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Animal Retraction

| OR, USA | Family & Kids, Pets & Animals

(I work as a cashier in a grocery store. I’m always in check stand #1 so I have a particularly good view of the entrances. It is common for people to bring animals into the store (usually dogs, but occasionally cats or even a rat!) even though the store includes food preparation areas, and therefore non-service animals are not allowed by law. When I see someone with an animal that doesn’t look like a service animal, I page my manager to let her handle the situation. I’m known among my coworkers for my accuracy and observation skills. Until this happens…)

Me: “I just saw a woman come in and it looks like she had some sort of animal in her jacket.”

Manager: “Uh oh.”

Me: “It was all wrapped up and had some sort of yellow hat covering its head. I couldn’t tell what it was. Maybe a cat?”

Manager: “Okay, I’ll go check it out. Thanks.”

(Several minutes pass and then my manager comes back smiling.)

Manager: “Was the woman with the animal that you saw with another woman?”


Manager: “That was a baby in her jacket.”

Me: *blinks* “Well, in my defense it looked brown and furry.”

Manager: *laughs* “Okay, well, I won’t tell her what you said about her baby.”


A Feeding Frenzy

| Bangor, ME, USA | Employees, Family & Kids, Health & Body

(This is about a month after I gave birth to my daughter 14 weeks early. My daughter was taken to another hospital for the NICU. I go up every weekend, sometimes during the week, and during this time I am healing from an infection in my C-section incision. This happens one day when I go up to visit her. I have taken her out of her incubator and am holding her. The nurse starts her feeding tube.)

Me: *holding my daughter for only 45 minutes and talking to my dad* “Her feed is nearly done.”

Dad: “Is that how long it takes, 45 minutes?”

Me: “Used to take only ten!”

Nurse #1: “Dear, her feed is up. You need to put her back.”

Me: “But… But I’ve held her for longer! She needs me!”

Nurse #1: “No, you need to put her back.”

Dad: “Can’t you let her hold her own child for a while!? We live two hours away from here! She can’t be up here constantly like some of the parents are!”

Nurse #1: “I don’t care; I’m the nurse on duty.”

(The nurse then removes my daughter from my arms, and lays her FLAT in her incubator. My dad quickly leaves to go get my mom.)

Me: *buttons up shirt and starts crying*

Nurse #1: “Oh, stop, it’s been a month.” *leaves*

Me: *crying and goes over to my daughters incubator to watch her*

Daughter: *suddenly vomits*

Me: “[Daughter]! Someone help! She’s vomiting!”

Nurse #2: “Move out of the way, dear!” *quickly gets in and starts cleaning up my daughter and making sure she isn’t choking*

(By now I am inconsolable and my mother has arrived. I’m in shock from seeing my tiny baby vomit so much.)

Mom: “Who laid her down flat?!”

Nurse #2: “I’m not sure…”

Nurse #1: “I did.”


Nurse #1: *speechless*

(I have to be pulled out so I won’t upset the other babies. After the nurses let me back in to hold my daughter’s hand before I leave, and to give her a kiss. I get home that night and they call.)

Supervisor: “Hi, may I speak with [My Name]?”

Me: “Speaking.”

Supervisor: “Hi, I’m sorry to bother you, but it seems [Nurse #1] has given [Daughter] another mother’s breast milk.”

Me: “WHAT?!”

Supervisor: “I’m terribly sorry, but we are going to need you to get blood work done next time you come up, and we will run tests on both the mother and your daughter. I also heard about what happened earlier. That nurse will NOT work on your daughter again while I am at this hospital.”

(Next time I went back, the head nurse gave me two gift cards and a card from the entire NICU, and expressed how sorry they were about the incidents. Thankfully neither the mother or I had anything and my daughter was all right, but I had never been more angry and sad in my life that someone could pay so little attention to a preemie!)


Not Sue-ted To Sue

| Canton, OH, USA | Family & Kids, Food & Drink, Health & Body

(My family likes to go a family restaurant. It has free popcorn in the front of the store. I accidentally burn my hand on the kettle.)

Me: “AUGH!”

Worker: “Oh, my goodness, are you okay?”

(They give me ice and quickly serve us. I’m in the middle of eating when I come to the conclusion that they were afraid I was going to sue them.)

Me: “Guys, I think they think we’re suing them.”

Dad: “We should probably take advantage of this.”

(We don’t and when I looked it up I found that I got second degree burns from it. Good food, though.)


Don’t Call Him Daddy

| Sacramento, CA, USA | Family & Kids

(In his office, my dad has a picture my sister and I took at a professional photography studio. I’m about fifteen in the photo and my sister is about seventeen. One day this happens to my dad when his coworker walks into his office to ask something.)

Coworker: *looking at the picture* “Hey, those your women?”

Dad: “Those are my daughters…”

(Later my dad tells me this story.)

Me: “I don’t know what’s worse; that he thought you were dating two teenagers while married or that he thought your two mistresses would go do a photoshoot together!”


Making A Movie Scene

| Scotland, UK | Bad Behavior, Family & Kids

(My stepfather has just died, eighteen months after a stroke. It has affected the whole family, especially my 11-year-old son. We go out to the cinema ten days after this happens, as an early Christmas treat. My son has been upset in the car.)

Employee: “What’s the problem?”

Son: “My granddad died. It’s so unfair!”

Employee: “Life’s unfair. Get used to it.”

Me: *angry* “How DARE you say that to a child?”

Employee: “He’s old enough not to cry in public. Besides, life isn’t a bowl of cherries. Time he stopped being a child.”

(My son is weeping by this point, not caring about making a scene. The manager comes up.)

Manager: “Is there a problem, sir?”

(I explain.)

Manager: “Well, was he in a nursing home?”

Me: “Yes, but I don’t see what that has—”

Manager: “Best that he died, really. Do you know how expensive it is keeping an old person alive in this economy? He won’t be a drain on resources.”

(Hands me my tickets.)

Me: “Are you so thick that you really think we’ll stay after what you both said? Give me my £12 back or I’m getting the police because I’m definitely not coming back.”

Manager: “No. You already paid. There’s nothing wrong with this cinema so there’s no need to refund you. See the movie or get out.”

(I only go in because my son has wanted to see this movie for a long time. He kept crying loudly throughout, so we were told 30 mins in that we had to leave because we were causing a scene. They refused to refund my money or the cinema card I purchased sometime prior. On top of all this, my son had to go there again two days before Christmas because his friend’s mother invited him for his friend’s birthday. We have not been back.)

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