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Check The Check: It’s In The Name!

| IL, USA | Employees, Ignoring & Inattentive, Money

(I work for a competing bank, yet leave my accounts at my old credit union for convenience. I do everything online or at the ATM and have visited a branch maybe once or twice. I have just received a fairly large check (over $10k) from my insurance company for my totaled car, and figure that depositing it in person would be the best option. I visit a branch I’ve never been to and walk up to the teller.)

Me: “Hi! I just need to deposit this today. If you need to put a hold on it, that’s totally fine, too. I don’t need it right away.”

Teller: “Oh, no, we won’t need to do that! I’ll just put that in your account right now.”

Me: “Do you need my ID? That’s a large check.”

Teller: “Not at all! I know you.”

Me: “No, you don’t.”

Teller: “Well, of course I do!”

Me: “I’ve never been to this branch. I do everything online.”

Teller: “It’s okay. I see you work for [Competitor]. You’re fine!”

Me: “Please, just check my ID…”

(The first thing I did when I got home was to log on to my online banking to make sure the check actually went into my account. Thankfully, it did!)


‘They’ Have Baggage

| Stirling, Scotland, UK | Criminal/Illegal, Employees, Non-Dialogue

I am in a small souvenir shop with my wife, browsing and looking for something to bring back home. We are the only customers, and I notice the shopkeeper – an older lady – very clearly keeping an eye on us at all times. I find this a bit odd, since there is nothing out of the ordinary about our appearance or behaviour, but I don’t think too much of it.

In the end we choose to only buy a small packet of biscuits, which we intend to eat right away.

I go to pay, and as I am getting my change and the receipt, I reach for the biscuits which I have placed on the counter. The shopkeeper snatches them and says “Oh, no, I need to put them in a bag! Otherwise they will think you stole them!”

Perplexed, I let her put them in a bag. I take my bag, thank her, and leave the store. Once outside, we sit on a bench, take the biscuits out of the bag, and eat them.

Whoever ‘they’ were, they never appeared to question our right of ownership to the biscuits. Had they done so, I would have been lucky to have the bag – not to mention the receipt…


A Tray Slay

| UK | At The Checkout, Crazy Requests, Employees

Me: “Just this, thanks.”

Cashier: “No tray, no service.”

Me: “But I only want this…”

Cashier: “No tray, no service.”

Me: “I heard you the first time, but—”


Me: “FINE!”

(I grab a tray and slam a single apple onto it.)


Cashier: *red faced* “50p, please.”

(Hands over 50p coin and puts tray back.)

Me: “Thank you.”


The Waitress Dropped You Like A Hot Potato

| Santa Fe, NM, USA | Employees, Food & Drink, Ignoring & Inattentive

(My brother arrives home after his high-school baseball game quite hungry, so my mother and I decide to take him out eat despite us having just ate. We agree to share a small desert while my brother eats a meal. Note: this is about eight at night.)

Waitress: “Are you ready to order?”

Mother: “Yes, I’ll have an order of the appetizer potato wedges and also a coffee, if you guys are still serving some.”

Waitress: “I’m not so sure but I’ll check on that to see if we still have some.”

Mother: “Okay, thank you.”

(The waitress takes my dessert order then continues onto my brother’s while I talk to my mother. During this whole time, the waitress has a very melancholy attitude but, hey, we all do sometimes; it’s not that big of a deal.)

Me: “You’re ordering more food? Aren’t you stuffed? I know I am!”

Mother: “Haha, no. I’m still a little hungry.”

(About five minutes later our server drops off waters for all of us and briskly informs that there is no coffee, doesn’t even ask my mother if she would like something else instead, and walks away quickly. Finally, after another 15 minutes goes by, my dessert arrives along with my brother’s meal and nothing else. Also, my mother has already drank her glass of water and is on to drinking mine and not once has the waitress stopped to ask if we needed refills.)

Mother: *as the waitress is already walking away* “Excuse me… I ordered an appetizer I have yet to receive that.”

Waitress: “No, you didn’t.”

Mother: “Yes… I did.”

Waitress: “No.”

Me: “Yes, she did. We even had an explicit discussion about it.”

Mother: “Whatever. Can you just place an order of the potato wedges for me?”

Waitress: *doesn’t even say anything and walks away*

(My mother finally received her simple appetizer. The waitress did not acknowledge us at all until my mother had to flag her down for the bill to which the waitress just threw it on the table and again when she gave us back our change. Now my mother has worked in the restaurant industry for well over 20 years and is the type of person to always leave more than 20% tip because she knows what it’s like to be waitress, but on this occasion she refused to leave anything for this waitress saying it is the worst service she has ever received from a waitress. When we wanted to go, our waitress was nowhere to be found so she flagged down another waitress for some to-go boxes. The other waitress quickly fetched the boxes for us and my mother gave her a tip relaying the horrible service to her and stating that her fetching the boxes was best service we received all night.)


Your Tip Is Toast

| Bonn, Germany | Bad Behavior, Employees, Food & Drink

(This happened to my parents in the 80s. They are at a table in the half-empty dining room, waiting to be served breakfast. The waitress comes and puts their plates down with two slices of toast for each of them and some spreads. When my parents try to order more toast this happens.)

Mom: “Hello, could we have some more toast, please?”

Waitress: *curt* “No.”

Mom: “We are willing to pay if that costs extra.”

Waitress: “You shouldn’t eat so much toast. It makes you constipated.”

(My parents left and bought some pastries at a nearby bakery.)