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How To Win The War Against Telemarketers, Part 17

| Cincinnati, OH, USA | Employees, Lazy/Unhelpful

(I work overnights and go to bed shortly after I get home. My family won’t wake me up if people call for me when I’m sleeping and will take messages for me. Lately, someone has been calling several times in the morning asking for me. The callers refuse to leave any information, so they’ve taken a creative route with these people. Also of note, I’m a III (the third) in my family and my dad is Jr., with his deceased father as Sr. Here’s a couple of the ways they have their fun.)

Story #1:

Mom: *answers phone* “Hello?”

Caller: “I need to speak to [My Name]. It’s an important matter.”

Mom: “Which one?”

Caller: *repeats my name*

Mom: “I know that, but which one? There’s more than one.”

Caller: “Senior.”

Mom: “He’s dead.”

Caller: *probably checking notes at this point* “The Third.”

Mom: “He’s a day sleeper. Would you like to leave a message?”

Caller: “He’ll want to take this call. Put him on the phone.”

Mom: “Who is this?”

Caller: “I need to speak to [My Name].”

Mom: “I heard you. Who is this?”

Caller: “Who am I speaking to right now!?”

Mom: “[Mom]. ”

Caller: “What are you, his wife, mother, sister, daughter, cousin, niece?”

Mom: “I told you what you wanted to know. Now it’s your turn to share.”

Caller: “I don’t think I need to speak to you anymore.” *click*

Story #2

Sister: “Who is this?”

Caller: “We’re representing [Law Office] and have issued a lawsuit against [My Name].”

Sister: “When did you file it?”

Caller: “Last week.”

Sister: “Then why the **** are you calling now if it’s already been filed?”

Caller: “We need to urgently speak to him.”

Sister: “Answer my d*** question.”

Caller: “This is a personal matter between [My Name] and this office.”

Sister: “Give me your home number so he can call you when it’s convenient for him.”

Caller: “My home number?”

Sister: “Unless you’re going to be in your office at one am!”

Caller: *click*

(Seeing as how I haven’t received anything regarding a lawsuit yet and it’s been a few weeks since they started calling, we’re pretty sure it’s just a scam.)

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Not Tipped For Good Service

| USA | Employees, Food & Drink, Lazy/Unhelpful

(My mother and I go out to eat at a popular, kinda high-end but not really fancy, restaurant. It is fairly early so we are seated quickly. We wait over forty minutes before we even have a waitress come over. We get a waitress with her arms folded over her chest, her hip popped out, and a heavy sigh.)

Waitress: “Hi, I’m [Waitress] and I’m your waitress. What do you want to drink?”

(I am appalled but say nothing. I don’t like to yell at service people because I’ve been there and done that. We give her our drinks order and since we have been waiting so long we already know what we want to eat.)

Me: “Could we please place our food order now? We know what we want already.”

(She makes that “ugh” noise that people make when they get annoyed.)

Waitress: “You’re going to have to wait until I get a pad and pen.”

(She stalks off without saying anything else. I can see the little server kiosk area from our table. She stands there for around ten minutes texting and laughing at her phone, before finally getting our drinks. She sets them on a tray and sets it down while she goes back to texting while other servers try to maneuver around her to put their tables’ orders through.)

Mom: “I’m going to find a manager!”

(I stop her, wanting to see where this goes. After another fifteen minutes, the waitress finally brings our drinks.)

Me: *trying to be as polite as I can manage* “Are you ready to take our food order now, miss?”

(She rolled her eyes but removed the pen and pad from her apron and just stared at me expectantly. I bit my tongue and we gave her our order. Half an hour went by of her being on her phone before our order got typed through. After an hour we finally got our food and the rest of the meal went on just as it had. She rolled her eyes when we asked her for refills, after physically having to flag her down as she was not doing table checks, and she just had a general snooty attitude. We finished and after another twenty minutes of waiting she brought the check and went on with whatever she was doing. I opened the check and had to bite my tongue to keep from cussing this girl out. She wrote in a THIRTY DOLLAR (NOT percent. DOLLAR) tip for herself.  Internally, I cussed the skin off her face. Externally, I asked to see a manager. He was just as appalled as we were by her behavior and audacity of writing in her own tip. We were given our meal at half price and as far I know, the waitress never even made it to the end of her shift.)


Doesn’t Come In The Package Deal

| DC, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Lazy/Unhelpful

(I am home expecting an important package in the mail. The mailman walks up and puts a “sorry we missed you” slip in the box, instead of the package he’s holding.)

Me: “I’m here. I’ll take that.”

Mailman: “I don’t give out packages.”

Me: “What?”

Mailman: “I don’t give out packages. I give out these. You can take this to the main desk and get this package.” *proceeds to copy information onto the claim slip from the front of the package*

Me: “But I’m here. I’m waiting for it. I’m here to collect it. Just put the package in the mailbox, if nothing else.”

Mailman: “Sorry, I don’t give packages.”


Doesn’t Have The Drive To Work

| Canada | Coworkers, Lazy/Unhelpful

(My assistant is working one of our three locations for the day, and has driven there in the work vehicle. They are notorious for working incredibly slowly, and have exhibited suspicious behaviours regarding their time management when not being supervised. On this day they showed up at my location 40 minutes before the end of the work day.)

Me: “[Assistant], hi! What are you doing back so early?”

Assistant: “Oh, we finished at [Location #1] early today. I just dropped [Coworkers] off at [Location #2].”

Me: “Ok, cool. Are you leaving early today? Or are you finishing the day here at [Location #3]?”

Assistant: “Oh, no, I’m going back to [Location #2]. I just figured I would drop the work vehicle off here and then walk to [Location #2] so that I can catch the bus right at the end of the day.”

Me: “Wait, you’re walking back to [Location #2]? But that’s a 30 minute walk… and there’s only 40 minutes left in the day.”

Assistant: “Yup! But I can make it there in time.”

Me: “…in time to clean up. Take the work vehicle and drive there instead.”

Assistant: *looks disappointed* “But how will I get it back here at the end of the day?”

Me: “Drive it back here.”

Assistant: *looking even more disappointed*

Me: “Look, if you walk there you will only be able to work for 5-10 minutes. If you drive you can work for 30+ minutes. Take the work vehicle and get moving. You’re running out of time and they need your help over there.”

Assistant: *visibly deflates, shuffles over to vehicle key, and literally takes 10 minutes to walk down to the work vehicle*


Doesn’t Know Wheat You Mean, Part 3

| Salt Lake City, Utah, USA | Employees, Food & Drink, Health & Body, Ignoring & Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful

(My friend has a very severe case of Celiac disease and cannot eat any gluten without getting incredibly ill. She’s very cautious about what she eats and always makes sure to request gluten free when ordering food, either for delivery or in a restaurant. It’s Saturday night and we’re having game night at her house. My husband and her husband decide they really want pizza, so we call one of the few local pizza places that guarantee a gluten-free crust with no cross-contamination. When the pizzas arrive, we all start to dig in, until friend realizes something is very wrong.)

Friend: “Ugh! This isn’t gluten free! This is thin crust!”

Me: “Are you sure? Maybe the gluten free is a thin crust.”

Friend’s Husband: “Here, let me taste it.” *he takes a bite* “Nope, definitely not gluten free, and there’s flour all over the bottom of it.”

Friend: “Grrr! Give me the phone, this is bull****!” *dials the restaurant* “Yes, I just had a pizza delivery to my house, and I specifically ordered a small gluten free with bacon and mushrooms, and I can guarantee this is not gluten free.”


Friend: “Yes, I would love to speak to your manager.”


Friend: “Hi, yes, I just ordered from your store and specifically ordered a small gluten free pizza with bacon and mushrooms, and not only is this not your gluten free crust, but it’s covered in flour.”


Friend: “No, I can’t just ‘eat the pizza;’ I have Celiac disease. Do you know what that is?”


Friend: “No, it’s not a fad diet. It means if I eat gluten I end up throwing up and having diarrhea for days.”


Friend: “What I want you to do about it is remake the pizza correctly and have it delivered.”



“Yeah, I’m sure you are busy, given that it’s Saturday night, but if you guys had done it correctly the first time this wouldn’t be an issue.”






Friend:“Okay, let me explain what I would like from you. I do not want a voucher. I do not want a refund. I just want to be able to eat tonight. I don’t care if it’s going to take 45 minutes to get another pizza to me. Please just remake the pizza, how I ordered it, and have it delivered as soon as possible.”


Friend:“Okay, great.

Me: “Wow, so, how’d it go?”

Friend: *gives me the dirtiest look I’ve ever seen*

(When her replacement pizza arrived the delivery guy knocked and then left it on the porch before we could grab the door. It was gluten free – but bacon and peppers instead of bacon and mushrooms. She ate it anyway and hasn’t ordered from there since.)

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