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They Saw The Light

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(I have been using the same garage for years; they give a good discount and are really flexible. There hasn’t been a problem until today.)

Mechanic: “Well, the car has failed the MOT.”

Me: “Oh great. What for?”

Mechanic: “Well, you had a bulb out on one side. If both sides were out it would be okay, but they need to be the same.”

Me: “Oh, okay, that is easily fixed. I will unplug one of the others.”

Mechanic: “Yeah, you could do that… Oh, it failed on light alignment. They have been fitted really poorly. Did you do it yourself?”

Me: “No, you guys did it.”

Mechanic: “Ah, okay. Give me one second.”

(I wait 15 minutes.)

Mechanic: “If you leave the car here it will be retested within the hour.”

Me: “Okay. How much for the retest?”

Mechanic: “Oh, I, err, don’t worry about that.”

(True to his word, the car was re-tested and even cleaned well before the hour was up and for free. I never got questioned about the lights again.)

Getting That Purse Was A Steal

| USA | Bosses & Owners, Criminal/Illegal

(On my salary, I can’t afford the high-end purses my job sells. We had a promotion last year where I was the top salesperson and I won a large gift certificate to the store. Thrilled, I picked up one of the previous season’s purses, and it’s been my pride. Imagine my surprise to come back after shift one day, open my locker, and find most of the contents of my purse dumped in a plastic garbage bag and my purse missing! I call mall security and am waiting for them when the assistant store manager comes over to me.)

Assistant Store Manager: “Just tell security to leave when they get here. We don’t need to create a mess.”

Me: “We had a theft in our back room! Of course I want security here.”

Assistant Store Manager: “Look, I will level with you. We had a customer who really wanted last years’ colors. I knew you had it back there, and I had the master locker key. I thought you wouldn’t be this upset; it’s just a stupid purse. I had to make the customer happy.”

Me: “You sold my purse?”

Assistant Store Manager: “Technically, it’s the store’s purse. We gave you the gift certificate after all. You can’t be upset about something you didn’t buy. Just buy another one!”

Me: “When security gets here, I’m having them call the actual police!”

Assistant Store Manager: “Why are you so upset?! If you don’t tell security to go away, I’m going to write you up for your behavior.”

(She goes into the office, slamming the door behind her, and we hear her talking on the phone. Security arrives and I have them call police. Meanwhile, Assistant Store Manager refuses to leave her office. I also find out that several personal items that had been in the side zippered pocket of the purse are now gone. The police arrive and talk the assistant store manager out of the office. She is sobbing and uncooperative. The police treat it seriously and take the assistant store manager away. I get home and get a phone call from the district manager.)

District Manager: “I heard there was some issue at your store today.”

Me: “Yes, the police report is going to be sent to the corporate office.”

District Manager: “You realize your behavior means we will have to let you go? You’re lucky you weren’t arrested!”

Me: “Wait, why would I be arrested? What did [Assistant Store Manager] say happened?”

District Manager: “She said you had put a purse in the back room and were waiting until it went on sale, which is against the rules. When she sold it to a customer, you started yelling and throwing things and she called the police.”

Me: “That’s not correct at all!”

(I explained what really happened, and both Assistant Store Manager and I were put on leave until my district manager got the police report. When that and the security footage backed me up, I was told I wasn’t fired and they would take the write up off of my file. BUT the store didn’t reimburse me for my stolen purse, nor did they fire the assistant store manager! They expected us to still work together. I ended up quitting. Assistant Store Manager got community service for her theft.)

The First (Nation) Of Many Problems

| Montreal, QB, Canada | Criminal/Illegal, Employees, Health & Body, Liars/Scammers

(I have been roughhousing with my brother and break my tooth, so my mother takes me to our dentist. We are First Nations (Indian) and as such my dental care, prescriptions, eye care, etc. are covered by a special governmental insurance. This means we don’t have much if anything to pay for my dental care. As soon as my dentist sees me, she starts to panic.)

Dentist: “Oh, my goodness… How did you do this? Why now of all times?”

Me: “Um, I don’t know? It was an accident.” *goes on to explain what I did*

Dentist: “Oh, boy. Oh, no. Why did you have to do this? Why now?”

(As she’s saying this she’s pacing around the small examining cubicle and rubbing her head and face nervously.)

Mom: “Um, excuse me but it’s none of your business why this happened. It’s your job to fix the problem.”

Dentist: “I’m sorry, it’s just… it’s just that it’s the end of the fiscal year and Indian Affairs only covers a certain amount per year of treatment. You’ve already used quite a bit and I’m just scared they won’t cover this treatment.”

Mom: “That doesn’t sound right… She had her checkup and cleaning but nothing else.”

Me: “I had a filling done and some X-rays.”

Dentist: “Yes! And that used up a lot of your allotted insurance. I’m just concerned for your daughter… If I can’t fix it the only other thing I can do is pull it out and no little girl should have to lose a front tooth. Especially during her growing years. Yes, I’m sure they will understand if I explain it to them that way. Ooohh, why did you have to do this now?! What were you thinking?!”

Mom: “EXCUSE ME?!”

Dentist: “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry. I’m just worried about your daughter, and her beautiful smile. I’m just… ok. Let’s get started here.”

(She went on to explain that she was going to file my tooth down to the core and fit me with a replacement tooth. She took a mold of my tooth, did the filing, and fit me with a temporary crown. She told me I would have to come back when the permanent crown is ready. In the meantime the dentist informed my mother that Indian Affairs wouldn’t cover the procedure but that she would highly discount the cost of the work as a courtesy and worked out a payment arrangement. My mother was not happy about this and contacted the department of Indian Affairs to find out more about why they were refusing to cover the procedure. About a week after getting my permanent crown my mother got a phone call from Indian Affairs. They asked her to confirm that I received certain dental work over the past two years, procedures which I had never had, such as a root canal, several other fillings, and even some cosmetic procedures. My mother assured them they must have the wrong file as I had only my routine visits and cleanings as well as the one X-ray and filling. Months later we found out that my dentist’s clinic was closed down; apparently she had been fraudulently charging Indian Affairs for procedures that were never done on several of her First Nations patients. It seemed that I wasn’t the first patient to be declined coverage because of her fraudulent activities and the calls to Indian Affairs tipped them off. In the end we only paid $100 for the treatment and the crown has held up well 18 years later.)

Acting Your Age

| Australia | Criminal/Illegal, Job Seekers

(I am looking for a job around my town, armed with printouts of my CV doing an old school “door knock.” I’m not having much luck; however, most places have been nice and are kind enough to take my resumé in the hopes that “something may come up.” I’m down to my last resumé when I try the local newsagency. An older woman is behind the counter.)

Me: “Hi, I was wondering if—”

Worker: *rudely interrupting* “We’re not hiring and if you give us that resume I see in your hand it’s just going to go straight into the bin!”

Me: *a tad shocked, but hastily put on a smile* “Okay, thanks anyway!”

(I turn away to exit the shop thinking I probably dodged a bullet there anyway, when I hear her call me back.)

Worker: “Hang on! How old are you, by the way?”

(I smile, as I know exactly what she is doing. In my country, workers are paid a minimum wage not just by industry, but by age as well. A 15-year-old working in a newsagency, for example, would have to be paid at least $12-14 an hour under the retail award rate, but a 21-year-old would have to be paid at least $20-23 an hour. For this reason a lot of employers don’t like hiring older people, and often turn them away for their younger, much cheaper-to-hire counterparts. Despite this, it is still illegal to discriminate against age and it is illegal to ask any prospective employees their age or date of birth. I am in my early 20s, therefore “expensive” to hire, but I look much younger then my age, with people always thinking I’m in my mid teens. She probably thinks I’m only around 16-17 years old. It is perfectly acceptable to decline answering a question about age, as I do here.)

Me: “I’m sorry, but I don’t feel comfortable answering that.”

Worker: “Look, it’s ok to admit your age. I’m not going to judge. Just tell me, then I might be able to have a look at your resume and see if we have something.”

Me: “I’m not going to tell you my age. I don’t have to and I don’t want to. Thank you for maybe considering my resume if I’m a certain age, but I’m going to have to decline. Thanks again.”

(I go to leave, when I hear an angry outburst behind me.)

Worker: “FINE! I wouldn’t even want to accept some pathetic high school drop-out anyway! There’s too many of you in this god-**** town and the reason why is because all you teenagers are the same: f****** lazy little f***s!”

(Angry, I march up to the counter.)

Me: “First off, I’m in my early 20s. Secondly, I am no high school drop-out. I have been working since I was legally able to at 15 all while finishing school and probably far more capable then you are. For starters, I actually know how to treat people, including job-hunters that could also be customers in the store. I couldn’t care less if you offered me $100 dollars an hour for this job. I would hate to work alongside a vile co-worker such as yourself, and if you are the manager I have a lot more self-respect then to take orders from you. I think I’ve done the right thing to decline your offer. Now, thank you for time. You’ve shown me what kind of worker you are and should avoid. Have a nice day.”

Scamming Inside The Box

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(I tend to get a fair amount of “Windows Tech Support” scam calls, and I’ve adopted my father’s way of handling them. This time, though, it gets a bit interesting.)

Caller: “Hello! This is [Name] from Window Tech Support. We’ve recently been notified that you have viruses on your PC.”

Me: “Really? Cause I run a Mac and a Linux machine.”

Caller: “We also service Apple! Are you at your computer at the moment?”

Me: *adding to my story a bit at his persistence* “No, it’s still in the box.”

Caller: “Well, can you go to the computer? How old is the Mac?”

Me: “It’s brand new, still in the box. I haven’t even set it up yet.”

Caller: “Ma’am, how long have you had the computer?”

Me: “A few hours? We just moved and got the new machine and I haven’t set it up yet.”

Caller: “Ma’am, we need you to get onto the computer because of the viruses.”

Me: “If it has viruses then we need to talk to Apple because this is a brand new machine. It’s still in the original packaging.”

Caller: *as if I’m the idiot here* “Ma’am. Please go to the computer and turn it on.”

Me: *fed up but keeping my story consistent* “Look. It’s still in the original packaging. I’m not an idiot, and I know this is a scam.”

Caller: *hangs up*

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