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I Can Write You A Cheque But It Will All Come To Naught

, | Canterbury, England, UK | Extra Stupid, Money

(I receive a bill from the electric company for £0.00. Thinking that as there is nothing to pay, and I don’t have to do anything, I ignore it. A week or so later, a letter from a debt collection agency arrives, saying that the bailiffs will come to take items worth the sum of the unpaid debt unless it is paid. I call the electric company and explain.)

Me: “…so as there’s nothing to pay, I don’t owe you anything.”

Company Rep: “I’m sorry, sir, but unless we receive payment we will have send the debt collectors. Unpaid bills are a serious…”

Me: “But the bill is for NAUGHT pounds and NAUGHT pence. There is no money. The debt collectors can come if they want, I don’t know what they can take to the value of NAUGHT pounds and NAUGHT pence.”

Company Rep: “We will still need a payment, though…”

(Realising I’m not getting anywhere, I send them a cheque for £0.00. It seemed to satisfy the electric company, and no bailiffs ever appeared!)


Not Much Meat In The Brain

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(My colleague and I have stopped at [Popular Fast Food Chain] for a meal on our way home. We are both vegetarian.)

Colleague: “I’d like a veggie burger meal, please.”

Staff Member: “I’m sorry we’ve run out of veggie burgers.”

Colleague: “Okay, what else do you have that’s vegetarian?”

Staff Member: “We’ve got chicken burgers.”

Colleague: “…”


Not Properly Monitoring The Situation

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(My dad works at a hospital in a nearby city, where he helps run the servers. They’re buying a smaller hospital to add to the chain, and he is in a meeting with his coworkers.)

Supervisor: “We just don’t know how we’re going to be able to pay for all the hardware in this new hospital.”

Dad: “Sir, you throw away three or four perfectly good monitors every week because nobody needs them. We can just use those.”

Supervisor: “That doesn’t fix the problems with everything else. How are we going to get the new computers, or the servers?”

Dad: “Stop buying monitors we don’t need.”