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Sick Of This Management

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(Last night, during work, I start feeling terribly ill. I knew I won’t be allowed to leave, so I just finish my shift. I wake up the next morning with my head spinning, feverish, and slightly nauseous. I call in to my job at a fast food restaurant to call out.)

Me: “Hi, this is, [My Name]; I’m feeling sick. My stomach is upset, and I have a headache and fever. I need to call out today. I already have a doctor’s appointment.”

Manager: “Well, that doesn’t sound too serious; do you have a virus or something?”

Me: “I don’t know what it is. I haven’t been to the doctor yet.”

Manager: “Well, it doesn’t sound that bad. If you had a virus or something, that would be different, but you either can come in today, or you’re fired.”

Me: “But how can I know what it is if I don’t go to the doctor?”

Manager: “That’s not my problem. Good bye.”

(I went to the doctor at the end of the week. Turns out, I did have a virus. I had to finish my work week, sick, anyway, because I wasn’t allowed to call out. So next time you get sick after eating out, you know why.)


Hearing Bad Things About You

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(This happens during my second week as an administrator of a small firm.)

Me: *answering phone* “Good morning, [Office]. [My Name] speaking. How may I help you?”

Caller: *in a very annoyed tone* “I need to speak with [Accountant Coworker] about our bill. It’s not correct.”

Me: “I’m very sorry to hear that. I’ll transfer you to [Accountant Coworker] immediately.”

(I transfer the call, and although my coworker is at the opposite end of the office, it is very quiet and she speaks loudly, so I can hear everything.)

Coworker: “[Accountant Coworker] speaking… Oh, hi, [Caller]. How are you…? Oh! I’m sorry to hear that. Let me check your bill in the system… Yes… Yes, I see the problem. We got this new girl in the office, and clearly she made a mistake… Yes, she’s been messing everything up… Oh, I’ll tell her! I’ll make sure she doesn’t do it again…”

(The conversation continues for a while and I’m absolutely mortified. I’ve received nothing but positive feedback since I started, and to top it off, billing is not part of my job; only the accountant does that! The call ends, and the accountant walks over to my desk, apparently unaware that I could hear her.)

Coworker: “You wouldn’t believe the call I just had! Someone from [Client] called, and she is always so nasty! She wanted us to include extra paperwork justifying last month’s bill, but she never asked for it, so of course I didn’t include it! I gave her a piece of my mind! I told her that her request isn’t standard practice, and if she wants something special she needs to tell me next time! Isn’t that unbelievable?”

Me: *utterly shocked that she not only blamed me for a mistake I didn’t make, but is lying to my face about what she said* “Oh, yeah… unbelievable is right.”

(It’s only been a few weeks and unfortunately this isn’t an isolated incident. I know who I need to keep an eye, and an ear, on in the office!)


Adding Insulin To Injury, Part 3

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(I have Type 1 Diabetes, and therefore sometimes have issues with my blood sugar and other things related to the disease. A couple of days ago, my blood sugar is very out of range, and I have these things in my body called ketones. I am not supposed to exercise, in any way, including work, while this is happening. Note that all morning, because of said blood sugar and ketones, I have felt extremely dizzy and could not get out of bed, let alone pick up a phone. Finally, around three pm, two hours before my shift starts, after having taken my medicine for the blood sugar and ketones, I call my manager to let them know I will be late, and will be there when my blood sugar returned to a normal range. However, the manager who answers the phone is new.)

Manager: “Hello this is [Manager], how may I help you today?”

Me: “Hello, [Manager], this is [My Name]. I’m calling to let you know that my blood sugar is high and I have ketones so—”

Manager: *interrupting* “—I’m sorry but you did this a few weeks ago. I can’t make an exception for you and let you out of work. You have to call me four hours in advance.”

(She thought I was trying to call out of work.)

Me: “Even though four hours before my shift starts is too early to know how my blood sugar will be? I can’t control it. This doesn’t happen that often.”

Manager: “Yes. And you need a doctor’s note every time.”

(My doctor she needs the note for is two hours away, and there is no way I am going up there every time I need a note. Also I am very sensitive sometimes so I was silently crying thinking I was in a lot of trouble, even though the six other managers I’ve had never had an issue with this.)

Me: “But I was… I was just going to call in late. I just need to wait until my blood sugar is normal again.”

Manager: *suddenly changes her tune* “Oh! I understand. My mother has diabetes. When do you think you’ll be in?”

Me: “5:30 to 6 pm.”

Manager: “Okay! Just go watch a movie or something till then.”

Me: “…”

Adding Insulin To Injury, Part 2
Adding Insulin To Injury


Pin The Tail On The Culprit

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(We have several new coworkers, one of whom is working this shift. Coworker #1 is currently working and is known for being ‘too nice’ even when people are taking advantage of her. Coworker #2 is notoriously lazy, rude, and is very close to being fired. During a slow period, the following conversation happens.)

Coworker #1: “You know, this is one of the better jobs that I’ve had! I don’t think I have a problem with ANYONE here! Everyone works so hard!”

Me: “Really? Haven’t you worked with [Coworker #2]?”

Coworker #1: “Of course! He’s… well… not the nicest person in the world sometimes…”

Me: “Didn’t he take off last shift without filing any of his paperwork, and leaving you to do it?”

Coworker #1: “Well… yeaaahhh… but it’s not like it’s that much extra work!”

Me: “And didn’t he repeatedly call his cell phone last shift to look like he was on a call, but was just sitting there doing nothing?”

Coworker #1: “He did?!”

Me: “And he learned the trick of flicking the receiver to make it reset him to the back of the call queue so the calls roll and we ALL get docked on our call reviews?”

Coworker #1: “He’s not THAT bad!”

Me: *pointed look*

Coworker #1: “Okay, so he’s a bit of an Eeyore.”

Me: “Not so much an Eeyore as a jack-a**”