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Your Collection Is Purely Symbolic

| PA, USA | Coworkers

(I work at a 24 hour pharmacy/convenience store. We use scanner guns, or ‘symbols,’ to locate items, determine inventory, etc. Our store has five symbols, and while I’m very careful not to leave mine unattended, as my manager has told me not to many times in the past, some of the other employees are a bit blasé about it. One day I’m taken off register to start hanging sale signs. I notice the girl who has replaced me on register left her symbol on a stock cart in an aisle, so I pick it up and put it on my sign cart, not wanting to leave it unattended. I see another abandoned cart with a symbol, this one belonging to my supervisor who had gone up ten or fifteen minutes earlier to help a customer. I do the same with this one, as I figured he would be a while and he could just grab it back from me later. I see yet ANOTHER symbol left in a crate of stock that a coworker had been working on before her shift ended. I grab that one, too, and finish up my signs. I head up front to throw away some trash, and bump into my supervisor. At this point I have four of the five symbols our store has on my cart.)

Supervisor: *looks at the symbols, then at me* “Wha…?”

Me: “I’ve been collecting.”

A Whole New World Of Budget Animation

| San Bruno, CA, USA | Coworkers, Movies & TV

(My coworker is listening to the Aladdin soundtrack while shelving shoes.)

Me: “Did you ever see the sequel?”

Coworker: “We don’t talk about the sequel.”

Me: “Aw, it wasn’t that bad. It just had a budget more like the TV series, so it was more like a TV episode than a movie.”

Coworker: “We also don’t talk about the TV series.”

Me: “Hey, at least it was better than the Little Mermaid TV series.”

Coworker: “We don’t talk about that either!”

The Strife Of The Party

| CA, USA | Bad Behavior, Coworkers

(The previous day one of our coworkers hosted in her home a going away party for another coworker. Due to a combination of personal issues I don’t do well at social gatherings and left early with the excuse that the noise was giving me a headache. Before I left several times one coworker or another had asked if I was okay because I was either uncharacteristically silent or my face had gone blank because I was trying very hard to listen. The next day one of my coworkers is loudly (because she works a yard or two away from my station) complaining about my leaving early and my weak excuse.)

Me: “Did my leaving the party early end the party?”

Coworker: *grumpily looks at me but has nothing to say*

Me: “No, the party kept going after I left. Would my sour face have ruined the party if I stayed?”

Coworker: *continues to silently stare at me*

Me: “The answer is yes, it would have. So why keep fussing about it?”

(I do like this coworker, but sometimes she drives me nuts! At least she stopped complaining about my social anxiety after that.)

Time To Compare The Meerkats

| OH, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Coworkers

(Our department has a separate room in our office building. As there are windows that allow other departments to see into our space, we are often of great curiosity for some reason. One evening, we notice the department next to us keeps peering through our window.)

Coworker: “I feel bad. All we’re doing is working. We should at least give them something interesting to look at.”

Me: “What about meerkats? Everyone likes meerkats.”

Coworker #2: “On the count of three. One, two—”

(At the exact same time, twenty people jump to their feet. We all whip our heads to the left and then sit back down together. We peek out and see the other department staring at us, completely bewildered.)

Coworker: “And they thought we were weird before…”

Harry Potter And The Game Of Thrones

Alphen, The Netherlands | Coworkers, Geeks Rule

Intern: “I wish I could live in Harry Potter’s world for real.”

Me: “Really?”

Intern: “Yeah, or wherever. Every fantasy world is better than the real one.”

Me: “Well, I wouldn’t recommend Westeros.”

Intern: *pause* “What the h*** is that?”