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Brace(let) Yourself For Customer Service

| Toronto, ON, Canada | Bad Behavior, Employees

(I used to work at an internationally known jewellery store during the holidays. I was hired exactly when I turned 18 and was by far the youngest person there. I only left because I was on a seasonal contract but kept good relations with everyone working there and occasionally stop by. I stop by the store to buy my mother a bracelet for her birthday. I see someone working there who I have never met.)

Me: “Hi, I’m looking for—”

Salesperson: *stops talking to coworkers who know me* “Washroom is around the corner.”

Me: “Excuse me? I’m here to buy a bracelet.”

Salesperson: *looks me up and down* “The cheapest thing we have is $79.”

Me: “Well—”

Salesperson: “Look, either buy something or get out. We don’t need any more teenagers stealing from us.”

(I see some of the salespeople who know me about to speak up but I hold my hand out to stop them.)

Me: “Can I talk to your manager?”

Salesperson: “She’s out right now.”

Me: “That’s fine. I’ll just call her.” *I get out my phone and search for the manager in my contacts* “This is her, right?” *shows the salesperson my screen*

Salesperson: “But— What?”

Me: “Oh, you didn’t know I used to work here? You know, I think it’d be easier for me to steal things when I still had access to the back room.”

Salesperson: “But—”

Me: “It’s okay; I’ll just call [Manager] and tell her–” *reads salesperson’s nametag* “–needs a refresher on customer service. See you later!”

(I did call the manager and, according to the salespeople who know me, she had to go through retraining and wasn’t rehired when her yearly contracted ended in February.)

Taxing Taxiing

| USA | Bad Behavior, Transportation, Wild & Unruly

(I work in a hotel. Sometimes the customers ask for a taxi, then change their minds without telling us. The driver gets really mad. Our company and the taxi company are friends because we give them a lot of business.)

Customer: *bails*

Me: *unaware* “The customer ought to be out in a few minutes.”

(I try to call the customer’s room, but of course, no answer.)

Me: *realizing* “I’m sorry, but it looks like the customer has left.”


(He begins advancing on me. I’m a small female, and he’s very heavy. I’m scared. My coworker, who’s six feet tall, comes out.)

Coworker: “Sometimes the customer leaves without telling us. It’s not our fault. Now go.”

(The driver tried to argue, but spluttered, backed up, and then stomped off. Later, I made a complaint to the company about his behavior, and the company assured us that he will no longer work for them!)

Won’t Be Test-Driving That Bad Attitude Anytime Soon

| MI, USA | Bad Behavior, Employees, Non-Dialogue, Transportation

Several years ago I was in the market for a pickup truck. I notice a shiny red 4×4 on the front line of our town’s local dealership and pull in for a closer look. It’s doors are locked, and although I could see several salesmen glued to the front window of the building, looking for customers, nobody comes out to help.

I decide to go in and make myself known. To my surprise, nobody will even look at me, much less greet me. They aren’t exactly busy either. Eventually I get tired of being ignored and approach one of the offices. The salesman inside looks bored. He has his head propped on his hand and is scrolling through something on the computer. I stand there politely, waiting for him to see me. Finally I say “Hello!” quite audibly. After a moment’s pause, I get an “Mmmph” response. I tell him I’d like to have a look inside the red 4×4 in the front row. All he can muster is a “Yeah” and begrudgingly gets up and locates a set of keys.

I lead him across the lot to the truck. He unlocks the door and I sit inside. When I get out he quickly closes the door and locks it, then starts heading back into the building. Bewildered, I ask, “Can we go for a test drive?” to which he says, “Nope. We get lots of kids in here looking at vehicles. We waste time getting plates and going for a ride, then we never see them again. If you want to go for a ride we need to do the financing first.” He then turns and goes back inside without saying another word.

I get back in my car and leave. I go to a dealer of the same brand in another town and promptly buy a truck from them. On my way home I can’t resist. I stop at the first dealer and park right in front of the building. I go inside and ask to see the sales manager. I go inside his office, take my paperwork out, and put it on his desk. “I came in here yesterday ready to buy that red 4×4 from you guys. I like to keep my money local, but I was made to feel like I was wasting your time because I’m a ‘kid.’ Incidentally, I’m 29 if that makes any difference. Instead, I went to your competitor in [Neighboring Town] and actually bought this more expensive truck from them,” I said, putting my finger under the price on the sheet. “You guys must be doing exceptionally well to be able to turn customers away like that. Your buddy’s–” *motioning towards the salesman who had given me the brush* “–attitude towards younger customers has cost you my business.”

A few days later I saw the same red 4×4, wearing dealer plates, broken down on the side of the highway ramp. Had I been allowed to go, the ‘test drive’ would have been an interesting one!

She Wasn’t Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

| England, UK | Bad Behavior, Employees, Food & Drink

(My local bookstore has a cafe inside it. They have a policy that if you bring your own cup, you get 10% off and a stamp, which gets you a free drink for every 10.)

Me: “A large black coffee, please.”

(I hand over my own cup and she takes it. She stands there for a moment staring at it confused, but shrugs and gets my drink ready. It takes a little longer than expected, but I just assume they have been cleaning the machine.)

Cashier: *looking miffed* “That’s [full price], please.”

Me: “But I gave you my cup. It should be 10% off.”

Cashier: *huffs* “10%! But I was the one who cleaned it. If anything we should be charging you extra!”

Me: “Extra? What are you—”

(She slides my cup forward, and my coffee in a separate cup on its own.)

Me: “I think there’s been a misunderstanding. The [offer]?”

(She shrugs, turns around, and flat out ignores me. Bear in mind I actually haven’t paid yet. I don’t know to do so I just take my own cup, leaving the coffee, and leave the store altogether. Today was the first time I have been in in over a month. When I didn’t see the woman I decided to ask the owner, who was working the register.)

Owner: “Her…” *shivers*

(I don’t think it ended well for her.)

Will Tell The Truth For A Few Dollars More

| USA | Bad Behavior, Liars/Scammers, Money

(In the mid-’90s, I was to inherit a significant sum of money, but it had to be transferred electronically to a bank account. Since I had no such account at the time, I visited the corner bank and opened one.)

Me: “What is the minimum balance without incurring a fee?”

Bank Officer: “$100.”

(I deposited $100 to hold the account open. The inheritance was delayed longer than I expected, and a month or so later I discovered that my balance was $99! I visited the bank to ask what was going on.)

Bank Officer: “You didn’t have the minimum balance in your account, so there was a $1 fee.”

Me: “You told me the minimum balance was $100, so that’s what I deposited.”

Bank Officer: “No, you have to have OVER the ‘minimum balance’ or you are charged.”

Me: “Okay. Lesson learned. Please close the account and give me my $99.”

Bank Officer: “Oh, that’s not necessary. We’ll refund the $1 fee!”

Me: “No, I prefer to close the account. We’ve already established that you lie to customers, so I choose not to do business with you.”