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Nothing Goes North Of The Wall

| Orlando, FL, USA | Extra Stupid, Geography

(My family and I are visiting Orlando. I want to send a postcard to my parents in British Columbia, but I’m not sure how much postage I need.)

Clerk: “Can I help you?”

Me: “Can you tell me how much postage I need to send a postcard to British Columbia?”

Clerk: “Where?”

Me: “British Columbia.”

Clerk: *blank look*

Me: “Canada…?”

Clerk: “Canada? Which part of the United States is that in?”

Me: “It’s not… It’s a whole separate country to the north.”

Clerk: *blank look*

Me: “…never mind.”

Explaining It Eurover And Over

| Portugal | Extra Stupid, Geography, Money

(I have just moved from Portugal to Sweden and want to transfer some money from my Portuguese bank account to my new Swedish bank account. I go to the Portuguese online bank but can not make the transfer as it is not recognizing the Swedish currency. (Portugal uses Euro and Sweden uses Swedish Kronor). So I call the bank’s online customer service:)

Me: “Hi. I wanted to transfer money from Portugal to Sweden but the website is not allowing me as the information for Swedish currency is not showing.”

Representative: “Oh. That is because Sweden uses Euro.”

Me: “No. Sweden belongs to European Union but has never adopted the Euro. It uses Swedish Kronor.”

Representative: “No! Sweden is part of Europe so it uses Euro.”

(This goes back and forth until I get annoyed enough.)

Me: “Miss, I’m sorry but I’m living in Sweden. I think I know what currency is being used. Trust me it is not Euro. It is Swedish Kronor!”

Representative: “Oh. Just use Euro anyway.” *hangs up*

(In the end, they charged me 75€ for the call and I had to ask my parents in Portugal to go to the bank agency and take care of it. And yes, they also complained about the customer service representative.)

Lima Explain Some Geography To You

| USA | Coworkers, Extra Stupid, Geography

(Every month the employees at my workplace have a lunch social, and it’s planned by a different group of employees every month, selected randomly from each department so it’s not an entire department in charge every time. This month my group decides on a nacho/taco bar, and we start making assignments for food, decorations, utensils, and the like.)

Coworker #1: “We should have some Hispanic music playing during lunch. Get the fiesta feeling going.”

Me: “Ooh, I love making mix CDs! I can burn one full of Latin songs.”

Coworker #1: “Nah, let’s assign it to [Coworker #2]. He’s Mexican! [Coworker], you probably know a LOT of Mexican songs, don’t you?”

Coworker #2: *baffled look* “But… I’m not Mexican. I’m Peruvian.”

Coworker #1: “Isn’t that basically the same thing?”

Me: *facepalms along with several other workers, including one of the supervisors*

Constantly Readdressing The Issue

| NY, USA | Geography, Transportation

(I am dog-sitting at another person’s house, and I order some food from a local restaurant to be delivered. After almost an hour waiting, my phone rings.)

Me: “Hello?”

Delivery Guy: “Yes, I am here.”

Me: “Oh! Let me step outside then!”

Delivery Guy: “Okay.” *click*

(I got out onto the porch but there’s nobody in sight. I call the number back.)

Delivery Guy: “Yes?”

Me: “I’m standing on the porch and I don’t see anyone on the block.”

Delivery Guy: “I am right here.”

Me: “What address are you at?”

Delivery Guy: “[Wrong address a street over].”

Me: “Oh! I’m at [correct address].”

Delivery Guy: “Okay. So…”

Me: “So, see you soon!” *click*

(Ten minutes go by, and then he calls again.)

Delivery Guy: *irate* “Where are you!?”

Me: “Right where I was ten minutes ago… Where are you?”

Delivery Guy: “I am at [wrong address]!”

Me: “Okay… are you going to come to [correct address]?”

Delivery Guy: “UGH, FINE!”

(He finally showed up a minute or two later. He angrily showed me the receipt, which had the correct street but the wrong house number (two houses down), so he hadn’t even read the incorrect address properly. He did NOT get a tip.)

It’s A Very Long Island

| OH, USA | Geography, Transportation

(I am waiting for a package to be delivered. I check the tracking and see that it went past my city, was sorted at a distant location and sent on to New York. From there it went to Long Island and is out for delivery. This places the package about 10 hours from my home. I call to see what can be done.)

Me: *explains entire situation*

Customer Service Rep: “Tracking number?”

Me: *gives number*

Customer Service Rep: “It’s out for delivery.”

Me: “Can you tell me in what city?”

Customer Service Rep: “Long Island.”

Me: “I don’t live there. It’s ten hours away.”

Customer Service Rep: “It’s out for delivery. It will be delivered to you by 8 pm today.”

Me: “That’s impossible. If the driver gets in his truck right now, drives straight to my house with no stops, he won’t get here until 9:00 pm. That’s no stops of any kind. No breaks, no gas, nothing.”

Customer Service Rep: “It WILL be delivered today.”

Me: “It’s ten hours away.”

Customer Service Rep: “Some of our drivers have longer routes than others. It WILL be delivered before 8 pm. Thank you for calling.”

(Yes, he then hung up and no, my package didn’t arrive that day. Or the next.)

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