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Working Serious Undertime

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(To help pay my expenses at uni, I get a job in a big shop. The hours are only four hours every Saturday. This is my first job. After 4 weeks, the manager calls me into the office.)

Manager: “I noticed that it’s taking you a really long time to get the hang of the tills.”

Me: *nervously* “Is it?”

Manager: “Well, there was that issue last week with the customer’s voucher, and before that there was the discount card.”

Me: “But it was the first time I’d ever done one of those. I couldn’t remember how to do it.”

Manager: “You’ve been here four weeks. You really should know how to do these things by now; I can’t believe it would take so long. Most of employees pick it up after their first week.”

Me: “First week? Like seven days?”

Manager: *patronising* “That would be a week, yes.”

Me: “But I’ve only been here for four days!”

Manager: “You’ve been here a month!”

Me: “Only on Saturday, for four hours! So that’s like four part-time days total or two full days, but spread out over a month. It’s a little harder to pick this up when I don’t spend much time here refreshing my memory.”

Manager: “…You can go.”

(She continued talking about how I was so slow for someone who’d been here ‘over a month,’ so eventually I left and got a job with more hours elsewhere. Picked up the tasks pretty quickly when I had frequent practice!)


If You Fall You’ll See The Light

| Canada | Crazy Requests

(I move into an apartment on the eighth floor and am looking to put some lighting on the balcony. I figure gazebo net lighting will work the best but am not sure how to hang it from the ceiling of the balcony. I ask an employee.)

Me: “So I want to hang lighting but I can’t drill into the ceiling as it’s a rental. Do you have any sort of adhesive hooks or some other lighting solution I could go with?”

Employee: “Well, you could always hook the lighting to your neighbor’s balcony.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Employee: “You just reach up and wrap the lighting around the base of the neighbors railing.”

Me: “Uh, I don’t know if they would want me attaching things to their balcony. Also, we don’t have railings; it’s three feet of solid cement and the ceiling is seven feet.”

Employee: “Well, you just climb out and hang it.”

Me: “Did I mention I was on the eighth floor? With the height of the roof and the balcony, I’d have to reach up seven feet after climbing outside of the building 80 feet up. I don’t think that would work or be very safe.”

Employee: “Well, you would need your neighbor’s permission…”


Laundering Laundry Money

| Toronto, ON, Canada | Crazy Requests, Employees, Liars/Scammers

(The apartment that I have rented for six-years has a laundry room where the machines use pre-paid debit-style cards to operate the machines. In the week leading up to me moving out of the apartment I am doing lots of laundry so have loaded $50 onto the card. The cards are fairly new to the building, and I have never signed anything when I got one, nor had I been told that they were part of the moving out procedures. I have the following exchange with the rental agent as we are doing my closing inspection.)

Agent: “So, we need your laundry card.”

Me: “There’s still a balance on it.”

Agent: “We can’t complete the paperwork until we have the laundry card.”

Me: “I have about $20 on the card. Are you going to give me $20 for the card?”

Agent: “No. You need to contact the laundry company to get the balance. Now, we need the card.”

Me: “So, if you need the card, how can I contact the laundry company to get the balance back?”

Agent: *silent for a moment* “We can’t complete your release of the apartment without the laundry card.”

Me: “And I wouldn’t be able to get the money back without the card. So, give me $20, and then you can call the laundry company for the $20 left on the card.”

Agent: “We can’t do that. You put the money on the card.”

Me: “These cards don’t have names on them. They’re generic cards. You can call and get the $20. If you want the card now, give me $20, and I’ll give you the card.”

Agent: “We need the card to clear the paperwork. We can’t call the company on your behalf for the balance on the card.”

Me: “Well, I’m not giving you the card with my money on it, unless you give me $20 for the balance on the card.”

(This went on for a good five minutes. Eventually the agent relented, and let me sign the paperwork and recorded the card as lost. I didn’t need the card in my new place, so I gave it to my mother whose office uses them. She paid me $20 from petty cash for the balance on the card. I’m convinced that the agent just wanted to use the card for his own laundry.)

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