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An Un-Hair Assessment

| San Francisco, CA, USA | Crazy Requests, Employees

(I have a hair appointment and the stylist recommends a certain store to get the extensions I want. Note: the name of this store has “hair” in it. I check online the night before to get the address and opening hours, and everything seems to be in order. I arrive the next day with my boyfriend, and there are two gentlemen sitting outside of an empty looking shop.)

Me: “Hello, is this [Store]?”

The Two Men: “Yes. We don’t have any hair.”

My Boyfriend: “Why not?”

The Two Men: “We’re just out. The shipment didn’t come in.”

(They are sitting on a lot of unopened boxes.)

Me: “Okay… thank you for your time.”

The Two Men: “If you had called ahead we could have saved you a trip; next time, please be a little more prepared.”

Me: “I’m very sorry I assumed you were ready to sell the product you advertised!”

(We got the hair from somewhere else, and when I told my stylist she was fuming!)


A Miscarriage Of Justice

| ME, USA | Bosses & Owners, Crazy Requests, Health & Body, Holidays, Overtime

(During our busiest season of the year at the studio I manage, I faint – and when being treated at the hospital, find out to my surprise and delight that I am pregnant. At that point, my husband and I have been trying for almost three years. However, I am quite ill, and suspect I am having a miscarriage. After a week of daily blood draws, I get the bad news on a Friday evening — it is confirmed that the pregnancy is not viable. I immediately called my district manager to let her know I can’t work that weekend.)

Me: “I just got a call from my doctor, and I am having a miscarriage. I’m closing the studio tonight, and won’t be in to work at all tomorrow.”

District Manager: “You can’t do that! It’s Christmas season, and every employee is required to be present at all scheduled shifts. I’m not authorizing any time off for anyone no matter what the reason! Everyone in this company is working every day we’re open!”

Me: “Did you not hear what I said? I’ve just found out that the baby I’ve been dreaming of having for years is dead. I’m not dealing well with that, I’m physically ill, and I won’t be in to work tomorrow. My staff can handle the scheduled photo shoots.”

District Manager: “You WILL be in to work tomorrow or you will NOT have a job.”

Me: “Whatever. I’ll be in if I can.”

(I go home, and spend the night and the next morning doubled over, sobbing, and going through the physical pain of a miscarriage. I finally manage to get myself to work around noon, since it really is a busy season and I know that my staff need the backup. I walk in, holding myself together. My employee hugs me and says, “I don’t even want you to see this but you need to” and hands me a fax from the DM.)

District Manager: “I’m so excited! I closed on my dream house, and I’m taking the next 10 days off to move. Nobody call me! :D”

(Oddly enough, I was then unmotivated to continue in that company’s employ. Not too long after, I went to work for their direct competitor, and brought all of my clients with me!)


A Tray Slay

| UK | At The Checkout, Crazy Requests, Employees

Me: “Just this, thanks.”

Cashier: “No tray, no service.”

Me: “But I only want this…”

Cashier: “No tray, no service.”

Me: “I heard you the first time, but—”


Me: “FINE!”

(I grab a tray and slam a single apple onto it.)


Cashier: *red faced* “50p, please.”

(Hands over 50p coin and puts tray back.)

Me: “Thank you.”


A Report Retort

| England, UK | Bosses & Owners, Crazy Requests, Ignoring & Inattentive

(Every morning I get into work drop off me things at my desk then head straight to a meeting. My boss has just given everyone grief for missing meetings. So I make sure I attend. As I get in…)

Boss: “Hey, [My Name], I need a report on [subject]. I need it urgently.”

Me: “Sure, I have my meeting. Then I will get straight on it.”

(I spend the next hour in the meeting and head straight back to my desk.)

Boss: “Where’s the report?”

Me: “Starting it now.”

Boss: *visibly frustrated* “But I needed it urgently!”

Me: “You know I have my meeting. I told you where I was going. What exactly was I supposed to do differently?”

Boss: “Just be better organised next time!”

(The kicker: After rushing through it, I knew he didn’t even look at my report as the next day he asked for it again!)


The Sick Reality

| New Orleans, LA, USA | Bosses & Owners, Crazy Requests, Health & Body

(One of the attorneys I work for used the wrong file number in a dictation; fortunately, I am familiar with his cases, so I figure it out.)

Me: “You need to be careful. If I were out sick, another secretary would’ve had a problem with that.”

Attorney: “You can’t get sick!”

Me: “I wish that were true, but you know I can. It’s happened.”

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