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Looks Like This Is Your Cat Calling

| TX, USA | Employees, Health & Body, Pets & Animals

(We’d just adopted two adult cats from our local shelter and took them into the closest vet’s office for a general checkup. The vet first looked at our quiet, black cat and quickly announced she was extremely sick. What we’d taken as quietness was actually her masking her illness. Ten minutes later he’s run a bunch of tests and determined that, with a course of strong antibiotics and rest and food, she’ll be fine (and she is!) but had she been in the shelter even a day longer, she probably would have died. After that panic he turned to our other cat, a huge 18lb sweetheart. He poked around for a while and then pressed and held his finger right at the cat’s stomach.)

Vet: “That’s weird.”

Me: *every worried thought running through my head*

Vet: “No, that’s really odd. I don’t know…”

Me: “He’s sick, too, isn’t he?”

Vet: “Sick? Oh, no, not at all. It’s just that most cats won’t let you prod them like that.”

(He’s still the chillest cat I’ve ever known. The other cat, the one we got because she was so quiet, turned out to be part Siamese and tells us so at one in the morning. At least she’s healthy now!)


Wait Until You Hear What He Has To Say!

| Finland | Crazy Requests, Employees

(I’m walking through a small-ish mall to get to my bus, as I’m going to work. A mall vendor tries to stop me.)

Vendor: *begins his spiel*

Me: “Sorry, I’ve got to catch the bus to work!”

Vendor: “Work can wait!”

(All I could think of was if he was willing to tell my boss, our team of 7, and the client that his pre-ordered move was going to be late because he wanted to sell me a new Internet plan… or if he was willing to pay me the financial damages of losing my job, which could very well have happened.)


Has Some Baggage About The Bagger

| Washington, DC, USA | At The Checkout, Bad Behavior, Bigotry, Employees

(I’m shopping at my local grocery store. The register I get in line at has a bagger, and everything is moving okay. However, the bagger is not super-fast, and, from the looks of it, has Down Syndrome. He’s doing a great job of carefully packing up everyone’s shopping, and no one is complaining, but the cashier seems to be going out of her way to make his job hard… scanning things in such an order that he has to wait for heavier items to put on the bottom of the bag, doing no bagging herself (and if she finishes scanning before he finishes bagging, just standing there and staring at him), and tossing handheld shopping baskets, which most people use at this store, into the middle of the bagging area so that he has to work around them. I arrange my shopping so that she will scan the heavier items first and bagging will be easier. She reaches for the lightest items at the back of the order.)

Me: “I arranged my items to be bagged easier. Why don’t you scan from closest to you?”

Cashier: “I know how to scan items.”

Me: “Apparently you don’t. I’ve watched you scan three people’s items in the exact opposite order they should be bagged.”

Cashier: “Whatever…” *condescendingly* “Is this better?” *scans my items in proper order*

Me: *in the snottiest tone I can muster* “Yes, it is.”

(I stand there silently while she rings up my order, finishing before the bagger finishes. She shoves my cart at him, hitting him in the heel.)

Me: “That wasn’t necessary.”

Cashier: “It was an accident.”

Me: “No, it wasn’t. I need to see your manager.”

Cashier: “Just pay and go. He’ll be done by the time your payment processes, I think.” *said in the snottiest of tones*

Me: “Nope. Manager, now.”

Cashier: “Fine.” *into intercom* “Manager requested at register three.”

Manager: “Is there something I can help you with today?”

Me: “Your cashier here seems to have a problem with her bagger, and seems to be going out of her way to make his job harder.”

Cashier: “No, I didn’t! You’re just making trouble and holding up the line!”

Me: “I’d suggest you go review her register camera video and see just what she’s doing. I arranged my items to be scanned heaviest to lightest to make bagging easier, and she tried to scan them in the opposite order, like she did every customer in front of me. She’s also put the baskets in the middle of the bagging area in his way, and offered no help on larger orders, even though she could have bagged alongside him after scanning and processing payment to expedite the remainder of the bagging. Your bagger is doing a great job of handling customer’s items carefully and bagging them in proper order… She’s actively making his job harder.”

Cashier: “No, I didn’t! It isn’t my fault he’s slower than s***!”

Manager: “[Cashier]! Go to the office now. Ma’am, thank you for speaking up. We will review the tapes. We value all of our employees, and this is unacceptable.”

Me: “One more thing.”

Manager: “Anything. Shoot.”

Me: “Tell him he’s doing a good job.”

(Manager looks over and sees Bagger looking at him, worried.)

Manager: “[Bagger], you’re doing a good job! Keep it up! I’m going to work with you here for a minute, okay?”

Bagger: “Okay, boss!”

Me: *to Bagger* “Thank you for packing my groceries so carefully.”

Bagger: “That’s my job!”

(No one who works hard deserves to be treated like that. I’m hoping the complaint has some impact on how they train and review their staff.)


Flower Power

| Chicago, IL, USA | At The Checkout, Employees, Family & Kids

(I am at home in bed, having had a rough week that included my grandmother passing away, as well as her wake and funeral. To make things easier on me, my boyfriend wakes up early to do our grocery shopping. He grabs a bouquet of my favorite flowers to cheer me up.)

Teenage Cashier: *laughing* “Uh oh! Looks like someone’s in trouble! What’d you do?”

Boyfriend: “No, it’s nothing like that.”

Teenage Cashier: “Aw, come on, man! It can’t be that bad!”

Boyfriend: “Actually, my girlfriend’s grandmother passed away. She had a hard weekend so I wanted to cheer her up.”

Teenage Cashier: *speechless* “I… Uh. I am so… Oh, my god.”

(The cashier turns around and calls a manager over.)

Teenage Cashier: *whispering to manager* “I need you to take these flowers off. We need to comp them.”

Manager: “But—”

Boyfriend: “It’s really okay…”

Teenage Cashier: “We just need to.”

(The manager takes the flowers off my boyfriend’s bill and leaves. The young cashier finishes the rest of the transaction solemnly.)

Teenage Cashier: “Really, I am SO sorry.”

Boyfriend: “Thank you, but no apology necessary. It’s really fine.”

(He told me all about it when he got home, and I got a good laugh about it. I think the worst part is, now the cashier will be too scared to ever tell that joke again!)


Snaking Along To Its Inevitable Conclusion

| TX, USA | Employees, Ignoring & Inattentive, Pets & Animals

(This story takes place in the 70s. My dad goes on road trips catching poisonous snakes for zoos, or for medical purposes (milking the venom for anti-venom, etc.). Seeing a trooper lighting up behind them, dad and his friend pull over. They’re in a desolate part of the country at night, prime snake hunting territory. The trooper and his partner swagger up to the truck, and Dad can see that he’s intending to be trouble.)

Trooper: “You boys are out late tonight. What are you doing way out in the middle of nowhere?”

Dad: “Catching poisonous snakes. I can show you my license if you—”

Trooper: “Right. Snakes. How about you open up the back of the truck and tell your little Mexican friends that the jig is up?”

Dad: “Mex–? Uh no, sir. I’m not transporting illegal—”

Trooper’s Partner: “Don’t argue with us, sir. Get out of the car and open the back.”

(Dad and the friend share a look, shrug and climb out. He opens the back to show several large buckets, each with a snake inside.)

Trooper: *peers around with his flashlight* “Looks like we caught ourselves some drug runners.”

Dad: “Sir, I can show you my license if you–”

Trooper: “Shut up and open that bucket. No sudden moves.”

(Dad and his friend share another look and shrug. He carefully picks up the indicated bucket, pops the top and tilts it so the trooper can look inside. A very grumpy looking, six-foot rattlesnake looks back and immediately starts to buzz its tail. The trooper leaps back about six feet and puts his hand on the butt of his gun. The partner dives headlong over the hood of his car.)


(Dad complies.)

Partner: “Do you have more snakes back there?!”

(Dad’s friend makes a fist and bangs on the side of the truck. The truck comes alive with the angry buzzing of rattlesnakes.)

Dad: *smiles sweetly* “As I was trying to tell you, I gather up poisonous snakes as part of my profession. I have rattlesnakes, several cottonmouths, and a copperhead or two. I have my license to prove that what I am doing is legal, but if you want, we can all take a ride back to your station and discuss this.”

(Both troopers seem to realize that taking a bunch of poisonous snakes back to headquarters would make for some very unhappy coworkers.)

Trooper’s Partner: “That won’t be necessary. You can go…”

(Dad said that from then on, he always had a big rattlesnake in the back of his truck. He had a few more encounters with the law, but never in the same place twice. He suspected that his license plate became a well-known “do not touch” in each county.)