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(I am a high-school student. I have been hired as a bagger at the local grocery store. This is my second day on the job, and I have just spent an hour gathering carts from the parking lot. Employees wear black pants and the polyester uniform shirt. It is getting close to 90 F outside, and I am sweating. I return to the store and approach my manager before going back to bagging groceries.)

Me: “Hi, [Manager], I just finished with the carts. Can I drink some water before I go back to bagging?”

Manager: “You can drink water on your break. Go back to bagging.”

Me: “Okay… when is my break?”

Manager: “Two pm.”

Me: “I’m not sure I can wait three hours to drink water. Can my break be moved up?”

Manager: “No! Don’t bother me about your break and get back to work.”

Me: *shrugs and walks away*

(I see that the water fountain is about 12 feet away from the registers where I am supposed to be bagging, so I defiantly walk past the registers and get a drink of water, then go back to bagging.)

Manager: “What are you doing?! I told you that you could not take your break yet!”

Me: “I am not taking my break; I got a drink of water and now I’m working.”

Manager: “This is unacceptable. I told you no.”

Me: “You know what? I don’t need to be treated like this.”

(I take off my uniform shirt and name tag – I am wearing a tank top underneath – and throw them across the counter where my manager is standing, and I walked out of the store. As a minor and a member of the union, I could not believe that I was denied water. My dad heard the story and went down to the store to rip her a new one. She still works there and is still a miserable person.)


Not A Fan Of Management

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It is during my tenure as a cashier at a mid-to-low tier department store. Everything is run by our corporate headquarters – including, unfortunately, the thermostat. The A/C isn’t set to kick on until a set date, which means that if it gets warm early in the season, the associates just get to sweat. We aren’t allowed to have drinks at our station, and can only leave for our breaks.

It is about 100 degrees in the store. I have several very nice customers come up and ask if I would like a water bottle, and how I could stand to work in the heat. I do my best to put on my customer service smile in spite of really not tolerating heat well at all and tell them I am fine.

About midway through my shift my manager comes up to my register. To offer me some water or a break? No. To yell at me for fanning myself, because ‘you don’t need to advertise it to the customers; they already know it’s hot.’

Yeah, because I was fanning myself for the sake of the customers.

Thankfully, I was only at that store to bridge the gap before going back to school, and once I left I never went back.


Not A Decision You Need To Sleep On

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(I am 35 years old (this will be relevant) and have entered a big chain store that sells mattresses, pillows, and other items for the bedroom, looking as I am for a new pillow. I explain to the employee what I am looking for and she leads me to a showcase of pillows.)

Employee: “These are the best pillows for your situation. They are specialized for people who sleep on their sides.”

Me: “These are filled with feathers. I am allergic to feathers. Do you have anything hypoallergenic?”

Employee: “No, no, no, these are the best for your situation.” *she goes on to explain why*

Me: “I understand that they fill a lot of my requirements but I am allergic to feathers. I cannot use these pillows.”

Employee: “You can just takes some allergy pills before bed. These will work best for you.”

(She looks at me with a prestigious look on her face.)

Employee: “So can I ring one up for you?”

Me: “No.”

(I turned and walked out of the store, hearing her tell her coworker as I exit, “Kids these days have no concern for their own well-being.”)


In The Right Sample Age

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(I’m at the mall doing some shopping, and see that they have a kiosk up that opens every holiday season, specializing in processed meats and cheeses. There is an older gentleman trying to get people to stop and try some samples. He is pleasant and smiling. I’m in my late 30s and get mistaken for younger quite a bit. I have a smooth complexion, with crows feet if you really look, and I’m only 4’10”.)

Me: “Sure, I’d love to try some samples. What do you have?”

Kiosk Gentleman: *hesitating* “Sorry, little miss, you have to be over 15 to try these.”

Me: “I’m 37.”

Kiosk Gentleman: “Oh! Uh… sorry, you look like a kid that was running around here earlier. She had on a similar sweater.”

Me: *laughing* “Well, I promise I’m old enough for samples. I used to work at one of these kiosks as one of my first jobs nearly 20 years ago!”


No Point Moping About The Mopping

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(I have returned to work after a minor surgery and my boss has returned to work after a week off of work due to chronic pain and other health issues. A customer had just spilled a soft drink all over the floor and I have brought the mop out.)

Boss: *reaching for the mop handle* “Give me this. You should go sit down.”

Me: *pulling the handle away from her* “No, ma’am. You go back to your office.”

Boss: “I said give! You are still recovering and have no business mopping.”

Me: “Let go and go back to your office! I’ve got this.”

Boss: “Young lady, I am 67 years old and you will do what I say.”

Me: “Well, I’m 32 and I am going to mop. I’m not going to risk you falling. Go sit down.”

Coworker: “Will you two stop? I’m 27. Give me the d*** mop.”

(My boss and I realized sheepishly that we have been yelling and playing tug of war with the mop in front of customers. We handed the mop to my coworker and departed to our offices.)