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Doesn’t Understand What Resting Actually Means

| New Britain, CT, USA | Bosses & Owners, Crazy Requests, Health & Body, Ignoring & Inattentive

(While working one night about two weeks ago I was moving a stack of cast iron trays, when the stack slipped and I caught it badly, bending my fingers of my right hand backward toward my wrist. It was very painful, but seeing as we were closing up within the hour and I had the next day off to rest I figured I would be fine and finished my work left-handed as much as I could. The following shift I am working as usual and my hand is killing me any time I need to use force or pressure — I can move my hand just fine, but squeezing dressing bottles, lifting ceramic dishes, moving equipment to clean it, or cutting with a knife os agony. I tell my boss what had happened the previous shift and I spend the rest of the night with an icepack close by to relieve the pain.)

Boss: “That sounds like carpal tunnel. You should get that checked out.”

Me: “No, it happened at work.” *I re-explain the situation*

Boss: “Well, take it easy, I hope it gets better.”

(Over the next week I am continuing to ice my hand while I work, and I’m taking Advil for the pain.)

Boss: “You’re still in pain? You should go to a doctor. I think it’s carpal tunnel.”

(I re-explain the incident with the pans falling and that I’m 100% sure it’s not carpal tunnel.)

Me: “Also, I don’t have insurance. I’ve spoken to two different doctor’s offices but without insurance they want me to have cash in hand before they will see me.”

Boss: “Well, rest your hand.”

Me: “That’s not an issue when it’s a slow night, but we’ve been busy. I’m constantly dropping stuff and I can’t work very fast. Maybe I should be moved out of the kitchen if I don’t have a station partner. I can work To-Go and handle the cash register instead.”

Boss: “Yeah, probably. Just rest your hand.”

(By the end of that shift I am in such agony from overuse that I am in tears and he sends me home. I borrow cash to visit a clinic near me and the doctor examines my hand. She comes to the conclusion that I’ve hyper-extended a muscle or a tendon connected to the first two fingers, and she wraps me in a splint to keep it supported, and writes me a note stating that I can only work if I can work left-handed.)

Doctor: “You don’t seem to be in a lot of pain right now, so I’m sure if you can avoid using it for a week or two you’ll be fine. This note should cover everything, and come back for a follow up.”

Boss: “So, can you work tonight?”

Me: “I think I can try it. I have a partner on my station, so she should be able to help me with certain tasks, but I shouldn’t be using my right hand at all. I should be moved to the cash register if I can’t have a partner.”

(The night goes smoothly, until my partner leaves for the night and I am alone on the station. Having no help to move heavy equipment, I actually manage to BEND the aluminum splint I am wearing. I mention it to my boss before I leave and go to the doctor the next day.)

Doctor: “Well, it seemed to have worked when you were able to work left-handed. Talk to your boss again about being transferred. This won’t heal until you’ve rested it, and if you’ve bent the splint that’s REALLY bad; you can injure yourself more.”

(She gives me two more splints, another wrap, and a prescription for an anti-inflammatory at no charge for the visit, and sends me to work. That night I tell my boss what the doctor said.)

Boss: “So are you calling out of work or are you working?”

Me: “I can work, but not alone in the kitchen. I’m really afraid of requesting time off if there’s another option, because Paid Time Off takes so long to process and I can’t miss a paycheck. Last year I requested PTO for an illness in February but I didn’t get the check until October.”

(That night my boss pulls my partner off of the cook line and has her portioning peppers while I cook alone, and I am in agony.)

Me: “Boss, my splint is bent again. I can’t avoid using my right hand on the line if I don’t have a partner.”

Boss: “Are you closing tonight or not?”

Me: “I don’t want to lose the hours but I can’t clean the equipment without help.”

Boss: “Okay, I’ll ask [Partner] to stay an extra half hour to get you caught up. It’s late enough that there won’t be many more orders and we’ll be out in two hours. I’ll call in the worker’s comp request for your doctor’s bill, too.”

(Five minutes later he sends my partner home, and I am struggling to keep up. By this point I’m in tears again and I’m severely pissed off at my boss for ignoring the agreement to keep my partner in the kitchen.)

Boss: “You know what? Go home, and don’t come back tomorrow. Rest your hand. I’ll put in PTO for you.”

Me: “And the worker’s comp?”

Boss: “Yeah, yeah.”

(I come back two days later and he’s still not put in the worker’s comp order. In addition, the schedule has been adjusted that I am working alone on my station, and closing solo, which means that for the last two hours of the night I am in charge of cleaning and cooking for three stations. In the process of working I have bent my last splint and I am once again in tears from pain.)

Me: “THIS IS BULL-S***. I can’t work like this!”

(I’m cradling my hand in an icepack and holding the twisted metal splint out for him to see.)

Boss: “You rested for two days! Why aren’t you better yet? Do you want to work or not? Are you sure you’re not just being dramatic?”

(This is still an ongoing argument at work. I’m not looking forward to tonight’s shift.)

Pay With Zero Delay

| Austria | Crazy Requests, Ignoring & Inattentive, Money

(I returned a defective item with a well-known online store and receive an invoice for 0.00 Euros for the replacement. Considering this the end, I put it on the paid bill pile, until the “friendly reminder” reached me that they now want 0€ and a “reminder” fee of 15€. Cue my call with their support.)

Me: “I got a ‘reminder’ for a zero-Euro bill.”

Support: “Yes.”

Me: “Yes what? I’m now supposed to pay a delay fee for a bill that was ZERO EUROS!”

Support: “Yes, I have it here on my computer. You didn’t pay the original invoice so we had to send you a reminder and that entails a delay fee.”

Me: “Lady, how am I supposed to pay ZERO EUROS? It is absolutely impossible to transfer zero Euros.”

Support: “Well, now you can pay 15, can’t you?”

This Job Really Gets You Burnt Out

| Pleasant Hill, CA USA | Bosses & Owners, Crazy Requests, Health & Body

(I’m ringing up a customer when a grab a bottle of bleach to scan and feel something wet hit my hand. When I look down, I see the bottle is leaking badly and has hit my hand and the counter. I call up another employee who is doing float duties and he runs off to get an intact bottle for the customer while I wipe my hand and the counter as best I can with paper towels. The customer goes about their business and I grab a manager.)

Me: “I need to run to the bathroom real quick. I got bleach on my hand.”

Manager #1: “Your ten minute break isn’t for another hour. You’re just going to have to wait.”

Me: “I don’t need ten minutes; I need five, minimum to wash my hand.”

Manager #1: “Well, no one else is scheduled to be here, so you’re just going to have to wait.”

(My hand has begun to start burning painfully, so I’ve had enough.)

Me: “[Manager], I splashed a CORROSIVE CHEMICAL on my hands! I’m not ASKING you if I CAN. I’m TELLING you I’m going to the bathroom, NOW!”

(At which point I spun on my heel and bolted to the bathroom. Another manager is there ahead of me.)

Manager #2: “Hey, what’s the hurry? What happened?”

(I am rinsing my hands off at this point, but explain and show her my mild chemical burn. Manager #2 splashes vinegar from a chemical spill station over my hand to neutralize the chlorine on my skin and then has me wash my hands a few more times.)

Manager #2: “You’re the third employee to get hit with bleach in two days. Two stockroom clerks got spilled on yesterday. I think the shipment came in thin bottles or something.”

(I explain how Manager #1 tried to make me stay at the registers and Manager #2 sighs.)

Manager #2: “I’ll walk you to the registers and go over the procedure for chemical spills with them, again.”

(Needless to say, this and other bad decisions from that manager ensured that I had a very short stint as a cashier at that store.)

An Un-Hair Assessment

| San Francisco, CA, USA | Crazy Requests, Employees

(I have a hair appointment and the stylist recommends a certain store to get the extensions I want. Note: the name of this store has “hair” in it. I check online the night before to get the address and opening hours, and everything seems to be in order. I arrive the next day with my boyfriend, and there are two gentlemen sitting outside of an empty looking shop.)

Me: “Hello, is this [Store]?”

The Two Men: “Yes. We don’t have any hair.”

My Boyfriend: “Why not?”

The Two Men: “We’re just out. The shipment didn’t come in.”

(They are sitting on a lot of unopened boxes.)

Me: “Okay… thank you for your time.”

The Two Men: “If you had called ahead we could have saved you a trip; next time, please be a little more prepared.”

Me: “I’m very sorry I assumed you were ready to sell the product you advertised!”

(We got the hair from somewhere else, and when I told my stylist she was fuming!)

A Miscarriage Of Justice

| ME, USA | Bosses & Owners, Crazy Requests, Health & Body, Holidays, Overtime

(During our busiest season of the year at the studio I manage, I faint – and when being treated at the hospital, find out to my surprise and delight that I am pregnant. At that point, my husband and I have been trying for almost three years. However, I am quite ill, and suspect I am having a miscarriage. After a week of daily blood draws, I get the bad news on a Friday evening — it is confirmed that the pregnancy is not viable. I immediately called my district manager to let her know I can’t work that weekend.)

Me: “I just got a call from my doctor, and I am having a miscarriage. I’m closing the studio tonight, and won’t be in to work at all tomorrow.”

District Manager: “You can’t do that! It’s Christmas season, and every employee is required to be present at all scheduled shifts. I’m not authorizing any time off for anyone no matter what the reason! Everyone in this company is working every day we’re open!”

Me: “Did you not hear what I said? I’ve just found out that the baby I’ve been dreaming of having for years is dead. I’m not dealing well with that, I’m physically ill, and I won’t be in to work tomorrow. My staff can handle the scheduled photo shoots.”

District Manager: “You WILL be in to work tomorrow or you will NOT have a job.”

Me: “Whatever. I’ll be in if I can.”

(I go home, and spend the night and the next morning doubled over, sobbing, and going through the physical pain of a miscarriage. I finally manage to get myself to work around noon, since it really is a busy season and I know that my staff need the backup. I walk in, holding myself together. My employee hugs me and says, “I don’t even want you to see this but you need to” and hands me a fax from the DM.)

District Manager: “I’m so excited! I closed on my dream house, and I’m taking the next 10 days off to move. Nobody call me! :D”

(Oddly enough, I was then unmotivated to continue in that company’s employ. Not too long after, I went to work for their direct competitor, and brought all of my clients with me!)

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