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A Hot Slice Of Incompetence

| San Francisco, CA, USA | Employees, Food & Drink, Time

(I ordered a pizza over an hour ago through a national chain. Their online tracker says it’s been delivered for 20 minutes. My pizza arrives late, so I go outside to meet the delivery man.)

Delivery Man: “Hi, uh, what did you order?”

Me: “A large pepperoni, a pasta, breadsticks, and a two-liter of root beer.”

Delivery Man: “Oh, you were that order?”

Me: “Yes…”

Delivery Man: “Well, I don’t have it with me.”

Me: “Uh, what?”

Delivery Man: “I don’t have your order. I didn’t bring it. Do you want me to go get it?”

Me: “Well, yes, that would be great.”

Delivery Man: “Okay, it’ll be 30 minutes to an hour. I’ll have to deliver the next round of orders first. Just go on and pay me now. Here’s the receipt.”

Me: “Whoa! Uh, I’m sorry, but no, you really need to bring mine first, and there’s no way in h*** I’m paying until I have what I paid for. Why did you even come if you didn’t have it? Why didn’t you go back and pick it up first?”

Delivery Man: “Didn’t think about it. Want this [Soda], though?” *hands me a 20oz [Soda]*

(He got back in his car and drove off. I called the store to let them know what happened. They were just as baffled as me, and found my order in the cooler with the sodas. They remade it (or at least heated it up, I guess), a manager brought it himself within 20 minutes, and I didn’t have to pay. I’m guessing they need to do some drug testing at that location!)


It’s Enough To Make You Fry

| VA, USA | Employees, Food & Drink, New Hires

(I go to a fast food place to get food for my manager. I typically do this when I’m going to the bank, because they’re in the same shopping center, and my manager never gets breaks to get her own food. I go through the drive-thru and get back to my store.)

Manager: “Uh, [My Name]? This is just fries.”

Me: “Oh, crap. There’s no burger?”

(She shakes her head. I typically hate raising a fuss. If it had been my order, I really wouldn’t have worried about it, but my manager has to pinch pennies to get by, and she really can’t afford to just forget about it, so I drive back to the restaurant.)

Me: “Hi. I’m really sorry about this, but I just went through the drive-thru…”

Manager: “[Sandwich]?” *I nod* “Sorry about that. Our guy is new and nervous.” *talks to another employee, who gets me another burger* “And get her a large fry.”

Me: “Oh, no. We already got fries. I just need the burger.”

Manager: “Well, at least take this.”

(The manager gave me a coupon for a free meal. I was happy that he was so helpful, and to my manager, getting a free meal meant that she could save even just a small amount of money. I thought she was going to burst into tears!)


Can’t Vouch For That Member Of Staff

, | Melbourne, VIC, Australia | At The Checkout, Employees, Food & Drink, Ignoring & Inattentive

(I am at a well-known fried chicken franchise. I have a voucher for a free drink and chips with any purchase. The transaction starts off smoothly enough.)

Me: “Hi! I would like to use this voucher, please.”

Cashier: “Sure, what will you be buying?”

Me: “I’ll have one [most standard, well known, basic burger on the menu], please.”

Cashier: “Okay, let me just find the voucher on the register…”

(She struggles to work out how to redeem the voucher and calls her manager over to help. In less than a heartbeat, the cashier’s demeanour has completely changed.)

Cashier: *to manager, in a tone that suggests I am causing trouble* “She only wants to use THIS.” *glares at me*

Manager: *to me* “I’m very sorry but you will need to purchase something else to use this voucher.”

Me: *amused at this strange turn of events, and not wanting to help at this point* “Yeah.”

Manager: “So… you need to actually order something. We can’t just give you free food.”

Me: “Yep.”

(The manager gets a look of realisation on her face that I have already ordered.)

Manager: *to cashier* “What did she order?”

Cashier: *sighs and rolls her eyes* “I, like, don’t even KNOW. Something we don’t even HAVE.”

(The manager turns to me.)

Me: “One [most standard, well known, basic burger on the menu], please.”

(The manager looked unimpressed and keyed in my order and the free drink and chips, then bagged the order herself. She ended up giving me extra chips and about 10 moist towelettes, which was their fast-food equivalent of an apology!)