xbox 360 controller. Not liking the controller I decide to return it with my mother. There is a small line at the return counter with only one person working there.)

Me: “Hi. Can I return this controller, please?”

Employee: *sarcastically* “Yeah, I just need to see some ID.”

Me: “Why do I need ID for a return? I never used to need ID.”

Employee: “It’s a new policy, anyone under 18 needs an ID to return something, because kids tend to steal things and return them for drug money!”

Two People In Back Of Me: “That doesn’t make any sense. That was never a store policy.”

Random Person: *who clearly knows Employee* “Yeah, [Employee]! That’s not store policy, you made that up. You’re always so miserable working here; just give the kid the return.”

(He reluctantly gave in, but was visibly pissed off. Later my mother filed an online complaint, and the manager personally gave me a $20 gift card, and said that there was never such a policy and Employee had been spoken to!)