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Plainly Not Explaining Plainly Enough

, | UK | Employees, Food & Drink, Ignoring & Inattentive

(I am in a well-known burger chain restaurant ordering a take-out meal.)

Me: “A quarter-pounder with cheese medium meal, with fries and [Soda], and can the burger be plain, please?”

Cashier: “Do you want cheese on that?”

Me: “Yes, but nothing else, plain with just cheese.”

Cashier: “Would you like the meal?”

Me: “Yes, medium meal with fries and [Soda].”

Cashier: “What side would you like?”

Me: “Fries. And [Soda].”

Cashier: “Drink?”

Me: “[Soda]!”

Cashier: “Okay. So that’s a quarter-pounder with cheese, fries and a [Soda].”

Me: Please make sure the burger is plain, no ketchup or anything else.”

Cashier: “Right, plain. You should have said.” *to the cooks* “That order I just did for a quarter-pounder needs to be PLAIN.” *to me* “That will be just a few minutes.”

(Five minutes later she handed me my meal. I had large fries, a plain quarter-pounder with just meat, and a quarter-pounder with cheese and all toppings. Well, she tried.)


Totally (Second) Floored By The Lack Of Service

, | Malmö, Sweden | Employees, Food & Drink, Lazy/Unhelpful

(I’d broken my foot in two places and had been back from the hospital for just a couple of days. I order a pizza online for delivery from a popular pizza place and pay via credit card. Since I live on the second floor and can’t walk more than a few meters at a time with my crutches, I make a very clear note when I place the order that they have to deliver the pizza to my door, since I absolutely can’t carry something while walking down the stairs. Before the order goes through and my credit card is charged, they have to manually check and approve the order. Within a minute after placing the order I give them a call for a minor correction.)

Older Pizza Guy: “Hey. We were just going to call you. You have to get down to the street to get the pizza. We don’t deliver to apartments. We don’t have the time!”

Me: “But I have already paid and you approved the order with my note saying you have to deliver to my door.”

Older Pizza Guy: “We don’t deliver to apartments! We don’t have the time!”

(This goes back and forth for a minute or two before he hands the phone to a younger guy who’s more coherent.)

Younger Pizza Guy: “Look, if we have to go up the stairs to every apartment, we would fall behind on our deliveries.”

Me: “Yes, I understand that. But you okayed my order and I’ve already paid. I literally cannot go down to the street to get my pizza.”

Younger Pizza Guy: “Okay. You’ll get your pizza but it has to be on our last delivery before we close.”

(Desperate for food and in a world of pain after the surgery, I accepted. The pizza arrived at 23:00, three hours after I’d ordered it. Try reading the actual order before accepting payment next time.)


I Prefer Beer From Ginger Myself

| Chattanooga, TN, USA | At The Checkout, Bizarre/Silly, Food & Drink

(I am checking out at the grocery store. The cashier scans most of my items, but leaves a few sitting out, and makes a call on the intercom:)

Cashier: “Seven on three. Seven on three.”

(I wait for a while as she stands, tapping her feet. I wonder why she doesn’t complete my transaction. Then I take a harder look at the groceries she didn’t ring up.)

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry. Ginger beer is non-alcoholic.”

(She turns beet red and scans the soda..)

Me: “When my brother-in-law was a kid, he got into an argument with the 7-11 cashier. She kept saying, ‘Beer from root! Beer from root!'”


The Service Doesn’t Matcha Your Expectations

| Baton Rouge, LA, USA | Employees, Food & Drink, Lazy/Unhelpful

(I am at the mall and decide to stop by the stand for a well-known coffee chain to get a frozen drink. There are three employees: Employee #1 who is rude, Employee #2 who is doing all the work, and Employee #3 who is too lazy to live. Employee #1 takes my order and I move to the bar to wait for my drink.)

Employee #3: “Who had the green tea frappe?

Me: “I did.”

Employee #3: “So, yeah, we don’t have enough matcha powder to make your drink. I mean, there’s some in there, but it’s not enough.”

Me: *thinking I’ll be asked to re-order* “Okay…?”

Employee #3: “We should have another container upstairs in stock. Do you want me to go getu it? You’d have to wait.”

Me: “I’ll wait. Please go get it.”

(He leaves and I’m waiting roughly eight minutes all while Employees #1 and #2 are arguing because the former is speaking to both customers and the latter rudely and can’t seem to comprehend why everyone’s mad at him. Meanwhile, Employee #2 is the only one making drinks as Employee #1 plays with pastries and a long line behind me is forming of unhappy customers.)

Employee #3: *returning* “So, yeah, we don’t have anymore. Do you want what’s already made up?” *it’s just the milk and powder mixture that’s been sitting on the counter uncovered this whole time*

Employee #2: “No, you are not giving her that. [Employee #1]! Go find that powder! *turning to me* “I am so sorry about this. I know it’s there; I don’t care what he says.”

(I’m getting annoyed but am too polite to say anything so I wave it off. Another eight minutes go by and Employee #1 returns with the powder.)

Employee #3: *addressing [Employee #2]* “So, add this to what I already made, or…?”

Employee #2: “DUMP THAT OUT, YOU IDIOT. Start again!”

(My drink finally got made. But all this time, for my inconvenience, I was not offered a discount, a refund, a free cookie, or anything.)


Burrito No No

, | San Antonio, TX, USA | Bosses & Owners, Employees, Food & Drink, Ignoring & Inattentive

(I take a friend to a combined chicken and mexican fast food place at about 11 pm. I get to the drive-thru speaker and am told:)

Employee: “[Chicken Fast Food Place] is closed. All you can get is [Mexican Fast Food].”

Me: “Okay, that’s all we want. I want a [Type of Burrito] and a soft taco.”

Employee: “I’m sorry, ma’am. All we have are tacos and burritos, but if you would like we can give you a $5 dollar discount on some of the chicken we have left.”

Me: “No, thank you.” *repeat that all I want is a Type of Burrito and a soft taco*

(It goes quiet and a manager comes on.)

Manager: “I’m sorry but we can only do tacos and burritos.”

Me: “Okay, that’s all we want. I want a [Type of Burrito] and a soft taco.”

(Long pause.)

Manager: “I’m sorry, but we don’t have the ingredients to make what you want.”