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Fill In The Blanks

| England, UK | Employees, Health & Body, Ignoring & Inattentive

(My friend isn’t feeling well, so my boyfriend and I pay for a taxi and take them to A&E. When we get there my friend runs to the bathroom and I go to the counter to check them in. There are two people, a man in a suit typing away and a woman in a nursing uniform who looks less busy than the man. I decide to try going to the less busy person first.)

Me: *stands in front of the nurse, who stares blankly at her screen for a few minutes*

Me: “Excuse me?”

Nurse: *blankly stares at me*

Me: “I need to check my friend in?”

Nurse: *blank stare*

Me: “They’re unwell?”

Nurse: *blank stare*

Me: “They need to see a doctor?”

Nurse: “Oh. Right. This man will help you.” *motions to male typing on his computer*

Man: *blank stare*

(I’m really glad that wasn’t the place where people go for emergency treatment or anything.)


Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, Who Is Skinniest Of Them All?

| NY, USA | Employees

(I’m in the dressing room of a small mom-and-pop clothing boutique. This particular store doesn’t have mirrors in the stalls but instead has several mirrors around the common part of the dressing room area. I just tried on a dress and am looking in the mirror. I’m overweight, which makes it hard for me to find outfits I look good in, and this one seems to fit the bill. All of a sudden:)

Attendant: “Excuse me?”

Me: “Yes?”

Attendant: “Just wanted to mention… we have a lot of mirrors, and, um, we call this one our skinny mirror, um, because it makes you look skinnier than, um, you are, and, like, we just try to tell customers, so, um, they can look in other… mirrors…”

(I am really upset; it feels like a comment on my weight. I turn to her, about to say something about it, when I see that she’s bright red and stammering.)

Attendant: “I’m so sorry! We have to tell that to customers! The dress looks beautiful on you! I’ve only been here for a week and I haven’t figured out a nice way to say it yet!”

(I had to feel bad, so I just told her it was fine. I looked in another mirror… I ended up not keeping the dress.)


Very Bad Reception, Part 16

| VA, USA | Employees, Ignoring & Inattentive, Time

Receptionist: “Hi, this is [Receptionist] from Dr. [Doctor]’s office and he wants to see you, if that’s all right.”

Me: “Yeah, sure, but it has to be this week or after January fifth. I’m leaving Saturday.”

Receptionist: “Okay, no problem. Let me call you back.”

(A few minutes pass and she calls back as promised, presumably having spoken with the psychiatrist.)

Receptionist: “Hi, it’s [Receptionist] from Dr. [Doctor]’s office again. How’s Saturday at 12:30 or Sunday at 10?”

Me: “No, sorry… I’m leaving Saturday.”

Receptionist: “Oh, well, maybe you can come in before you go? Is 12:30 okay?”

Me: “No. See, it’s an international flight, so I’m thinking I’ll be in the airport all day.”

Receptionist: “Oh, so, it really has to be this week or after January 5th?”

Me: “Yeah. Yeah, it does.”

Receptionist: “Okay, let me call you back again.”

(She hasn’t called back yet. That was yesterday. Looks like it’ll be after I get back.)


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Wandering Is Part Of The Therapy

| London, England, UK | Employees, Lazy/Unhelpful

(I have been having physio for my knees for about 3 months. My usual appointments are at the hospital but my final one is in the same building as my doctor’s surgery. They have various medical services available over 3 floors, but I have only ever been there to see my GP. Please note, I am an adult and obviously so. I enter building and stop at main reception desk.)

Me: “Hi, could you point me in the direction of physio please?”

Receptionist: “For adults or children?”

Me: *thinks: surely that’s obvious* “Er, adults.”

Receptionist: “Do you have a letter?”

Me: “No, I…” *gets interrupted*

Receptionist: “Well, it’s either the first or second floor, then.”

Me: “…”

Receptionist: “…”

Me: “I’ll just wander aimlessly ’til I find it, then?!”

(Thankfully the people on second floor were helpful.)


An Alco-Hole In Your Reasoning

| NC, USA | Employees, Family & Kids, Food & Drink

(My mom and I are the weird customers in this story. My mom and her partner just bought a house together, and we go to a store that specializes in wines and beers to pick out some refreshments for the house-warming party. Of note: we’ve always had a weird vocabulary, my mom almost never drinks, and I’m 16 when this takes place.)

Mom: “Hmm…” *trying to figure out what beer to get*

Employee: “How can I help you ladies today?”

Mom: “Well, we’re having a little get-together, and I’m just now realizing I have no idea what I’m doing.”

Employee: *turning to me* “And, may I ask, how old are you?”

Mom: “My daughter’s sixteen, but she’s with me.”

Me: “I’m just here in a pack-mule capacity.”

Mom: “I’ve never been big on alcohol, and I suspect she takes after her mother in that regard, but I know most of the people who are coming to our house-warming party would want a beer or a glass of wine. Can you help us?”

(The employee helped pick out some general crowd-pleasers, but kept eyeing me like she expected me to pop the lid off a bottle and start chugging it down. My step-mom ended up declaring one of the picks to be her new favorite wine!)