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When The Disability Comes From Others

| Australia | Bosses & Owners, Crazy Requests, Health & Body

(Our team has recently been majorly shaken up with changes. It’s also worth noting I have a number of health conditions which require me to have a desk I can sit and stand at interchangeably, I also start later in the morning (9:30) and have done for several years. I’ve been pulled into a meeting with the new manager.)

Manager: “So, I don’t see you fitting in. You’re not ‘living the team.’”

Me: “I’m sorry, what? I don’t know what you mean.”

Manager: “Well, you refuse to sit with the team.”

Me: “Yes, because I have to have a sit/stand desk. It’s an OHS requirement due to my back injury.”

Manager: “And what? That desk doesn’t exist where the team sits?”

Me: “There is one but it’s up against another desk. It’s incredibly claustrophobic to work at.”

Manager: “So, basically you refuse to sit at desks with others and insist on sitting separately.”

Me: “That’s not what I said! My desk is no more than 10m away and I regularly come over. I’m working within HR’s requirements.”

Manager: “I just don’t see you interacting. You’re not part of the team and you come in late everyday!”

Me: “You are aware I’ve had a verbal agreement with all my managers to start at 9:30 for the last four years?”

Manager: “No.”

Me: “Well, I do. My health issues are the worst in the morning so I need that extra time to get here. Are there any other reasons you think I’m not fitting in?”

Manager: “I don’t have to provide you with a list! You’re not fitting in and we need to move you to a team that can work with your limitations.”

(And that is how I realized my new boss is against people with disabilities and began looking for a new job!)


Unlucky Number Seventeen

| Myrtle Beach, SC, USA | Crazy Requests, Employees

(I’m about 17. I’d left my debit card at the ATM, which retracted it after 30 seconds. I am going in to pick it up.)

Teller: “I’ll need to see two forms of ID.”

Me: “Ouch. I only have my student ID. I don’t really have anything else on me. What can I do?”

Teller: “You don’t have a driver’s license? At your age?”

Me: “No.”

Teller: “What about a cell phone bill?”

Me: *kind of surprised* “Why would I have any kind of bill in my name? I’m 17. I still live with my parents.”

Teller: “My daughter is 17 and pays her own cell phone bill.”

Me: “Do you really think that’s the norm?”

(In the end, my mom had to present HER two forms of ID, since she was co-signed to my account, for me to get my card back.)


Secretary Providing (Breaking) Bad Service

| AB, Canada | Crazy Requests, Criminal/Illegal, Employees

(My father’s friend has a remote hunting cabin on a corner of his property. One winter, he goes out to check on it only to find that some criminals have broken into it and set up a meth lab. Naturally, he calls the police. Not seeing it as an emergency, he calls the local RCMP detachment directly and talks to a secretary.)

Friend: “Yeah, I’m at [gives legal land location], and someone broke into my cabin and set up a meth lab.”

Secretary: “Oh, another one. Boys will be boys, am I right?”

Friend: “Um… yeah. Anyway, what should I do with all this drug stuff?”

Secretary: “Just gather it all up and throw it out.”

Friend: “WHAT?”

Secretary: “Yeah, this is so common these days; it’s really nothing to worry about. Just clean out your cabin and chuck it.”

Friend: “Don’t you need to send an officer out here to check it out?”

Secretary: “Well, if you’re THAT concerned about it, you can box it all up and bring it down to the station.”

Friend: “But… from what I’ve seen on the news, there could be all kinds of hazardous chemicals in there!”

Secretary: “Nonsense. You’ll be fine. Box up it and bring it down.”

Friend: “Okay.”

(Needless to say, my father’s friend was still rather concerned, so he decided to call 911 right away. The 911 operator was VERY concerned, and a couple of officers and a hazmat crew were soon on the scene.)



, | ME, USA | Crazy Requests, Employees, Health & Body, Math & Science

(I work in the laboratory of a major hospital. Part of my duties as a lab assistant is to determine if a specimen is acceptable for testing. I’ve received a specimen in a pediatric tube with a testing request that can only be done with the amount obtainable in an adult tube. I call the floor to let the nurse know we can’t run it.)

Me: “Hey are you the nurse for [Patient]? We can run [Test #1] on the tube you sent but [Test #2] requires two milliliters more blood.”

Nurse: “Oh, geez. Okay, I’ll let the doc know and see if they still want it. Thanks.”

(At this point he hangs up. Not even five minutes later, the physician calls.)

Me: “Laboratory, can I help you?”

Doctor: “Yeah, why don’t you run [Test #2]?”

Me: “We can’t run it on this specimen; the minimum amount for the test is two milliliters.”

Doctor: “Well, can’t you LOWER the minimum? This is a child we’re talking about!”

(At this point I’m stunned. Yes, doc, I’m going to bend the rules of science just for you.)

Me: “I… no, we can’t lower a minimum. We need more blood to do this test.”

Doctor: “Well, it’s a child and they’re in critical care!”

Me: “I understand but we literally cannot work with this little amount of blood; I’m sorry.”

(He finally hung up in a fury.)

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