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Let Me Bug You For Five Seconds

| WI, USA | Employees, Technology

(We have recently discovered bedbugs in our apartment. After calling the management company for our apartment complex, we are told that someone will be out to inspect it, and that we should look for signs posted in the hallway telling us when this will happen. After a few days we have not seen any signs, and are concerned because we know that the infestation will only get worse if it is not acted upon quickly. My partner tries to call them again to get an update on the situation, but there is no answer.)

Partner: *leaving a message* “Hello, I’m calling from [Address] at [Apartment Complex]—”

Machine: “BEEP!”

Partner: *staring at the phone in confusion* “It… only gave me five seconds to leave a message…”

Brother: “Try again, and this time just scream “BEDBUGS! CALL ME BACK!””


Janeway Wouldn’t Stand For It

| Allentown, PA, USA | Employees, Food & Drink, Ignoring & Inattentive

(I am the customer in the story, pulling up to the drive-thru in a popular fast food place.)

Employee: “Welcome to [Fast Food Place]. May I take your order, please?”

Me: “I would like a large black coffee, please. That will be all.”

Employee: “How many cream and sugar? Would you like it in or on the side?”

(Thinking it was just habit on her side.)

Me: “Just black, please. Large.”

Employee: “So…. How many?”

Me: “None. Zero. Nada. Nein.”

Employee: “None at all?”

Me: “No!”

Employee: “And what size?”

Me: *now starting to think I am being pranked* “Large. Coffee. Black. Meaning no cream or sugar. That’s it.”

Employee: “Anything else for you today?”

Me: “No! That’s all!”

(I pull around and pay at the first window without incident. However when I pull to the second window the young girl is leaning “my” order out the window while turned talking to someone inside. I begin to try to get her attention.)

Me: “Excuse me! Ma’am!”

Employee: “Here, take your order!”

Me: “That is not my order.”

Employee: *sighs* “How can you even tell? You haven’t looked in the bag.”

Me: “Because all I ordered was a large black coffee and you are trying to hand me $20 worth of food. Although I appreciate free food, I already ate and all I want is some coffee. PLEASE.”

(Employee took it back and handed me a small coffee and a bag. I give up and drive off. I look in the bag thinking maybe they gave me a free sandwich or something. It was filled with creamers and sugars.)


An Un-Fee-sible Request

| AB, Canada | Employees, Ignoring & Inattentive

(I work at a radio station, and we’re broadcasting live from the local trade show. I’ve been given a media pass by the organizers to allow me access. I show up at the main entrance, but the clerk stops me.)

Clerk: “$5, please.”

Me: “What for?”

Clerk: “That’s the admission fee.”

Me: “Oh, sorry. I forgot to show you this.” *I show him my media pass*

Clerk: “Doesn’t matter. $5. Everybody pays.”

Me: “I don’t need to pay. I’m with the radio station. We’re broadcasting live from the show today. This has all been set up with the organizers. They gave me this—” *I again show my media pass* “—so I don’t have to pay.”

Clerk: “We’ll see about that.”

(He gets on his radio and calls one of the organizers to the front. The organizer comes around the corner, sees me at the gate, and waves me in. I go to head in, but the clerk stops me and heads off to talk to the organizer. They begin to have a very heated discussion. Finally, the clerk comes back.)

Clerk: “FINE. You don’t have to pay.”

Me: “Thank you.”

Clerk: *with a smug grin* “BUT you’ve been disqualified for the door prizes!”

Me: “Fine by me.”

(Later that day, I’m interviewing the organizer live on the air. Before we go live, we have this discussion.)

Me: “I’m guessing you didn’t tell that clerk that, because the station donated the door prizes, I’m already disqualified.”

Organizer: “That is correct.”