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Cost You Rosemary And Time

| Hutchinson, KS, USA | Bosses & Owners, Food & Drink, Ignoring & Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful

(It’s opening day for a new restaurant in town. My husband and I have decided to brave the crowds and try it out for lunch. We’re pretty easy-going and we’re understanding when things aren’t perfect, especially when things are busy, but this restaurant’s opening was a cluster-f***. We wait 20 minutes to get our drinks, another hour to get our food. We rarely see our server. I had ordered rosemary garlic fries to go with my sandwich, which is an up-charge. However, they run out of rosemary garlic fries before making my order, so I end up with regular fries and an apology, which is fine. Time for the bill.)

Me: “Excuse me, you charged us for a meal we didn’t order, and the rosemary garlic fries are still on the bill even though I didn’t get them.”

Server: “I’ll get that other order taken off, but the fries are on there because you ordered them.”

Me: “Yes… I ordered them, but you were out, so I didn’t get them.”

Server: “But you ordered them.”

Me: “But I didn’t GET them, so I shouldn’t have to pay for food you never brought me.”

Server: “But you ordered them.”

Me: “I’m not paying for something you never brought me.”

Server: “Let me get my manager.”

(Time passes… my husband is dying trying not to laugh at this point.)

Manager: “Was there a problem with your order?”

Me: “No, but you were out of the rosemary garlic fries so I ended up with regular fries. I’d like the up-charge for the rosemary garlic fries taken off.”

Manager: “But you ordered the rosemary garlic fries.”

Me: “But I didn’t get them. You were out. No one brought me rosemary garlic fries. I shouldn’t have to pay for something I never received.”

Manager: “But you ordered them.”

Me: “What part of this aren’t you getting?”

Manager: *visibly angry* “Okay, fine, just give me a minute.”

(Time passes… the server comes back and gives me our updated bill. The manager had comped 50% of the bill just to shut me up. All I wanted was to NOT pay the $3 up-charge for fries I didn’t get. That restaurant lasted two months before going out of business. We weren’t surprised.)


Making A Whole Lot Of Noise About Doing His Job

| MN, USA | Employees, Lazy/Unhelpful, Transportation

(My car is still under warranty and is making a horrible grinding sound when speeding up, likely from the shifting. I take it in.)

Technician: “It says here that you have been hearing funny sounds, but you know this car is different and will make different sounds.”

Me: “Yes, I know, but this is a grinding sound that is terrible and it is getting worse.”

Technician: *bringing out a paper from the website of the company* “See here this shows you it’s normal, plus to you just brought it in recently and they had to reset it, so that makes it do it again.”

Me: “I only brought it in for a recall notice. But this is a new sound that sounds like it will hurt the car.”

Technician: “Well it’s 15 pages of tests we’ll run but we will call you this afternoon if we find anything.”

(They call and it has failed multiple tests, and I get a new clutch and seal. When I pick it up…)

Technician: “Some noises are normal!”


Straining Your Patience

| Canada | Employees, Ignoring & Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful

(I suffer from several chronic issues, one of which causes severe pain, which I manage with cannabis. I am at the dispensary trying to get a refill.)

Me: “Could I have one gram of [strain on special], please?”

Cashier: “Oh, we just ran out of grams; all we have is eighths left. But someone’s in the back right now filling more, if you want to wait just two minutes.”

(There is one other customer wanting for the same strain; he gets something else and I tell them I will wait. I take a seat and play on my phone, expecting them to call me up when they’re done. After a few minutes, I wander around the lobby and browse their non-consumable merchandise and read their posters, never going more than three feet from the counter. Finally, after 15-20 minutes, I approach them again.)

Me: “Hey, have you guys finished bagging up the gram bags of [strain on special] yet?”

Cashier: “Oh, we just ran out of grams, all we have is eighths left. I can recommend [more expensive strain] or [other more expensive strain].”

Me: “No, there’s someone in the back filling more bags, I was told it would only be a few minutes.”

Cashier: “Really?”

(She asks a coworker who just shrugs.)

Cashier: “No, sorry, there’s no more. Did you already pay for it?”

Me: “No, but I’ve been waiting….”

Cashier: “Okay, I can offer you [more expensive strain] or [other more expensive strain].”

Me: *frustrated* “I’ll just get [other, less-effective strain on special].”

(I still haven’t decided whether or not to complain to management over the fact that I waited close to 20 minutes for something they had no intention of giving me.)

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