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Coffee For The Monkeys

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(My daughter has an unusual name, and even when we write the pronunciation beside the spelling on forms or other documents, people still always mispronounce it. She is eight years old. We are at a coffee shop and each person in our family is getting a drink.)

Husband: “Flat white.”

Barista: “Name?”

Husband: “[Husband].”

Me: “They would each like a caramel frappuccino with whipped cream.”

Barista: *to my older daughter* “Your name?”

Older Daughter: “[Older Daughter].”

Barista: *to my younger daughter* “Your name?”

(I can see my daughter hesitating to say her name because it is never a simple process, even if you say it, then spell it immediately, people always comment on it.)

Me: *to her* “You can give any name you want. It doesn’t have to be YOUR name.”

Younger Daughter: *to barista* “Monkey Face!”

Barista: *laughing* “Okay, Monkey Face!” *to the drink-maker* “Here is a cup for Monkey Face.” *they both laugh and my daughter is happy*

Me: “And I’d like [my order], please.”

Barista: “You must be Mom?”

Me: “Yes. You can just put ‘Mom’ on mine.”

(When we picked up our drinks, I saw she had actually written “SuperMom!” on my cup. I “awww”ed and thanked her. Very sweet.)


One Less Thing On Your Plate

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(I am eating at a restaurant when a toddler at the table next to me drops a plate and breaks it. He begins to cry and apologize.)

Waiter: “Hey, that’s okay, kid! I do that all the time. See?”

(He proceeds to drop all of the plates he is carrying onto the floor and let them shatter. His manager runs out and begins yelling at him. He then begins to leave. On his way out he notices my shocked expression and stops by me.)

Waiter: “I was planning on quitting anyway. My boss is horrible. At least this way I go out with a bang and make a kid feel better!”


Very Hard (Drive) Music

| Jackson, MS, USA | Family & Kids, Technology

(I’ve recently started writing full-time for my dad’s company, and am busily plugging content into our new website.)

Dad: “Hey, looks like you’ve got the CMS all figured out.” *pause* “Are you hearing that noise?”

Me: “What noise?”

Dad: “It’s sort of quiet, coming from your computer…”

Me: “Oh! That’s just my music player!”

Dad: “Oh, thank goodness. I heard it buzzing and sort of clicking, I thought it was your hard drive failing.”

Me: “Nah… it’s the EDM station. It’s supposed to sound like that.”

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