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Three Dimensions Of Stupidity And Bigotry

| NJ, USA | Bigotry, Lazy/Unhelpful, Movies & TV

(My fiancée and I, both male, recently went back to the ‘big’ movie theater in our local mall. We stopped going because after a renovation their prices jacked up to almost twice the cost of everywhere else in the area, but having gotten a gift card for there as a birthday present, we give them another shot. About two minutes into the premier of a new movie, we get up to complain.)

Me: “Excuse me, there’s an issue in theater two. The projector has the 3D lens on but it’s supposed to be a 2D movie.”

Employee: “How do you know?”

Fiancée: “Because everything’s blurry, out of focus, it’s about half as bright as it should be, and this exact same problem happened last time we were here and we had to tell you how to fix it THEN, too.”

Employee #2: “You’re in a 3D showing, sirs.”

Me: “Nnnnnoooo?” *shows ticket stub* “It says right here, 2D.”

Employee #2: “Well, on this listing here it shows 3D.”

Me: “Then the listing’s wrong. I wouldn’t go to a 3D showing because my left eye’s messed up and won’t focus right to make 3D work. It’s also at least $10 more per ticket. It should be 2D, but the lens is messing it up.”

Employee #1: “Sir, please just stop trying to get free tickets.”

Fiancée: “WHAT!? We WANT to see THIS movie, just not messed up!”

Employee #1: “We get people pulling this nonsense all the time; they get a 3D movie but think it costs too much so they complain, just—”

Me: “It’s NOT a 3D movie!”

(My fiancée’s about ready to jump across the counter, and apparently there’s been enough of a ruckus that the manager’s already on the way over without being asked for. One of the employees apparently hears me call my boyfriend ‘babe,’ and says the following thinking I won’t hear.)

Employee #2: “Figures; they’re a couple queers.”

Me: “EXCUSE ME!? You want to repeat that?!”

Manager: “Yes, I’d love to hear it again, too!”

(The two ‘customer relations’ workers turned white as sheets and spun around to see him. Needless to say, the manager got the projectionist to take off the lens, comped us the free tickets to another showing that the other workers thought we were trying to ‘scam’ out of them, and made sure the listings for the workers were reprinted to not show 3D on ALL MOVIES that have both 3D and 2D!)


Unsocial Media

| Dallas, TX, USA | Bad Behavior, Bigotry, Bosses & Owners, Technology

Me: “Okay, we’ve got the new Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles matching to create uniformity across all platforms. We just need to generate conversational content.”

Boss: “Well, take everything down and stop following people. We are industry leaders and you need to contact the companies we are following and tell them to follow us. Then stop following them. Also, I’m the only one that generates content for this company. Social media is gay. Twitter is just for stay at home moms.”

Me: “…”


The Gender Sweet Spot

| Braunschweig, Germany | At The Checkout, Bigotry, Employees, Family & Kids

(I am in line in the grocery store; in front of me is a young mother with her kid, maybe five years old.)

Kid: *points to some pink suckers* “I want those.”

Mom: *reaches for one*

Cashier: “No, those are for girls.”

Mom: “That’s fine.”

Cashier: “No, those are for girls. Put it back!”

Kid: “I’m a girl!”

Cashier: “No, you’re a boy!” *very condescending*

Kid: “I want that candy so I’m a girl!”

Mom: *red-faced and almost screaming* “You can take all our groceries back. We’re going somewhere else!”

(She stormed out. I paid for my few items, got the sucker, too, and ran after her. The kid felt better after that, especially because his mom was outside, telling him a candy does not make him a girl or a boy.)

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