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Redirecting Telemarketers To God

| TX, USA | Employees, Family & Kids

(My grandma gets calls and letters from telemarketers. She is getting very tired of this.)

Grandma: “Hello? Who is this?”

Caller: “This is [Company]. May I speak with [Grandpa]?”

Grandma: “This is his wife; what do you want?”

Caller: “I need to speak with [Grandpa].”

Grandma: “Well call 1-800-Heaven. He died last year!”

Has Gender Baggage

| Sterling, VA, USA | At The Checkout, Employees

(My boyfriend and I have three dogs in the house so we always buy large bulk bags of dog food. I grab the 32-lb bag for our two dogs, and he grabs the 28-lb bag for his mother’s dog. We also grab a dog toy that looks like a teddy bear.)

Me: *places the bag on the belt for checkout* “Hello.”

Cashier: “Hello.” *immediately looks to Boyfriend after ringing everything up* “That will be $58.95; do you have a rewards card?”

Me: “I have one under my phone number.” *types it in*

Cashier: *still looking only at my boyfriend* “That will be $55.95. Cash or credit?”

Boyfriend: “Credit.” *swipes card*

(I reach to take the bag of dog food I brought up but the cashier immediately grabs both bags and stacks them on one another. He then thrusts the bag with only the little toy bear at me.)

Me: “I can take a bag of—”

Cashier: *grabs both bags of dog food and immediately puts them in my startled and off-balanced boyfriend’s arms* “Have a nice day.”

(We were both too stunned at first to say anything but as we left the store I turned to my boyfriend.)

Me: “He did see me carry the bigger bag up to the register, right?”

Boyfriend: “I have no clue what his problem was, but these bags are f****** heavy!”

(Luckily we weren’t parked too far away!)

Doesn’t Take A Surgeon To See This Scam

| Goodlettsville, TN, USA | Bad Behavior, Employees, Health & Body, Liars/Scammers

(After several weeks of severe pain I was recently diagnosed with gallstones following a CT scan. I get a call from my doctor later in the day and she says what amounts to “Gallstones can only be operated out”. I’m resigned to have surgery because the pain gets really intense, but when I share her information with a friend who’s into medical stuff she tells me that doesn’t sound right. I do some more research and find there are multiple, non-intrusive ways to get rid of them. I go back to talk with her about it.)

Doctor: “Okay, so, gallstones, you said you want to have them taken out. You know that’s [really expensive surgery that includes the complete removal of my gallbladder], right?”

Me: “Actually, I was doing some research and does lithotripsy or Oral Bile Acids sound familiar?”

(She just blinks at me twice.)

Doctor: “Er, where did you hear those?”

Me: “A friend told me that she knew for a fact there were non-surgical treatments for gallstones… Why did you tell me surgery was the only option?”

(To my horror, she proceeded to sputter and stare like a deer in the headlights before excusing herself. A nurse came in a few minutes later to tell me that she had just LEFT THE CLINIC and sped off in her car to avoid answering my question. By the way, the answer? Her normal clientele were from some nearby projects, ie. people unable or unlikely to pay another doctor for a second opinion or do their own research. She had been telling people for years that surgery was the only solution to X problem to get money out of them. Unsurprisingly, she was sued twelve ways to Sunday for malpractice once one of the nurses blew the whistle.)

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Stop

| New Haven, CT, USA | Employees, Ignoring & Inattentive

(I’m going through a very rough patch in life at the moment. My long-term boyfriend has kicked me out; I have the option of being homeless or sleeping on the cement floor of my parent’s basement; despite my great job, my student loans are over half my income. Basically, nothing is going right. I’m at the car dealership getting an oil change.)

Technician: “So, you’re in for services today?”

(He proceeds to list off services I most definitely did not schedule for, many of which are not necessary.)

Me: “No. Just the oil change.”

Technician: “Really? You should take better care of your vehicle!”

(I’ve owned the car for 150,000 miles and have been told by the service station at my former residence that the car engine is in near perfect condition.)

Me: “Sorry, I can only afford to get the oil change right now.”

Technician: “It’s free, though.”

Me: “Really? Why would it be free?”

(At this point, I’m starting to feel hopeful — something good finally happening.)

Technician: “Yeah, we offer lifetime service on all our vehicles.”

Me: “Oh… but I didn’t buy the vehicle from you.”

Technician: “Well, you should have thought of that before.”

Me: “Anyway. Just the oil change for today; it’s all I can afford.”

Technician: “Yeah, well, taking care of this stuff will save you money down the road.”

Me: “Once again, I can literally only afford the oil change right now.”

(In truth, I can’t really afford that much. I’m adding it to a credit card that’s getting dangerously close to maxed out.)

Technician: “You should really spend money on the important things first, like car maintenance.”

Me: “My money goes towards food, then bills, then car maintenance. I’ve already cancelled all my doctor’s appointments for the next few months. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to get my car serviced.”

Technician: “I’m only trying to help you out here! Giving you some advice!”

Me: “I get that. But I have explained to you that I cannot afford your advice and would like to get out of here, sooner, rather than later.”

Technician: “If you just service—”

Me: “If you try to push services I cannot afford one more time, I am going to scream.”

Technician: *rolls his eyes at another nearby technician* “Wow… try to help a lady and look at what you get!”

Test-Driving Customers Away

| USA | Bigotry, Employees, Transportation

(I am a 22-year-old female from a family full of baby faces; we all look a bit younger than we really are. I am meeting a man to look at the used car he is selling, and I have brought my dad because I know very little about engines compared to him.)

Me: “May I take it for a test drive?”

Guy: “Uh, honey, do you have your license yet?”

Me: “Yes. I have been driving for six years.”

Guy: “Oh.”

(We go on the test drive. While I drive, the guy and my father have a conversation about cars that they like. We get back, and the guy continues to ignore me.)

Guy: *to my dad* “So, what are you looking to spend on her car?”

Dad: “Oh, no, this is all her money. I’m just along for the ride.”

Guy: *to me* “Sweetheart, is my car in your price range?”

(We left after that. His car was actually the cheapest one I looked at!)