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Baking Up A Storm

| TX, USA | At The Checkout, Employees, Food & Drink

(It is the early 80s, back in the day when food assistance was an actual booklet of vouchers, and the cashiers manually ring in what goes on the vouchers and what doesn’t. We are at the store with our next door neighbor, who is buying, among other things, the ingredients for a birthday cake for her son.)

Cashier: *moves aside the baking soda* “You can’t put that on your food stamps.”

Neighbor: *moves it back* “Uh, yes, I can.”

Cashier: *moves it aside again* “No, you can’t. That’s not food.”

Neighbor: “Yes, it is. I need it for my son’s birthday cake.”

Cashier: “No, it goes in the fridge to control smells. You can’t put that on food stamps!”

Neighbor: “Lady, it says BAKING soda right on it and there are recipes on it. It’s food!”

Cashier: “No, it isn’t!”

(Our neighbor finally had the cashier call for a manager who told her that yes, you can cook with baking soda, and to allow it to go on the food vouchers.)

Rolling It Over And Over Again

| Tullahoma, TN, USA | At The Checkout, Employees, Extra Stupid, Math & Science

(I had to run into the local convenience store to buy rolls for dinner. The only rolls available were frozen rolls, where you could buy 5 packages for $20. I bring them up to the cashier.)

Cashier: *tries to scan the barcode but it doesn’t work* “Um, they are 5 for $20, so, um…” *looks at her fingers trying to calculate* “Here, let me try typing the SKU in.”

(She tries, but it doesn’t work.)

Cashier: “Hmm. So… it’s 5 for $20…”

Me: *finally fed up* “Well, if it is 5 for $20, then one package is $4, isn’t it?”

Cashier: “Oh, is it?!”

They Cashed Out A While Ago

, | Streamwood, IL, USA | At The Checkout, Employees, Money

(I go into a popular fast food place and order a chicken sandwich…)

Cashier: “Okay, swipe your card when you’re ready.”

Me: “Um, I’m paying with cash?”

(The cashier looks confused for a moment, then says hesitantly:)

Cashier: “Okay! Swipe your cash when you’re ready!”

Me: “…?”

Why Did The Supervisor Cross The Road

| MA, USA | At The Checkout, Bosses & Owners, Coworkers

(I am a supervisor at a well-known wholesale warehouse that is membership based. You have to pay annually to shop there and the register will not ring up orders without scanning a valid paid membership. As an employee, I get a free membership that does not expire. This particular day we are short staffed on supervisors so it is just me and one other guy. We are both exhausted from running around all day helping members and employees with problems. I am required to take a lunch by my fifth working hour so I go, leaving my coworker by himself on the front end. I forgot my lunch that day (per usual) and go grab a rotisserie chicken from the deli. Once I get to the register and wait (a new cashier is on the register) I realize that I ALSO forgot my membership card that day and despite the fact that I am an employee, the register simply won’t ring up my food without that card number. I quickly run to our computer and look up the number manually and hastily write it down on scrap paper as my 30-minute lunch always goes too quickly. I run back to the line, which is five people deep by then and apologize to everyone. The new cashier then manually keys in my handwritten membership number.)

Cashier: “Um… the register says that your membership is expired… You need to pay 55 dollars to renew.”

Me: “Impossible. Employees get free memberships. They don’t expire unless you quit or get fired.”

Cashier: “What do I do?”

Me: “Well, technically I am off the clock so I can’t help. Let me call [Coworker] and see if he can figure it out.”

(Due to my break, my fellow supervisor is busy running around and it takes him a while to hear my calls. Meanwhile the line behind me grows so I decide to try to talk the employee through the procedure until FINALLY my coworker arrives to help.)

Coworker: “I think you wrote down your membership number wrong in your hurry to eat your lunch. Let me go get the correct number.”

(A manager sees the struggle on the front end and comes down to help out with the rush and quickly voids the current transaction, which I couldn’t do since I was off the clock, and my coworker runs over with my ACTUAL membership number, which works. At the end of the transaction I turn to the growing line behind me and apologize to the waiting members.)

Lady: *behind me in line, with a smile* “HEY, I have a joke… How many supervisors does it take to ring up a CHICKEN?”

(Everyone else in line laughs and I run off with my chicken to the employee break-room.)

Another Member In Line: “You’d better be eating that whole thing!”

I Was Born In The Future

| The Netherlands | At The Checkout, Employees, Underaged

(I’m buying some alcohol at a local supermarket for a party, after all items are scanned this happens:)

Cashier: “Can I see your ID, please?”

Me: “Sure!”

(I give them my ID and I politely wait, but after five minutes or so, the cashier is still looking at my ID as if they’re solving a difficult math assignment.)

Cashier: “…”

Me: “Is everything all right?”

Cashier: “Yes. Umm…”

Me: “Are you sure?”

(It’s quiet for a moment.)

Cashier: “I can’t find the date of birth…”

(I tried not to laugh and pointed it out for them. There’s only two dates on my ID – one is in the future, and one is my birth date. I’m still wondering why it took them so long!)

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