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Guilty By Association

| Vestal, NY, USA | At The Checkout, Criminal/Illegal, Employees

(I’m a 27-year-old male. I’ve just wandered into an extremely large nation-wide retail chain-store. I’m there specifically to grab cigarettes. On my way to the cigarette counter, I run into a work-friend of mine. We chat for a moment, and she and I part ways. I get into the line.)

Me: “Can I have a pack of cigarettes, please?”

Cashier: *somewhat snarky tone* “No, you may not. I just saw you talking to HER.”

(She gestures to where I ran into my work-friend.)

Cashier: *snobby* “You need to get her ID and the IDs of the people I saw her talking to.”

Me: “Really? That’s just a work-friend of mine. I just ran into her. I’m not even with her shopping.”

Cashier: “If you can’t get their IDs, you’re not getting cigarettes!”

Me: “So… just because I chatted with someone, I can’t get cigarettes?”

Cashier: “Yup.”

Me: “That’s just stupid. So I can’t talk to anyone here unless they have IDs? You’re literally saying that socialization is frowned on here. That’s just stupid! I’ll just go to the gas-station down the street.”

Cashier: “Fine.”

(I walk away. On the way to the door, I bump into my work-friend again.)

Me: “They wouldn’t sell me cigarettes because they saw me talking to you.”

Coworker: “Yeah, they did the same thing to me because I ran into a friend here and was chatting with them. When I went up, they demanded to see his ID because we were talking, and I wasn’t able to find him to have him show them his ID. I wasn’t even here with him… I just bumped into him.”

Me: “So, evidently, we’re not supposed to talk to ANYONE here, I guess, unless they have their IDs…”

Coworker: “Yeah, it looks like they frown on socialization altogether.”

(The next day at work, I see my work-friend again.)

Coworker: “You won’t believe this. You know that woman who wouldn’t sell you cigarettes because she saw you talking to me?”

Me: “Yeah?”

Coworker: “She was actually making fun of me when I walked by again after you left, and was telling other people there that I was a criminal who was buying cigarettes for minors! I walked right by and heard her saying it.”

Me: “Wow…”

(I ended up writing in and complaining, and the corporate office basically told me that I was right: Socialization is basically viewed as a bad thing in the store. How insane is that? And this is a MAJOR store that is in most towns. So, I guess next time you go to the store, if you plan to buy anything requiring an ID, be sure not to talk to or make eye contact with anyone, otherwise you’ll be refused service.)

Smacking Some Sense Into You

| MO, USA | Coworkers, Criminal/Illegal, Money

(I’m trying to collect money to buy a coworker a wedding gift. So far, many people have said they’ll give me money, but no one actually has. Note that I’m pretty clean cut: it’s a known fact that I don’t drink and I’m usually in bed by nine pm.)

Me: “I understand it. I am kinda shifty looking.”

Coworker: “Yeah, they’re afraid that you’ll run off with the money.”

Me: “Yeah, I might take it buy smack.”

(Engaged coworker walks by.)

Coworker #2: “What are you two talking about?”

Me: “How I’m going to buy drugs with your wedding gift money.”

Coworker #2: “Sounds like you.”

Wasn’t Egg-specting That

| USA | Criminal/Illegal, Health & Body, Job Seekers

(I am interviewing for an office position. I’m 37 at the time.)

Doctor: “So do you plan on getting pregnant any time soon?”

(It is illegal to use my answer to that specific question in their hiring decision so I am shocked they asked it. I’m so taken by surprise that I answer it.)

Me: “No…”

Doctor: “Well, that’s probably good; your eggs are too old anyway.”

Me: “…”

Doesn’t Get The ID-ea

| Asheville, NC, USA | Criminal/Illegal, Employees

(My boyfriend and I are staying at a hotel to visit my friend for his 22nd birthday. To celebrate, we have all gone down to the bar that is attached to the hotel and have ordered an alcoholic beverage of some sort.)

Waiter: “All right, I’ll be right back with your drinks.”

(The waiter begins to walk away when my friend calls him back to the table.)

Friend: “Wait, don’t you want to see our IDs?”

Waiter: “Oh! Uh. Sure? Oh! Happy birthday!”

(Again, the waiter walks off, not even checking my ID or my boyfriend’s. He returns a few moments later with our drinks.)

Waiter: “All right, your drink is free for your birthday. I never remember to check people’s IDs.” *he laughs and walks away*

Me: “Did he really just admit that he doesn’t check ID? Isn’t that illegal?”

Friend: “Yeah. Yeah, it is…”

(To top it off, the next day I went to buy a lighter for my mom and the cashier panicked because she thought my boyfriend and I were sixteen!)

A Trunk-ated Version Of The Truth

, | Eilat, Israel | Criminal/Illegal, Employees

(I work security in a fairly large hotel parking lot. For each car we are instructed to write the info of the car and driver, and also check the trunk of the car, something few security guards actually do.)

Guest: “How come you are the only one who does this?”

Me: “That’s the job; I have to check your car, sir.”

Guest: “But what could you possibly find, a bomb?” *laughs*

Me: “Amongst other things. Yesterday I found two girls shoved inside, trying to sneak in. Day before that I found a gas container for the car, and before that, two off-duty cops tried to get their M16s to the hotel through here.”

Guest: *stunned* “Well, you keep doing good work, then…”

(He drove off. I left out all the times I found young children without proper seats, or pets they tried to sneak in…)