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Serving Is A Bree-ze

| Puyallup , WA, USA | Awesome Workers, Food & Drink, Geeks Rule

(My fiancé and I are having dinner with my parents. They arrive and order before we do, so when we get there, we order our beers, and this exchange happens:)

Dad: “They come in pints!” *referencing ‘The Lord of the Rings’*

(I and my mom laugh.)

Server: *laughing* “We made that reference earlier!”


Server: “Can I get two more pints for you?”

(My parents look indecisive, so I answer for them.)

Me: “Yeah, two more for them!”

Server: “But you’ve got a whole half already!”

Me: “She is officially my favorite server ever.”


Something Fishy Here

| NC, USA | Employees, Food & Drink

(My dad and I have been going to this fairly new but good-quality Japanese sushi place about once a week, and this time the “now hiring” sign is no longer in the window. Having had almost stereotypical American teenage girls as waitresses here previously, we’re surprised to see our new waitress looks and sounds Japanese.)

Waitress: “Hello, I will be your waitress.” *sets menus on table* “Know what to drink, or I come back?”

Dad: “I know I’d like sake, please. Your—”

Waitress: “I’ll go get menu!”

(She dashes off, returning with their alcohol menu, and proceeds to discuss their different sake varieties and sizes. The last time we’d been here, our inexperienced waitress has brought my dad a pink bottle of carbonated chilled sake, more like a wine cooler than the hot strong drink he’d wanted.)

Dad: “Yes, the larger size of this hot sake.” *points at item on menu*

Waitress: “Okay, I’ll be back to take your drink order!”

(She was across the room before either of us could say anything. Five minutes later, she comes around again and takes our drink orders, and we insist on placing our food orders before she can disappear again.)

Me: “I’d like the miso soup, your V3 roll, and the mango roll.”

Dad: “What’s in your house soup?”

Waitress: “House soup has mushrooms, scallions, and broth.”

Dad: “That sounds pretty good… but I think I’ll have the miso, like her. With your dragon roll.”

(She leaves again, for another five minutes or so, and returns with our soups. I should mention, it looks like we are her only table tonight, even though the restaurant is half-full.)

Waitress: *to me* “You vegetarian, right? You only ordered off that menu.”

Me: “Yeah…”

Waitress: “Then this soup is for you.” *turns to my dad* “I put chicken broth in yours.”

(She scurries off again.)

Dad: “…This looks different.”

Me: “Well, miso usually has tofu and seaweed, and the house soup had mushrooms and green onions… It looks like she combined the two, for some reason?”

Dad: “Yeah, but it’s not bad. Let’s not push it.”

(Suddenly, our waitress shows up with our entrees, despite giving us less than a full minute alone with our soups. She sets them down and once again vanishes into the kitchen.)

Me: “That was weirdly timed.”

(As I’m eating, I notice something is off about my food. I’m not a strict vegetarian, but I prefer to buy and cook my own meats.)

Me: “Hmm, there’s little fish eggs sticking to my sushi.” *I flip that piece upside-down* “And there’s what looks to be cream cheese on it too.”

Dad: “Yeah, and my roll has this weird hump in the middle.”

Me: “I think they just hired some new people, so I guess they’re still figuring things out. It’s not so off that I won’t eat it, though. Still tastes fine.”

(It took about ten minutes after we finished eating to get her attention to bring us our bill. Not sure if we’re going back soon, or if we should wait so the new people can figure out what they’re doing.)


The Purr-fect Diet

| ON, Canada | Employees, Food & Drink, Pets & Animals

Cashier: *rings me through* “We’re actually having a giveaway today on a new human-grade cat food!” *turns around to load me up with some cans*

Me: “Are those paté?”

Cashier: *turns around with a can in her hand* “No.”

Me: “Then I can’t take them.”

Cashier: *visibly upset for no reason* “What?! Why?!”

Me: “None of my cats would eat it.”

Cashier: “What are you talking about?” *goes into sales pitch about how it uses ingredients so even humans can eat it*

Me: “I still can’t take it.”

Cashier: “Well why not!”

Me: “Because I have one cat that’s on a strict hypoallergenic diet, one cat that just licks all the liquid from the wet food and leaves the rest, one cat that refuses to eat anything that isn’t duck flavored, and one cat that had to have her teeth removed so she can only have paté cat food.”

Cashier: *stares and blinks a little bit* “Oh. Well, this cat food uses ingredients that humans can eat. If we opened up this can we could both eat it.”

Me: *very uninterested* “Cool…”

Cashier: *triumphantly* “Well, your cats don’t know what they’re missing!”