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A Miscarriage Of Service

| Johannesburg, South Africa | Employees, Health & Body, Time

(I fall pregnant in my early 30s. My husband and I are quite excited because it’s our first child. However, about halfway through the pregnancy, they pick up major issues and we have to make the difficult decision to terminate the pregnancy. My OBGYN only schedules surgeries every Friday, so I am booked in for my surgery on the same day he will be doing births as well. I arrive at the hospital on the day at six am, which is the time I was told to be there. My mum is with me and my husband is going to meet us there. After being shown to my room, I get a visit from the anaesthetist, who is extremely sympathetic and understanding of how difficult the whole situation is for me. Then I speak to the nurses.)

Nurse: “Because you were scheduled so late, your surgery will be the last one of the day, at four pm.”

(I can barely hold back the tears.)

Anaesthetist: “I’ll speak to the doctor and see what we can do.”

(The following conversation happens in my room once the doctor comes in:)

Anaesthetist: “Doctor, they’ve said that Mrs [My Name] is only scheduled for this afternoon?”

Doctor: “Yes, her surgery was scheduled after all the other mums to be, so it’s only fair.”

(None of us in the room could believe what we we’re hearing him say.)

Anaesthetist: “Well, Doctor, I think under these special circumstances, I’m sure you can change the schedule around a bit. Considering what Mrs. [My Name] is here to do, I don’t think it’s right to keep her here for the entire day before she can get it done.”

Doctor: “Oh, well… I don’t know. Let me first go and check on all my mums to be and see how they’re doing first and then I’ll decide.”

Anaesthetist: “I’ve already checked on all of them and they’re all doing just fine. Please, look at her, she’s already upset as it is, understandably. It’s not right to prolong this any more for this poor woman. Please just change the scheduling.”

(Through my tears, I can see the doctor stammering, unable to think of any more excuses.)

Doctor: “Fine! Nurse, get this patient ready for surgery, then!”

(The surgery went fine in the end. I was scheduled for a follow up visit to the same doctor about six weeks after, but I never went. I refused to see somebody who was so absolutely heartless and cruel. I still have no idea what I ever did to this doctor, but I hope no other expectant mum ever goes through what I did with him.)


Sub-Standard Sub-Service, Part 5

| OH, USA | Employees, Food & Drink, Ignoring & Inattentive

(My coworker and I order lunch from a local diner in the small village where we work. We pick up our food and return to the office to eat.)

Coworker: “What did you order for me?”

Me: “A veggie wrap with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, and black olives. Why? What did you get?”

Coworker: “A wrap with cheese, onions, and black olives. That’s it; there’s nothing else in here.”

(As we try to figure out what went wrong with my coworker’s order, I open my dinner.)

Me: “Guess what?! They made mine wrong as well. I ordered shredded roast beef, and this is pork!”

(We called the diner, thinking that maybe we had accidentally been given someone else’s food.)

Diner Owner: “Well, we were really busy and ran out of a few things, so we just kind of threw together a wrap and substituted pork. It’s fine. We even gave you extras!”

Me: “Actually, we have less food. I just realized you forgot my green beans too.”

(I’m sticking to packing my own lunch from now on.)

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Not As Wise As An Owl

| USA | Employees, Pets & Animals, School

(I am getting a book about owls in my local library for a project I am doing. I go to check it out.)

Library Clerk: “Why do you want this?”

Me: “I wanted to learn some more about owls for a project I have at [Local School].”

Library Clerk: “What else do you need to know? They fly and hunt and stuff. There is no need to make it complicated.”

Me: *face-palm*