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Putting That Problem To Embed

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Recently, we have been working on expanding our audience through social media and digital publications. The director of our nonprofit signed off on this project, which entailed two new positions and a suite of stock photo and web services products. We start integrating social media embedded posts and share links into many of our online publications. One day, the director starts urgently calling and emailing, and ends up yelling at us in person about something “seriously wrong” with a recent story. He keeps saying that the link in the story is broken and no matter where he clicks, it takes him off the page and he can’t figure out how to go back. He also keeps asking why we added “such crap” to the story after he signed off on the content. This all rings alarm bells, and we’re desperately checking the page to see what happened to the code or if someone hacked the site.

Not seeing anything wrong, we ask him to demonstrate. He furiously goes to his computer, opens the story, and clicks on an embedded tweet, which launches Twitter in a separate window. “Why are we including THAT?” he shouts, pointing at some rude comment replying to the original tweet. “And why can’t I read the rest of the story?”

We try our best to explain that he is now on Twitter, he can close the new window, and he’s seeing replies to the Tweet we linked to, not anything that we chose to put online. He doesn’t understand and insists that we remove the offensive comment. Eventually, we just had to stop using embedded tweets because he freaked out each time and could not understand that we can’t control comments on a site that’s not ours.

Nothing Goes North Of The Wall

| Orlando, FL, USA | Extra Stupid, Geography

(My family and I are visiting Orlando. I want to send a postcard to my parents in British Columbia, but I’m not sure how much postage I need.)

Clerk: “Can I help you?”

Me: “Can you tell me how much postage I need to send a postcard to British Columbia?”

Clerk: “Where?”

Me: “British Columbia.”

Clerk: *blank look*

Me: “Canada…?”

Clerk: “Canada? Which part of the United States is that in?”

Me: “It’s not… It’s a whole separate country to the north.”

Clerk: *blank look*

Me: “…never mind.”

Email Fail, Part 10

| Chicago, IL, USA | Extra Stupid, Ignoring & Inattentive, Technology

(I’m currently four months pregnant and have found the best OB-GYN ever. However, before finding him, I went to this other doctor once whose office help is a few fries short of a Happy Meal. I’m told that I owe a balance that I never received a bill for, so I call them to clear this up.)

Rep: “[Doctor]’s office.”

Me: “Hi, apparently I owe a balance but never received a bill. Can I have one sent to me so I can make sure everything’s correct before making a payment?”

Rep: “Oh, I don’t have that information. You’ll have to talk to billing.”

Me: “Okay, what’s their phone number?”

Rep: “It’s [email address].”

Me: “Sorry, I need the phone number.”

Rep: “Yeah, it’s [email address].”

Me: “No, that’s an email address. I need a phone number to call them.”

Rep: “That’s how you call them.”

Me: “So I’m supposed to dial an email address on my phone?”

Rep: “Yup!

Me: “Alrighty, then…”

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Eliminate The Checking Process

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Back in the 1970s, I remember reading a catalog from an electronics company. On the last page, next to the order form, they had this note:

“Make ordering easy! Just send us a signed check made out to us. Don’t fill in the amount. Let us add it all up, including shipping, and calculate the total, then we’ll write it on your check for you.”

My thought was, “yeah, it will also eliminate that unsightly balance in my checking account.”

Rolling It Over And Over Again

| Tullahoma, TN, USA | At The Checkout, Employees, Extra Stupid, Math & Science

(I had to run into the local convenience store to buy rolls for dinner. The only rolls available were frozen rolls, where you could buy 5 packages for $20. I bring them up to the cashier.)

Cashier: *tries to scan the barcode but it doesn’t work* “Um, they are 5 for $20, so, um…” *looks at her fingers trying to calculate* “Here, let me try typing the SKU in.”

(She tries, but it doesn’t work.)

Cashier: “Hmm. So… it’s 5 for $20…”

Me: *finally fed up* “Well, if it is 5 for $20, then one package is $4, isn’t it?”

Cashier: “Oh, is it?!”

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