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Not At Service, Not At Your Service

| Winnipeg, MT, Canada | Crazy Requests, Family & Kids

(I take my small daughters to the little daycare in our church so that we can attend the Sunday service in peace. This daycare is run by church volunteers who are supposed to be there every Sunday, but they often decide to not show up, leaving parents like us stranded.)

Me: *looking around the daycare, seeing nobody* “Oh, man, no caregivers again.”

(Just then, another mother enters the daycare and hands her small child to me.)

Woman: “Here you go. I’ll be back after the service.” *turns to leave*

Me: “Um, wait a second. I’m not the volunteer. I’m a parent like you, and I was just about to leave, because the volunteer isn’t here.”

Woman: “Well, you can still look after my son, can’t you?”

Me: “No…?”

Woman: “Sure you can!” *leaves before I can stop her*

(I had no choice but to stay and look after her child as well as my own daughters for the entire service. Not only that, but she had left nothing for her son – no snack, no toys, nothing – so when he started to cry, I had no idea what to give him. That was a very long 1.5 hours!)


Disordering System

| Germany | Bosses & Owners, Crazy Requests

(I have a part-time job next to a college as head of the kitchen in a cafe. One of my classmates is general manager of the cafe. The boss has no idea how the kitchen or cafe really works, but she keeps bringing in ‘ideas‘ or orders to change things up, which the manager and I then work into the regular schedules with a lot of planning. Sometimes we’re able to convince her to trust our judgement, but most of the time she argues that we’re just “students who don’t know better.” We also do at least five-ten hours additional office work and other things each week that are barely ever accounted for in our paychecks.)

Manager: “I spent two hours yesterday trying to make the order system work the way the boss wants it. It’s halfway there. All the waitresses have trouble with it, though.”

Me: “You’re gonna love it once we change from the popular muffin versions we have to the basic ones we sold two years ago. Boss wants to keep it simple‘.”

Manager: “Oh, god.”

(In that moment, the boss visits for the first time in a week.)

Boss: “Oh, by the way, I decided the order system doesn’t work that way. Change it to [even more complicated plan] by next week, okay?”

(She leaves before we can even discuss it. After a quick moan the manager turns to me with a huge grin on his face.)

Manager: “I cannot wait for the day you graduate college and quit to look for an apprenticeship. I’m gonna start taking bets on how long until the kitchen explodes. And that’s precisely when I’ll quit as well.”


Doesn’t Quite Get I.T.

| Cincinnati, OH, USA | Bosses & Owners, Crazy Requests, Technology

(The assistant manager at work is known for micromanaging. During my annual leave we get new computers, printers, operating systems, phones, etc.; however, the phone lines are accidentally cut by the phone company. We have temporary phones that can receive calls but can’t transfer or call out; we also have no Internet. On my first day back, I think I’ve solved a problem that the staff on a different floor has with the new operating system. I tell the assistant manager, who asks me to call IT to let them know. I am a bit confused about why I would be the one to call from a different floor to let IT know about a problem that we no longer have, and then quickly realise I couldn’t call out anyway so didn’t worry about it. I couldn’t tell them anything about how long we had the problem or which staff had spoken to whom; I’d literally be calling to tell them that once upon a time there was a problem but now there isn’t. The problem was solved and I have lots of other important work to catch up on, having been away. The following week, the assistant manager calls me into his office:)

Assistant Manager: “Why didn’t you call IT last week?”

Me: “We had no phones.”

Assistant Manager: “Oh, is that why? I was very disappointed when I realized you hadn’t done it. I told [Regional Manager] and he called them himself.”

Me: “Well, did you let [Regional Manager] know that I couldn’t do it because we had no phones?”

Assistant Manager: “No, but it’s okay. Next time just communicate better.”

Me: “With what? WE HAD NO PHONES!”

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