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Getting Ahead Of Calling Ahead

| Winnipeg, MB, Canada | At The Checkout, Employees

(I was passing by a coffee shop that had a sign saying “Today Only: All Beans Half Price!” That sounded good to me, so I decided to buy a couple of pounds.)

Me: “Could I please have a pound of [Bean #1] and a pound of [Bean #2], and can you grind them for me?”

Clerk: “That’s going to take about ten minutes.”

Me: *thinking that she was being considerate about my schedule* “That’s fine; I’m not in a hurry.”

Clerk: “It would have been much faster if you’d called ahead.”

Me: “Well, I didn’t know that I was going to be passing by this shop, and I didn’t know about your sale, so I wouldn’t have been able to call ahead.”

Clerk: “Next time, please call ahead. It would be a lot easier for us, especially when we’re busy.”

(There was exactly one other customer in the shop at this time, and he had already been served.)

Me: “Okay…”

(Ten minutes go by, and my beans are ready.)

Clerk: “Here you go. Remember, next time, call ahead!”

(There wasn’t a next time.)

Unable To Work In A Crunch

| Adelaide, SA, Australia | At The Checkout, Employees, Food & Drink, Ignoring & Inattentive

(It was a particularly cold day and I had a half hour to spare so I decided to treat myself to a hot chocolate. At the register, there was a sign behind the person taking orders advertising a new “Cookie Cream Crunch” range, with the option of a hot chocolate, a latte, or a frappe.)

Me: “Hi, can I please grab a small Cookie Cream Crunch hot chocolate?”

Cashier: “Sure. So, that’s one small Cookie Cream Crunch latte?”

Me: “…and a little whipped cream on top. Oh, no, sorry. I wanted the hot chocolate.”

Cashier: “Okay, one small hot chocolate?”

Me: “No, a Cookie Cream Crunch hot chocolate, please.”

Cashier: “Okay, no worries.”

(She spends a little while typing in buttons.)

Cashier: “So one small Cookie Cream Crunch latte with a little bit of whipped cream?”

Me: “Sorry, no. I wanted the Cookie Cream Crunch hot chocolate.”

Cashier: “Right, of course, sorry. $4.20, please.”

(I received a plain hot chocolate.)

She Understands, Period

| USA | At The Checkout, Employees, Health & Body

(I am a cisgendered woman running some errands. I have purchased some new underwear, pads, and chocolate. The cashier, also a woman, looks at my purchases, and looks at me.)

Cashier: “Honey, I feel you.”

But You Expressly Said So

| Millbrae, CA, USA | At The Checkout, Bizarre/Silly, Employees

(I finish putting all my stuff on the conveyor belt at the express lane and the lady behind me starts putting her stuff behind me.)

Cashier: “Please make sure you have 15 or less items because this is the express lane.”

(We both start counting to make sure we have less than 15 items. Then the cashier adds:)

Cashier: “I don’t really care if you have more than 15 items but it’s the other customers; they’re the ones that complain.”

Has Gender Baggage

| Sterling, VA, USA | At The Checkout, Employees

(My boyfriend and I have three dogs in the house so we always buy large bulk bags of dog food. I grab the 32-lb bag for our two dogs, and he grabs the 28-lb bag for his mother’s dog. We also grab a dog toy that looks like a teddy bear.)

Me: *places the bag on the belt for checkout* “Hello.”

Cashier: “Hello.” *immediately looks to Boyfriend after ringing everything up* “That will be $58.95; do you have a rewards card?”

Me: “I have one under my phone number.” *types it in*

Cashier: *still looking only at my boyfriend* “That will be $55.95. Cash or credit?”

Boyfriend: “Credit.” *swipes card*

(I reach to take the bag of dog food I brought up but the cashier immediately grabs both bags and stacks them on one another. He then thrusts the bag with only the little toy bear at me.)

Me: “I can take a bag of—”

Cashier: *grabs both bags of dog food and immediately puts them in my startled and off-balanced boyfriend’s arms* “Have a nice day.”

(We were both too stunned at first to say anything but as we left the store I turned to my boyfriend.)

Me: “He did see me carry the bigger bag up to the register, right?”

Boyfriend: “I have no clue what his problem was, but these bags are f****** heavy!”

(Luckily we weren’t parked too far away!)

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