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Your Order Is On Thin Ice

| Los Angeles, CA, USA | Employees, Food & Drink

Me: “I’ll have a regular green iced tea.”

Barista: “Do you want your iced tea hot or cold?”

Me: “…Iced?”


Exhaustion Loves Company

| London, ON, Canada | Employees, Language & Words

(I work at a grocery store, and I’ve only been there for about two months now. I’m still considered new, since the other women and men that work there have been working there for at least two years. It is probably important to note that I’ve had a long day at school, it’s about eight pm, I’ve been working since I got home from school and walked to work, and I’m exhausted. Customer #1 walks up to my till, and says hello.)

Customer #1: “Hello! Are you new?”

Me: “Little bit, ma’am. I’ve been here for about two months!”

Customer #1: “Well, this must be the first time I’ve seen you, then. I usually can remember a face!”

Me: *laughs, and begins to ring through Customer #1, bagging items as quickly as possible*

(I finish ringing her items through as Customer #2 arrives at my till.)

Me: “All right, what will it be today? Cash? Debit? Credit?”

Customer #1: “Oh! Debit!”

Me: “All right… Have a good day!” *pauses, confused* “I mean, go ahead! Did I just—”

(Customer #1 and Customer #2 laugh.)

Customer #1: “You must really be tired!” *finishes paying*

Me: “Yes, ma’am, long day! Would you like your receipt?”

Customer #1: *chuckles* “Yes, please!”

Me: “All right, here you are. Have a good day!”

Customer #1: “Yes, hello!”

(Pause, before Customer #2 laughs.)

Customer #2: “Guess we’re all exhausted, aren’t we?”


Wasn’t Born In The Pumpkin Patch

| MA, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Employees, Food & Drink

(It’s fall, time for pumpkin and pumpkin spice everything. I run to the store to get canned pumpkin, and I’m having trouble finding it. I look in three aisles I think it might be in, as well as at the ends of some aisles in case it’s in a special pumpkin display. No luck, so I’m getting frustrated. This store always has excellent customer service, so an employee stops to help.)

Employee: “Can I help you find something?”

Me: *speaking very fast, I’m so frazzled by now* “Yes, please! I’m looking for canned pumpkin. I’ve looked with baking, canned vegetables, and canned fruit, but I can’t find it.”

Employee: “What is it you’re looking for?”

Me: *speaking at a normal pace* “Canned pumpkin.”

Employee: “Can… what?”

Me: “Pumpkin.”

Employee: “Can you spell that?” *he pulls out what looks like his phone, or a hand-held computer, to try to look it up*

(I spell it, he types in “pumping.”)

Employee: “I don’t know…”

Me: “Like just a can of pumpkin. For pumpkin pie.”

Employee: “I don’t know what that is.”

(All of a sudden, I see it up the top shelf.)

Me: “Oh! There it is! Thank god. Thanks for your help.”

(As I rush away, he goes over to look at this mystery item he’d never heard of. Not sure how he’s gotten through life never hearing about pumpkin, in this pumpkin/pumpkin-spiced obsessed society! I appreciate his efforts to try to help me!)


Doesn’t Know Their Bread And Butter

| Halifax, NS, Canada | Employees, Food & Drink, Ignoring & Inattentive

(I stop by a popular made-to-order sandwich shop one evening after classes. Given this store’s proximity to campus, it receives a lot of business and they’re usually out of most types of bread. Because of this, I know to ask before ordering what they have available.)

Worker: “Hi, what can I get for you?”

Me: “First, could you tell me what types of bread you still have?”

(She sighs and looks at her coworker.)

Worker: “Why does everyone keep asking us that!?”

(Considering, on this occasion, I could count the number of loaves they still had on one hand, it seemed everyone knew it was a valid question.)


Very Taxing Taxiing, Part 2

| Sofia, Bulgaria | Bad Behavior, Employees, Transportation

(My friend and I have been living in the city for a few short weeks and right now we’re in an area that we absolutely don’t know, looking for a particular store. Note that this happened before everyone got Google Maps on their phones. We take a bus which doesn’t drop us off where we expect, and then we get lost.)

My Friend: “Which is this street?”

Me: “[Street], according to that sign, but why do you need it? You’re as lost here as I am.”

My Friend: “I’ll be calling a cab.”

Me: “Are you mad? We can’t afford a cab.”

My Friend: “I can pay for it, and I’m really sick of walking around. We’ll get a cab to the store and then we’ll figure our way back from there.”

(I agree, so she calls a cab. This particular service takes your number, your location, and your destination, and then the driver calls in a few minutes to tell you when he/she will be there. So we wait about 20 minutes and are a bit frustrated when someone finally calls us.)

Caller: “Hello, I hear you want to go to [Address]?”

My Friend: “That’s right.”

Caller: “Where are you now exactly?”

My Friend: “Uuuh, it’s [Street], right next to a kindergarten…”

Caller: “What? I’m not wasting any fuel on you; you can walk to your destination in about 15 minutes!” *hangs up*

(To say we were dumbfounded would be an understatement. We did find the store on our own. It was a whole hour’s walk. And they say cab drivers know the city perfectly…)

Very Taxing Taxiing