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(I managed to order the wrong length of HDMI cable online. With delivery dates long, and no TV, I visit the local large chain computer store.)

Me: “Excuse me, where are the HDMI cables?”

Worker #1: “Oh, I think they are over there somewhere.” *gestures vaguely*

Me: “Oh, okay, thanks.”

(I eventually find the display, completely in the wrong direction, and pick out some items.)

Worker #1: “Oh, good you found them.” *looking at the items I’ve picked* “Oh, you don’t want those ones.”

Me: “Sorry?”

Worker #1: “That cable is far too long. The picture will be very poor quality. Here, this is the one you want.”

(He picks up the most expensive cable a meter shorter than I needed.)

Me: “Oh, err, no thanks. I need one at least four meters long. These will do fine.”

Worker #1: “No, no, no, just move the TV closer. You really need a better quality cable.”

(Worker #1 pushes the cable into my hands and tries to snatch the cheaper ones from me.)

Me: *recoiling in surprise* “I can’t move the TV closer, and I assure you these will be fine.”

Worker #1: “Look, I know what I’m talking about. You need these ones. Long cables will lose the picture.” *a lie*

Me: *exhausted* “So these cheaper ones won’t work?”

Worker #1: “No. You need the better ones.”

Me: “So why do you sell them?”

Worker #1: “I er, well these are just far better. Listen I know what I’m talking about. Hey, [Worker #2], come here a second. Can you PLEASE explain why he wants these ones and not the cheap ones.”

Worker #2: “Well, these cables will give you a much better picture. The cheaper ones won’t give you 1080p.” *another lie*

Me: “I’ve had enough. These will be fine. This is the end of the discussion. I’m paying and leaving.”

(I eventually get past the two workers. They still call out to me as I get to the till.)

Cashier: “Oh, are you sure you want these? We have an offer on [Expensive Brand] cables this week.”

Me: “No, thanks.”

Cashier: “Are you sure? These ones will break much faster than the better ones.” *lies again*

Me: “Ring me up.”

Cashier: “I was just trying to—”

Me: “Ring me up now; if I hear one more lie from you or your colleagues I will register a complaint.”

Cashier: “Fine.” *throws the cable at me*

(Safe to say, I never shopped there again.)


Has Only 500 Millibrains

| Laval, QC, Quebec | Employees, Extra Stupid, Math & Science

(I go look for an electric adaptor I need for an item I ordered from abroad. Upon my arrival, the girl working the floor asks me if I need help.)

Me: “Yes, thank you. I need a 5 amps adaptor, please.”

(She kindly shows me place where all the adaptors are and hands me a package.)

Employee: “This is what you need.”

(I look at the packaging, and it reads “500 mA.”)

Me: “Huh, miss, this is not 5 amps; it’s 500 milliamps.”

(Never mind the fact that I am a mechanical engineer and I am well versed in the use of prefixes, but I chose not to rub my education in her face today.)

Employee: “Sure it is; mA is a fraction of an A, and 500 mA is 5 A. It’s like in the kitchen. 500 milliliters is a full liter.”

Me: *after a few seconds speechless* “Sorry; I’ll go somewhere else…”


Only Weight-Loss On The Wallet

| Winston-Salem, NC, USA | Bosses & Owners, Employees, Ignoring & Inattentive, Money

(A few weeks prior, my mother and I had agreed to try a free trial of a month’s supply of diet pills that were featured in a health magazine. The catch was that you had to pay shipping, and if you didn’t cancel your account within 14 days, you would be charged about $90, the price of a regular month’s supply. My mom paid shipping and cancelled with no issues. The shipping was never taken out of my account, so I called in to cancel and got a bit of a runaround, but eventually had it worked out. I thought no more of it until the company still pulled out the $90 anyway the next week.)

Me: *on the phone* “Hi. So, I cancelled my account with you last week, but I was still charged. I’d like a refund. ”

Phone Rep: “Okay, ma’am, may I ask your name?”

Me: “Um, [My Name].”

Phone Rep: “Okay, [My Name], what were your weight loss goals when you signed up for our free trial?”

Me: “Please refund my money.”

Phone Rep: “Okay, [My Name]. Did you know [Product] was mentioned in [Health Magazine] and used by [Famous Celebrity]—”

Me: “I’m not interested; I’d like my money back.”

Phone Rep: “Well, I have good news for you, [My Name]. I can offer you 40% off today—”

Me: “No, I want my money back.”

Phone Rep: “Please hold.”

(I wait a minute before she comes back on the line.)

Phone Rep: “I’ve just been told that I am authorized to offer you 80% off of your order today—”

Me: “Please transfer me to a supervisor.”

Phone Rep: “Ma’am, I’m fully equipped to help you.”

Me: “Then please refund my money.”

(She continues to give me excuses and asking about weight loss and health, with me interrupting her every time with the same demands.)

Me: “Listen, I understand where you’re at right now. You probably aren’t authorized to give me a return, and you likely get marks on your record for transferring too many calls. But trust me when I say this: I will stay on this line until you either give me my money or direct me to someone who can, and you will make no sales today.”

(She tells me the supervisor is busy and I insist to be put in a queue; I eventually settle for a callback, making a note to call back myself the next day if I didn’t hear from anyone. The next day:)

Supervisor: *on the phone* “How can I help you today?”

(I explain the situation.)

Supervisor: “Ah, I see on our records here that you did call to cancel well before the cut-off date, but your rep just didn’t do it. My apologies. Your refund will be issued over the next two days.”

(This call took a total of two minutes. My mom and I never received our items.)

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