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The Customer Service Is Soda-pressing

| Stockton, CA, USA | At The Checkout, Employees, Extra Stupid, Food & Drink, Lazy/Unhelpful

(I go through the drive-thru of a popular fast food joint, and I order a burger off their value menu and a soda. I pull up to pay and pick up my food with the car in front of me taking a long time in getting their order. I finally pull up to the window and get a bag with my burger. I sit there and wait for my drink.)

Employee: *after a few minutes* “Can I help you?”

Me: “Yeah, I’m just waiting for my drink.”

Employee: “You don’t have anything else; I gave you everything.”

Me: “No, I ordered a drink; I have my receipt to prove it.”

Employee: “No, you don’t. I gave you everything”

(This goes back and forth a couple more times, until she finally takes a look at the receipt and sees I have a drink. She closes the window and I assume she’s getting my drink. I sit waiting for a few more minutes.)

Employee: *getting annoyed* “What are you still doing here?”

Me: *getting just as annoyed* “Waiting for my drink…”

Employee: “There isn’t a drink for here.”

Me: “Well, I ordered one. You just saw the receipt.”

Employee: “I guess I gave it to the car ahead of you.”

Me: *staring at her for half a minute expecting her to continue* “So…? I still want my drink.”

Employee: “I told you I gave it to the car ahead of you.”

Me: “…and that sounds like your problem. Now I want my drink. Can you just pour me another one?”

Employee: “Nope, the machine only makes it when there’s an order.”

Me: “Seriously? You’ve got to be kidding me. You give away my drink I paid for to a random car I don’t know and now you won’t give me a drink I actually paid for?”

(The car behind me starts to honk since I’ve been sitting there to close to ten minutes. The manager walks up to the window.)

Manager: *looking at me* “What’s the problem, sir? You can’t just sit in the drive-thru.”

(I explains what the employee told me, showing him my receipt. All the while the employee is giving me a smug look like she was right the whole time.)

Manager: *to Employee* “Seriously? You kept the line up for ten minutes because you gave away his soda?! Just pour him another one!”

Employee: *shocked* “I don’t know how to. It just usually comes out…”

Manager: *frustrated* “You’ve got to be kidding me. You’ve been here how long and you don’t know how to use the soda machine? Just go clean the bathrooms or something…”

(The manager apologized and gave me a soda and a coupon for a free hamburger next time. I just thanked him and smiled and drove off.)


They’re Screen-Shot For Ideas

| Dublin, Ireland | Crazy Requests, Extra Stupid, Technology

(I contact the IT helpdesk about a physically broken socket on my laptop.)

Me: “Hi, I think the monitor socket on my laptop has a part physically bent, so I can’t plug in the external monitor. Could you send someone to have a look?”

Helpdesk: “Of course. But first I need a screenshot from you showing the issue.”

Me: “Um… WHAT?”

(I ended up taking a picture of the broken socket (not that it contained any relevant information, given the socket’s dimensions) on my phone, sending the picture from the phone to my personal e-mail, downloading it from there and sending it to the helpdesk agent on the internal mail system. Because, efficiency.)


I Can Write You A Cheque But It Will All Come To Naught

, | Canterbury, England, UK | Extra Stupid, Money

(I receive a bill from the electric company for £0.00. Thinking that as there is nothing to pay, and I don’t have to do anything, I ignore it. A week or so later, a letter from a debt collection agency arrives, saying that the bailiffs will come to take items worth the sum of the unpaid debt unless it is paid. I call the electric company and explain.)

Me: “…so as there’s nothing to pay, I don’t owe you anything.”

Company Rep: “I’m sorry, sir, but unless we receive payment we will have send the debt collectors. Unpaid bills are a serious…”

Me: “But the bill is for NAUGHT pounds and NAUGHT pence. There is no money. The debt collectors can come if they want, I don’t know what they can take to the value of NAUGHT pounds and NAUGHT pence.”

Company Rep: “We will still need a payment, though…”

(Realising I’m not getting anywhere, I send them a cheque for £0.00. It seemed to satisfy the electric company, and no bailiffs ever appeared!)


Not Much Meat In The Brain

, | Wales, UK | Extra Stupid, Food & Drink

(My colleague and I have stopped at [Popular Fast Food Chain] for a meal on our way home. We are both vegetarian.)

Colleague: “I’d like a veggie burger meal, please.”

Staff Member: “I’m sorry we’ve run out of veggie burgers.”

Colleague: “Okay, what else do you have that’s vegetarian?”

Staff Member: “We’ve got chicken burgers.”

Colleague: “…”