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(I’m a cashier, but after closing everyone present is expected to help out in the fitting rooms and on the floor once their personal duties are done. Having heard that the men’s dressing rooms need help I head over there. What I had heard was an understatement: every single room is in a state of disarray, and the re-shelving area is even worse.)

Me: “Is this why men don’t like going clothes shopping?”

Every Man In The Room: “Yes.”


Not Properly Monitoring The Situation, Part 2

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(We recently had a couple of computers move. To save manual labor on myself, I did not move monitors if there was a monitor already at the new location.)

User: “With the new screen, will my files still be there?”

Me: *hoping that I misunderstood the question* “Yes…”

User: “Are you sure? I don’t think they will be.”

Me: *inwardly dying because I know that I didn’t misunderstand* “Show me.”

(We go to the computer, she shows me a monitor that has stickers on it, where the one that used to be attached to the computer didn’t have stickers.)

User: “This isn’t my screen. This isn’t right. My files will be missing.”

(I turn the computer on, have the user login, and all of her files show up normally.)

Me: “The monitor is like a TV. Regardless of what TV you hook the DVD player up to, it will show the same content.”

User: “Oh, okay!”

(I go back to the office, and proceed to bang my head on the wall.)


Not Properly Monitoring The Situation


It’s Early Days Yet

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(I’ve been working at this nursery for a month now, and there have been a lot of problems so far. As the youngest, and least senior member of the team, I always seem to have to take up the slack that my coworkers can’t be bothered to do themselves. At this point it’s about 11:30 am and I’m talking to coworkers about when they’re leaving. I and Coworker #1 should be on late shift together, and we both started work at 11 am.)

Coworker #1: “Oh, no, [Manager] said I could go early because we don’t have many children, so I’m leaving at one.”

Me: “What? Why? You’re on late shift. If you go it’ll just be me and [Manager]. We won’t be in ratio and I’ll have to do everything myself.”

Coworker #1: *shrugs* “Have fun with that.”

(True to her word, she leaves at 1 pm. The other three co-workers leave when their shifts end at 3 and 4 pm, leaving me alone with [Manager] for three hours with seven children. [Manager] spends the entire time complaining about how tired she is and effectively leaves me to care for all seven children until their parents pick them up. As we are not allowed to leave the room unless there are two adults present, I have to wait until quarter to seven when the last child is picked up to empty all the bins, sweep and mop the floors, clean the kitchen, and lock all the doors and windows. At 7:25 pm I finish everything I can do and go upstairs to get my phone from the manager’s office.)

Manager: *looking surprised* “[My Name]! Why are you still here?”


The Highest Of Fives

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(One of the machines we work with has a sticker warning that it may get hot during operation, but it usually doesn’t. While my coworkers and I are waiting for a digital test on the machine to finish, I impulsively put my hand on it.)

Coworker #1: “Wow, you just have no fear, do you?”

Me: “I’m magical.”

Coworker #1: “Or you have no pain receptors in your hand.”

Me: “No, [Coworker #2] proved I have pain receptors in my hand a while ago.”

Coworker #1: “He did?”

Me: “Really intense high fives…”


A Shift In Their Behavior

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(Coworker #1 and I are very good friends. Our way of showing our love for each other tends to be very sarcastic, and playfully “violent,” in manner. Usually we work the morning shift together, and our other coworkers have long since gotten used to our behavior. This particular day, however, I have worked the lunch shift and Coworker #1 is working dinner, so our paths are crossing at three pm among coworkers who have never worked with both of us together.)

Coworker #1: “[My Name]! I haven’t seen you in forever!” *steps on my toes* “Why did you abandon me?”

Me: *extricates my foot and lightly kicks her ankle* “Uh uh. You abandoned me. And I was glad, anyway. I didn’t want to see you.”

Coworker #1: “Well, fine. I’d have ended up having to pick up all your slack, loser. At least now I can work in peace.”

Me: “Ugh. You’re so annoying. I hate you.”

Coworker #1: “Well, I hate you, too. So there.” *smacks me lightly on the arm and turns to put her purse in the lockers*

(We both turn around to find all coworkers in earshot staring at us in shock. I think the only reason they believed our explanation was that they all knew either one or both of us separately, so they knew we weren’t mean people!)