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Lost And Hound

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(I’m going for an interview for an animal shelter. However, I get lost and after trying to call, I get no answer. Frustrated, I call it quits and go home.)

Me: *phone rings* “Hello?”

Lady: “Is this [My Name]?”

Me: “Yes.”

Lady: “Where ARE you?! It’s already 30 minutes past your interview! I’ve been waiting!”

Me: “Ah, this is Ms. [Lady] with the animal shelter? Yeah, I got lost and tried to call but… there was no answer. Sorry about that…”

Lady: “You… GOT LOST?! What kind of idiot are you?!”

Me: “There is no need for insults. I’ve already apologized, and–”

Lady: “What good does your apology serve me?!” *dogs in background start barking* “Listen, if you’re too stupid to find us, then maybe I won’t hire you after all! And–”

Me: “Fine with me. That’s the best news I’ve heard. GOODBYE.”

(I hang up, marveling at the nerve of this woman. I haven’t been hired yet and she’s already yelling at me! Poor dogs. I pity whoever gets roped in by her as their boss.)


Technically Fired

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(It’s the early 2000s. I am a student, but I am also working as the only technical writer at a startup software company. I am about to leave for a three-month study-abroad term. The company has just released the first version of its product, along with the manual that I wrote.)

Me: “Do you want me to continue working remotely while I’m studying abroad, or should I request a leave of absence?”

Boss: “Well, now that the product is released, we don’t really need a technical writer any more. You can just put in your notice before you leave.”

(I put in my notice. When I came back three months later and started looking for another technical writing job, guess who was hiring?!)


An Honest Reward

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(I’m interviewing for a job, and the interviewer is asking all the basic questions.)

Interviewer: “What do you do if there’s a lot of work to do all at once?”

Me: “Prioritize and do things as they come. I ALWAYS stay calm under pressure.”

Interviewer: *rolls eyes* “And what days of the week are you available?”

Me: “Oh, any day of the week. I’m totally free!”

Interviewer: “Stop it!”

Me: “…?”

Interviewer: “Stop saying things I would like to hear and say the truth.”

Me: *blinks* “Er, well, I… I have limited availability and I freak out under pressure?”

Interviewer: “Thank you!”

(He hired me on the spot! Even though I didn’t say the truth the last time.)


A Great Dealer Of Honesty

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(I work for a gaming company as a recruiting assistant. Part of my job includes calling people who have submitted applications to see if they’d be interested in an interview. If it’s been a while since they applied, I have to start off with “are you still interested in potentially working with us?”, since most of them have already found a job in that time. This takes place over the phone. In all, the call was about forty seconds long.)

Me: “Good afternoon, this is [My Name] calling for [Company]. How are you doing today?”

Guy: “…Ai’ight.”

Me:“Fantastic! I’m calling today to…” *spiel about them applying, being selected for interview, etc.* “…and I was wondering if you’re still interested in a potential employment opportunity with us?”

Guy: “…Naw, I’m good. I deal drugs now.” *click*

Me: *speechless*

(At least he was honest!)

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