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Maybe The Operator Was Young

| Milwaukee, WI, USA | Employees, Ignoring & Inattentive

(My father and I are driving home one night when he sees a driver driving erratically down the road. He is concerned that there is an accident risk, so he calls 911 using the car’s phone linkup. Note for the record that my father used to be a cops reporter and is very familiar with emergency services.)

Operator: “911, what is your emergency?”

Father: “I’m driving down [Street] and there’s another car swerving on and off the road and between lanes. I think the driver might be drunk. It’s a black [Brand] SUV, license plate [Numbers] WVY; William Victor Young.”

Operator: “You know this person? How long have you known Mr. Young?”

Father: “Really?”

(To our knowledge, they never did catch that driver!)


More Taxing Than It Should Be

| Iowa City, IA, USA | Bad Behavior, Employees, Transportation

(I call a local taxi service on a Sunday when buses aren’t running. A man answers.)

Man: “Do you need a taxi?”

Me: “Yes, I do—”

Man: “Too bad!” *hangs up*


A Spark Of Stupidity

| Northern Ireland, UK | Employees, Ignoring & Inattentive

(I live in a ground floor flat. The flat above mine has the same landlord I do. I walk into my hall to see an absolute torrent of water cascading out of my bathroom ceiling. I panic, hit the main fuse switch and turn all the electrics off, then run upstairs and hammer on the door of the flat above mine to get them out of the shower. Some hours later, the fire brigade have been out and told my landlord that I need an electrician out to sort out the bathroom fixtures… and my landlord has sent out a plumber.)

Plumber: “It turns out your neighbour has a leakage problem in the shower stall. We’ll come out at some point to fix that, but we can’t do it today. We’re on overtime.”

Me: “Sure, whatever. Where’s the electrician?”

Plumber: “You don’t need an electrician.”

Me: “Uh, yeah, I do.”

Plumber: “Look, it wasn’t that much water. Everything’s fine. They won’t send an electrician out just because it’ll make you feel better.”

Me: “…”

(My bathroom had been left in water several inches deep by the time the torrent had stopped, and it had come through the ceiling in two specific places – the light fitting itself, and the pull switch. The whole argument went back and forward and back and forward for ages before I left my dad to argue with him, and switched the main fuse back on. I stand at the door next to the light pull.)

Me: “So, we don’t need an electrician, right?”

Plumber: “I told you already. Everything’s fine.”

Me: “Cool.”

(I pulled the switch to the light that he was standing underneath. It immediately started sparking before I turned it back off again. I didn’t have to say another word; he agreed to get an electrician then and there. When the electrician turned up, I told him what had happened. His words: “People can be really f****** stupid.”)


The Degree Of The Problem Is Fluid

| CA, USA | Employees, Transportation

(My sister and I have just invested in a used sedan, which includes a dealership warranty up to 100,000 miles. Rather than go back to the original dealership we bought the car from, we decide to hit up its sister dealership in our hometown. The appointment is fairly straightforward – oil change, tire rotation, and the like – and is reasonably priced. I head back home after dropping off the car and receive a phone call about a half hour later.)

Me: “Hello?”

Sales Associate: “Hello, [My Name]! Just calling you back about your car. It looks like the transmission fluid is dirty, so we’re thinking it would be best to flush it out and replace it.”

Me: “Okay… how much extra would that cost?”

Sales Associate: “It would add $500 to your original cost.”

(I’m floored, and since I’m fairly new to this whole car owning thing, I decide to double-check with my father. My father promptly calls the dealership back.)

Father: “So, let me get this straight: We just got this car about a month ago, and you’re already saying the transmission fluid is so dirty, it needs to be changed?”

Sales Associate: “It’s a little bit dirty, and we just figured…”

Father: “A little bit? Okay, I know that you rate the transmission fluid quality as green for good, yellow for okay, and red for bad. What color code would you use for this car?”

Sales Associate: “Sir, the fluid is dirty and – ”

Father: “What. Color. Would you use?”

Sales Associate: *deflated* “Yellow…”

Father: “Thank you. We’ll hold off on changing the fluid.”

(After that, we decided to take the car back to the original dealership, and lo and behold, the transmission fluid was in the green! Unfortunately, they started trying to rip my sister and me off as well, so I’ve gone to a small local car shop in my hometown ever since. I’ve had my car for four years now, and besides a few minor issues, it’s in great shape!)


Explaining It Until You’re Pink And Purple

| Ireland | Bad Behavior, Employees

(I ring up the florist to order a small posy of flowers for my grandmother’s grave for the first anniversary of her death. I asked for the posy to be exclusively pink. This is deliberate as my gran was known as ‘The Lady in Pink.’ I’m only eighteen and really emotional about the anniversary since I had been really close to my gran. I call into the florist after work that evening.)

Me: *walking up to the counter* “Hi! I ordered a posy earlier under the name [My Name] and I’m here to collect and pay for it.”

Florist #1: “Great, it’s just over here.” *fetches posy* “That will be €50, please.”

Me: *sees that posy is mainly purple and white with only two pink flowers present* “Oh! I’m sorry, this one can’t be mine. I ordered a pink posy?”

Florist #1: “Oh… Let me check with [Florist #2]. She dealt with the orders earlier…”

Me: “Yes, please!”

Florist #2: *approaching me with a scowl* “What’s the problem?”

Me: *recognizing her voice from the phone* “Hi, I called earlier and ordered a pink posy. I think I was talking to you about it and—”

Florist #2: “Yeah? There it is. What’s wrong with that one?” *pointing to purple posy*

Me: “I don’t think so… I asked for pink and white flowers only. I hate to be a bother, but it’s important that the posy is pink. Is there any way of taking the purple flowers out and replacing them with pink?”

Florist #2: “For f**** sake! There’s nothing wrong with that one! I can’t bloody well take anything out! I’d have to make a whole new one for you!”

Me: “Well, I can come back later to collect it if that’s the case? I need it to be pink.”

Florist #2: “That’s not happening! Who are you to be complaining to me? I never get complaints! I’ve had a terrible day and here you are giving me a hard time!”

Me: *apologetically* “I’m sorry, but it’s really important to me… It’s for my gran’s—”

Florist #2: “Your granny will live if she gets some f****** purple flowers!! Get her pink the next time!”

Me: *finally raising my voice* “It’s for my grandmother’s GRAVE!”

Florist #2: *rolls eyes* “Then she won’t know they’re purple, will she?”

(At that point I was in tears from being shouted at and from the florist’s insensitivity so I fled from the shop. I was so upset afterwards that I had to call my mother to collect me and drive my car home for me. I couldn’t bring myself to buy flowers for her grave this year after that drama so I opted to buy a teddy bear for her instead.)