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Common Sense On A Diet, Part 2

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(I’m generally pretty healthy, so I don’t go to the doctor very often. It’s been about a year since I visited the doctor last, and I’ve gotten my act together and lost some weight I had gained during a very stressful period in my life. It’s a noticeable loss, but only about 25 pounds. After weighing me in, the nursing assistant leaves me in an exam room and the nurse comes in to do my vitals and history.)

Nurse: *looking over my chart* “Wow, you’ve lost quite a bit of weight since the last time we saw you. Good job! Being a healthy weight will keep you healthier overall.”

Me: “Thank you. I feel much better.”

Nurse: “And what weight loss aid did you use?”

Me: “Well, I joined a winter sports league so that I’m active year-round, started swimming a couple times a week, and improved my diet. For example, I reduced the amount of sugar and bread and stuff I eat and added in more vegetables.”

Nurse: “No one loses this much weight this quickly without using diet pills. It’s okay, we just need to know what you’re taking so that we don’t prescribe anything that will interact with it.”

Me: “I lost 25 pounds in about 14 months… that’s not so much that it can’t be done with just a little exercise. I gained the weight by eating poorly and not exercising enough, I reversed the weight gain doing the same.”

Nurse: “Ooooookay. Well, I don’t think we’ll be able to prescribe you anything unless you are honest with us about what other drugs you are taking. The doctor will be in shortly.”

(I’m left staring, mouth agape, at the door as she huffs out. The doctor comes in.)

Doctor: *after exam* “Well, everything seems fine overall, and congratulations on your weight loss. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to renew your prescription for your allergy medication unless I know what diet aid you’re taking. The ones that rely on caffeine can cause interactions with your allergy pills.”

Me: “I told the nurse I didn’t use any diet pills. I ate better and exercised more. If not exercising and eating poorly can put the weight on, doing the opposite can take it off, right?”

Doctor: “So you told the nurse you didn’t take diet pills?”

Me: “Yes.”

Doctor: *sighs* “She wrote down that you used diet pills but refused to say what kind. If you’re not taking diet pills, I’ll order your allergy medication. No problem.”

(He proceeds to write me my needed prescription and sends me out. As I check out at the desk, I hear him from the back.)

Doctor: “[NURSE]! Please step into exam room four… We need to have a talk!”

Common Sense On A Diet


This Manager Makes You Need To Up The Dosage

| London, England, UK | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Health & Body

(My boss calls me into a meeting room to tell me that they have a ‘problem’ with the medications I need to take in order to be able to work with my disabilities. He has particular issues with narcotic painkillers.)

Boss: “Right, I’ll keep this short. We’re going to need to see proof that your prescriptions are genuine and that you are not buying these off the streets.”

Me: “Ok, easy enough. I keep a copy of the repeat prescription with my doctor’s contact details with me in case of queries by police or anyone since they are controlled substances. I’ll happily show you that.”

Boss: “Um, no. You might have made that up.”

Me: “It’s got my doctor’s details right on it; you can give them a call, or I can call them and get them to do a letter or something?”

Boss: “How do I know they are an actual doctor?”

Me: “You can look up the surgery and call them direct from the number on their website to check they are there? They’ve been there for more years than I have. I can get a letter from them if you like with their registered doctor number?”

Boss: “Look, we’re going for a new client that is a religious school right? How do you think we’ll get that contract if they find out we’ve got a druggie on staff?”

Me: *starting to tear up* “I’m disabled and need medications to survive! I’m not a drug addict!”

Boss: “Well, if that was true then you wouldn’t be getting upset would you?”

Me: “What the f*** is your problem with me? I don’t see you hauling anyone else into meeting rooms for taking their inhalers or insulin injections or anything?”

Boss: “Nobody needs painkillers okay? Just don’t bring your drugs near the office.”

(My doctor was pretty incensed to hear that his decisions are being questioned by my manager and has written a fairly scathing letter to our HR department about how my medical history is not the business of my company and he doesn’t appreciate having his profession likened to a drug dealer nor his disabled patients being called ‘druggies’. We’re waiting to see what happens.)


Tanking By The End Of Your Shift

| New Castle, DE, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Coworkers, Health & Body

(I tend to be one of those workers who will come in despite being sick and will work until I almost pass out or become physically ill. This story happens on one of those days. I happen across a toy train car that’s meant for transporting sea creatures, but the plastic animals barely move with how small the tanks are.)

Me: “But- but the tanks are too small for the critters.”

Coworker: “What?”

Me: *turning and gesturing at them with the toy, getting more distressed* “The tanks are too small for the critters.”

Coworker: “They aren’t real, you know.”

Me: “I know, but the tanks are too small for the critters.”

Coworker: “How about you just… go see [Manager]? Let her know how you’re doing.”

(I go and relay what happened to my manager, who stares at me for a long moment afterwards.)

Manager: “Well, do you think you can hang in there until [Coworker] comes in? If you can make it until then you can go ahead home, hun. Get some rest and get better.”

Me: “What about the critters?”

Manager: “The critters will be fine, [My Name].”

Me: “But… the tanks are too small.”

Manager: “Go take your fifteen.”

(I managed to make it until my coworker made it in, and ended up going home early. After some cold/flu medicine and some rest, I was no longer worried about the plastic sea creatures having room in their tanks.)

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