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Very Re-Veal-ing

| OH, USA | Awesome Workers, Food & Drink, Pranks

(My sister and I have gone out for breakfast on a rare coinciding day off; it’s a very popular restaurant and we’re in high spirits at having gotten a table.)

Server: “Good morning! How are you doing?”

Me: “Oh, just fine. How about you?”

Server: “Well, they haven’t found the bodies yet, so everything is going according to plan!”

Sister: *laughing*  “Well, you can’t beat that.”

Server: “Just don’t order the veal…”


Makes A Bucket Of Difference

| NJ, USA | Food & Drink, Money

(There’s a local, non-chain chicken and ribs place that is fantastic. My husband and I go there at least once or twice a month. Since it’s just the two of us, we normally get a 4 or 8 piece bucket depending on what else we’re getting, but as we have a couple of friends over and want to “show off” we’re about to order the 16 piece, when I notice something odd on the menu and call up.)

Me: “Yeah, um, I was just looking over your online menu, and I think there’s a mistake; is the 16-piece bucket [price #1]?”

Chicken Place: “Yes, sir!”

Me: “Right. And the 12-piece is [price #2], and the four-piece is [price #3], right?”

Chicken Place: “Let me just check… Correct on both counts.”

Me: “Okay. So, you know I can order a 12-piece and a 4-piece for about a dollar less than a 16-piece, right?”

(He went quiet for a moment, spent a minute double-checking things, and then suddenly burst out laughing.)

Chicken Place: “I’m sorry about that! It looks like when they were setting up the pricing they goofed on that. I’ll make sure to pass it along to the manager!”

Me: “Great! Can I get a 12-piece and a 4-piece, and can you put that all in the same bucket?”

Chicken Place: *still laughing* “Of course, the total is [lower price].”

(Yes, the food was still delicious, and he was discussing the price issue with the manager when I got there to pick it up. Sadly it’s been over a year and the price was never adjusted, but at least I know how to order it!)


The Doctor Failed This Operation

| OR, USA | Food & Drink

(My husband and I go get something to eat and I order a Dr. Pepper. I take a sip and it’s some sort of god-awful cherry soda.)

Me: “This… is definitely not Dr. Pepper.”

Husband: “What is it?”

Me: “I honestly have no idea; some kind of cherry soda.”

(The waitress returns and I motion to the drink.)

Me: “I’m sorry, but I ordered a Dr. Pepper and I’m not really sure what that is, but it’s not Dr. Pepper.”

Waitress: “Oh, we don’t serve Dr. Pepper, so I asked my manager and she just said to mix something together to make something LIKE Dr. Pepper.”

(In all my life, I’ve never had a restaurant try and make one soda by mixing together other sodas.)

Me: “Um, okay. This isn’t like Dr. Pepper, thank you, but can I just have a lemonade, instead?”

(It was nice of her to try, I guess, but I would have just preferred she tell me that they don’t carry Dr. Pepper.)


Much A-Gluten About Nothing, Part 2

| OK, USA | Food & Drink

(I do all of my shopping at this store. While I’ve never worked here or even at a grocery in general, I know pretty much where everything it. Tonight I’m in the Asian food section, with a worker next to me looking bewildered at packet of instant rice noodles.)

Me: “Having trouble?”

Worker #1: “Oh! Eh, heh… yeah. I’m stocking, but I don’t know where this goes…”

(To be fair, the brand has most of its items in this aisle.)

Me: “Oh, well, I’m pretty sure those are actually in the gluten-free section, near the bread. It’s a little weird, since they’re an Asian food, but they are gluten free, too.”

Worker #1: “Really? You think?”

(At this point another worker walks by.)

Worker #1: “Hey, [Worker #2]! Where does this go?”

Worker #2: “It should go right there!”

(She comes over to look and is immediately confused by the absence of this product in this aisle.)

Worker #2: “Huh… but there’s a ton of stuff from this brand here.”

Me: “Like I said, I’m pretty sure it’s in with the gluten free stuff. But good luck!”

(At this point I move on in my shopping, but on my way out of the store, Worker #1 spots me again.)

Worker #1: “Hey! It was in the gluten free stuff! You were RIGHT!”


Much A-Gluten About Nothing


Not Going To Cry Over This Onion

| Canada | Bad Behavior, Food & Drink, Health & Body, Lazy/Unhelpful

(About twice a week, I go to a burger place during my lunch break. The burgers are expensive, but worth it because they have gorgeous, fresh, unusual ingredients. Instead of ordering those ingredients separately, you choose from burgers with pre-set combinations of toppings. I order one of my usuals.)

Me: “Hi, can I have [Burger], but with no onions, and with [substitute sauce] instead of the regular sauce? I know it has onions in it and I’m allergic.”

Clerk: “No problem!”

(I sit down to wait for my order, and the owner comes up to chat with me. After a bit of small talk, he seems to get to his point.)

Owner: “I notice you always order everything without onions. What exactly would happen to you if you ate them?”

Me: “Well, I get a lot of intestinal distress. Stomach pains, horrible nausea, things like that. So I guess it’s more of an intolerance, really. I just say ‘allergy’ because it’s easier to get my point across. Even a little bit of onion can make for a really bad day.”

Owner: “Oh, so it’s not like you’re going to stop breathing or anything. It’s not life-threatening.”

Me: “Well, no, but it can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. And the problem could get so bad that I’d have to go home from work, and I really can’t afford to do that.”

Owner: “Gotcha. Well, let me go check on your order.”

(When my order is up I head back to work to eat it. When I open the bag, my order has onions on it and no substitutions for the sauce. I know it’s easy to make mistakes so I’m not angry, but I do call the restaurant since I don’t have enough time left in my break to go back.)

Owner: “My cooks must have made a mistake. It’s not that much of a problem though, is it? You said it’s not life-threatening. You can still eat it.”

Me: “I just wanted to call it to your attention so that you can let your staff know to be more careful. I know mistakes happen, I’m just letting you know. With allergies and intolerances, it’s important. And actually, I can’t eat it. I can’t risk getting sick.”

Owner: “I’m sure you’ll be fine. We can’t be making you special orders all the time because you’re afraid of getting a little gassy. It’s a waste of our time.”

Me: “I see. Well, no worries, then. I won’t be ordering anything at all from now on.”