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Give Me A Break!

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(My boss is normally pretty awesome but hates confrontation, so as soon as someone complains about anything he tries to make it disappear rather than shoot them down.)

Boss: “I’ve had a complaint about your smoke breaks.”

Me: “Oh?”

Boss: “Yes, someone told me that you take too many.”

Me: “Okay, I’m going to pretend that this didn’t come from [Coworker] for a second, and ask you a question. You know that I don’t take lunch breaks and rarely take a tea break, right?”

Boss: “Yeah.”

Me: “So, the way I see it, I can spread my breaks out through the day and take them when I can, or stick to the rules and not help anyone when I’m on break.”

Boss: “Take your breaks at the right time.”

Me: *cheerfully* “Sure, no problem at all.”

(That week I make sure as soon as my break starts I leave my desk. Quickly I see missed calls, emails, and messages from people needing my help. My phone rings…)

Boss: “Hey, where are you?”

Me: “Oh, I’m on my lunch. I’m not in the building. I’ll be back at 12:45.”

Boss: *long sigh* “Okay, I get it; I’ve had people all over me this week. Take your breaks whenever you need them.”

Me: “What about [Coworker]?”

Boss: “Leave them to me.”

(Thankfully, Coworker never moaned again, having been told to mind their own business.)


Here We Pokémon Go Again

| CT, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Bosses & Owners, Geeks Rule

(My boyfriend and I work in different departments of the same place. On a night we are both closing, I finish my closing tasks before he does, so I go to sit and wait for him. I open up the new Pokémon Go game and see something.)

Me: “Babe! There’s a Squirtle outside! I’m gonna go walk around the building to see if I can find it!”

Boyfriend: “Here, I don’t have one yet. Take my phone, too!”

(Our manager couldn’t stop laughing at us.)


Not How Diabetes Works But Okay

| MI, USA | Bosses & Owners, Food & Drink, Health & Body

(I’ve been working at a fast food restaurant for a month and a half at this point, but I have yet to learn everything. I’m making an iced coffee with flavoring when one of the managers comes over to the drink station with an order of her own.)

Manager: “That’s a lot of stuff in there. What did you put in?”

Me: “Cream, flavoring, and liquid sugar. Why?”

Manager: “Oh God, dump that out. You only put the liquid sugar in if there’s no flavoring.”

Me: “Oh, okay.”

(I dump out the concoction and start doing it correctly while my manager works on her drink.)

Manager: “That was going to have too much sugar. That was practically diabetes waiting to happen.”

Me: *without hesitation* “Like the rest of our food?”

Manager: “…Touché.”

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