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It’s Not All In The Delivery

| Germany | Employees, Ignoring & Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful

(A week ago I ordered a couch. The day of the delivery arrives and they deliver it in several small packages as expected. As always the delivery guys are in a hurry and I sign the papers without reading them, because they practically snatch them away from me as soon as I have them. After they are gone I unpack and only then I realize that one package is missing. Then I finally read the papers and find out that the delivery guys knew that all the time and didn’t tell me, which makes me pretty mad. Then I see that the missing package should be delivered later the same day, so I decide to wait. But, who would have guessed? They don’t show up. The next day I call the support people.)

Support: “Welcome to, [Furniture Store]. This is [Support]. How can I help you?”

Me: “Hi. Last week I ordered a couch and yesterday it was delivered, but one package is missing and the delivery guys didn’t tell me that. I only found out after I unpacked everything.”

Support: “Oh, but the delivery guys don’t always know if something is missing.”

Me: “I thought that, too, but then I found out that they even reported it on the delivery note. Now my whole apartment is full of packaging material and not assembled furniture.”

Support: “You shouldn’t have unpacked it, then. I see here that you have already got a new delivery appointment.”

Me: “If I had known that there is something missing I wouldn’t have. The appointment was yesterday and they didn’t show up.”

Support: “Oh, yes, I see it here. It was on too short notice; the delivery company couldn’t process.”

Me: “So, what now? I paid a lot of money to have it delivered that day.”

Support: “Yeah, I don’t know. Here is the processing number. They will call you, but I don’t know when. Maybe early next week.”

Me: “Can I get something of my money—”

Support: *interrupting* “If you don’t have any more questions, then?”

Me: “I have, what about the money for the delivery… Could I get—”

Support: *interrupting again* “You know, we have about 50 stores in this country. We don’t know everything about every delivery.”

Me: “Could I have the number of the delivery company, then?”

Support: *annoyed* “Yes, you can call them, but I don’t have the number.”

Me: “So what should I do now?”

Support: *annoyed* “Just wait until someone calls you. Thank you for your understanding.” *ends call*


Five Months Versus Five Hours

| NJ, USA | Lazy/Unhelpful, Liars/Scammers

(Our company recently moved a few towns over; the corporate office and warehouse section are now in different buildings. While the office was set up well in advance, the warehouse had issues with some of the electrical work: namely, it wasn’t done! This occurs on a conference call with me, in the warehouse, my supervisor, in the office, and the electrician which was contracted by the owner of the warehouse we’re leasing.)

Electrician: “Look, I understand there were some issues, but there’s really only so much we can do. We already took care of most of the work.”

Me: “No, you REALLY didn’t. You hooked up the charger for the forklift. That’s it. You did not run the set of outlets on the other wall, you didn’t run the set on the central pillar we asked for, and half our banks of overhead lighting are still being controlled by the motion sensors on the OTHER SIDE OF THE WALL that was just put up.”

Supervisor: “This is totally unacceptable. You were given this contract three months before we moved in, and it’s been two months since THAT point. How in the hell are you five months behind on this?”

Electrician: “It’s not as easy as you’re making it sound, you know. I’ve had a couple of guys out sick.”

Supervisor: “For FIVE MONTHS?”

Electrician: “No, just at the times we could make it over to you.”

Me: “Are you actually saying you’re prioritizing other jobs before something that’s five months old?”

Electrician: “Only ones that have been around longer, or emergency work. We’ve only got non-emergency scheduling two days a week anyway. I’d like to see you guys do better.”

(We did: we had the leaser cancel the contract with the electrician due to lack of service. Then we called up the electricians who were servicing our old building as well as our new office. They were there two days later, and the entire project was done in under five hours, INCLUDING their lunch break!)


All They Can Hear Is Spatula-la-la

| Newark, DE, USA | At The Checkout, Food & Drink, Lazy/Unhelpful

(I have the combination of a love of pizza and an unusual allergy to an ingredient used in pepperoni. As such, whenever I end up at the local mall’s food court and get pizza I ask them to use a clean spatula to get my slices to avoid contamination. I’ve literally just watched the employee pick up pepperoni pizza, and the slices of pepperoni that had started to slide off, when he asks for my order.)

Me: “Could I get two slices of cheese please? And I don’t want to sound difficult but I have a food allergy. Could you use a clean spatula?”

Employee: “Sure!” *uses the same spatula he had JUST used to pick up one of my slices*

Me: “Sir, I just saw you use that on the pepperoni. I can’t eat that now.”

Employee: “It didn’t touch it!”


Employee: “What do you want me to do about it?”

Me: “Get a CLEAN spatula, and use THAT for my slices, PLEASE.”

(The employee makes a big huff about having to get a new spatula, while he’s gone another employee asks if I’ve been helped and I explain the situation, the customer next in the line backing up my story. The second apologizes and after I get to the register where a third employee is, this happens.)

Me: “I’m sorry, but do you know if they swapped both slices out or just the one?”

Employee #3: “What do you mean?”

Me: “I have an allergy to the pepperoni, the first guy tried to use the contaminated spatula to get my slices. I just wanted to know if he used a clean spatula so I can actually EAT this.”

Employee #2: *races over* “We used the green one.”

Me: “That’s not what I’m asking.”

Employee #2: “We have the normal one we use for all pizza, and then the green one for the vegetarian.”

Me: “Okay, but was my CONTAMINATED slice swapped out or do I need to worry about getting hives all over my d*** body?”

Employee #1: *racing over as well* “WE USED THE GREEN ONE.”

(At this point I gave up since I’ve already paid, so I just take my pizza and eat. Thankfully, they’d replaced the contaminated slice.)


Caught In A Sherry Trifle

| Yorkshire, England, UK | Employees, Lazy/Unhelpful

(I go to the supermarket to get sherry for my mum. There’s a big overhead sign in one of the alcohol aisles saying something like ‘Spirits, Sherry, Liqueur.’ I look up and down the aisle for the sherry, but can’t find it anywhere, and I don’t know what the bottles look like. I stop an assistant on his way past the aisle.)

Me: “Hi, could you help me, please? I’m looking for sherry, but I can’t find where it is on this aisle.”

Assistant: *points at sign*

Me: “I know it’s on this aisle, but I can’t find whereabouts on the shelves it is.”

Assistant: “It’s on this shelf.” *points at shelf in general, with is at least 20ft long*

Me: “Yes, but whereabouts? I’ve been looking on this shelf for several minutes, but I haven’t found it. I can see the whisky, brandy, liqueurs and stuff… but no sherry.”

Assistant: “It’s on the sign. It’s on this aisle. Why do customers always ask me things like this?” *points at sign* “Sherry! Right there. Sherry.”

(I walked off to the end of the aisle and decided to look at every bottle until I found it. Eventually I did, at the other end of the aisle, and there was only a few bottles of it there. I made a mental note of what the sherry bottles look like in case something like this happens again.)


Sapphire And Steely Reception

| MT, USA | Employees, Lazy/Unhelpful

(I’ve worked a lot of overtime lately and have the impulse to make a once-in-a-lifetime splurge. I wear nearly no jewelry but have always been obsessed with deep, rich blue. Upon realising my vacation will take me an hour away from a sapphire mine, I decide to try to use this chance to get a low price on a pair of sapphire earrings I can wear every day for the rest of my life. I drive the extra hour and enter a jewelry store where two clerks are helping a customer pick a pair out of a discount basket of tiny semi-precious gem stud earrings at $5 each. After looking around at the minimal offerings with no luck:)

Me: “Um, hello? Can you help me?”

Sales Lady: *obviously reluctant to leave what she was doing* “Yes? What do you need?”

Me: “Well, I want a pair of earrings on hooks, preferably with clasps, gold or silver will both do, that dangle quite near the earlobe; very small and subtle. I love sapphires and am willing to accept a flawed or mismatched pair. My budget is maximum $300, so I realize sapphire may be out of my reach. In that case I also love London blue topaz, or labradorite. If you have nothing matching that description I might be persuaded to consider pale blue topaz or opal.”

Sales Lady: “Did you look at our blue shelf?”

Me: “Yes, I have looked at everything here. But your website says nine tenths of your inventory is stored in the back.”

Sales Lady: “Well I can’t bring out random jewelry for you; you’d have to know what sort of thing you want.”

Me: “Yes, but I do know what I want.”

Sales Lady: “You would have to at least know what stone you want… How about these big turquoise ones?”

Me: “Eww no! Turquoise is much too loud and those are very large. I want something small and dignified that will go with everything. Sapphire — if that is possible in the $300 range — but otherwise a London blue topaz. In a small dangling earring of any metal.”

Sales Lady: “How about this lapis stuff?”

Me: “No, that again is too loud a shade for me; I want something in a muted tone. I already looked at all the display. Can’t you check in the back?”

Sales Lady: “You can look at what’s out here and try to decide what sort of thing you have in mind.”

(Runs off to return to helping the other customer pick her $5 earrings, with the other saleslady. I double check every cabinet while waiting for her to come back to helping me but she just ignores me for about 20 minutes.)

Me: *ticked off now and sorry I wasted the day driving out here for this* “Okay! I am going now! Thanks for not helping me!”

Sales Lady: “Ugh! Well I can’t show you anything unless you have some clue what you WANT!”

(What kind of store keeps their merchandise hidden away and resists customer attempts to view it?! I wasn’t even shabbily dressed or young, not that that would make it okay. I just can not figure out why they didn’t want to deal with me. I’m actually glad my temporary insanity was thwarted as I soon after gave up wearing even my habitual gold hoops and now am entirely jewelry free.)

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