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You’re Part Of The Part Problem

, | Germany | Money, Technology

(I’m building myself a new computer. For this I have ordered some hardware from a small but well known electronics mail order company. There’s only one part that isn’t in stock but the website says they’ll receive a batch within the next few days. However, after a month this item still hasn’t arrived. I call the hotline.)

Me: “Hi! I ordered some computer parts from you about a month ago and, even though the website said [item] would be available again within the last weeks, I still haven’t received it. I understand that you can’t do something about supply bottlenecks but I wanted to know how much longer it’s going to take and maybe cancel the order and order [other more expensive item].”

Employee: “Wait, just let me pull up your order. Oh, yes. I see what you mean. And you said you’ve waited for a month? In this case I’d be happy to upgrade you to [more expensive hardware] without any additional costs. Would that be okay for you?”

Me: “Wow, okay. Yes, of course. I’m thrilled. Thank you so much.”

(Few days later I receive a parcel from said online shop. I open it only to find an item which is actually both much cheaper and worse compared to my initial order. I call again.)

Me: “Hi. I called some days ago about [hardware]. Since you did seem to have a bottleneck with this part you offered to send me [more expensive item]. I’ve now received [hardware half the price of my initial order].”

Employee: “Oh, yeah. That was me. I talked to my supervisor and he said I couldn’t upgrade you to this particular part but since you were waiting for so long I thought you’d may be okay with [less expensive item].”

Me: “Oh, okay. Well, I’d like to send it back to you and order somewhere else. Could you do a refund?”

Employee: “I could but are you sure? You got [less expensive part] free of charge!”

(After a short discussion I gave up. He didn’t understand that I didn’t get it for free but would pay around 200€ more than the actual price. After he refunded me I ordered somewhere else.)


Makes A Bucket Of Difference

| NJ, USA | Food & Drink, Money

(There’s a local, non-chain chicken and ribs place that is fantastic. My husband and I go there at least once or twice a month. Since it’s just the two of us, we normally get a 4 or 8 piece bucket depending on what else we’re getting, but as we have a couple of friends over and want to “show off” we’re about to order the 16 piece, when I notice something odd on the menu and call up.)

Me: “Yeah, um, I was just looking over your online menu, and I think there’s a mistake; is the 16-piece bucket [price #1]?”

Chicken Place: “Yes, sir!”

Me: “Right. And the 12-piece is [price #2], and the four-piece is [price #3], right?”

Chicken Place: “Let me just check… Correct on both counts.”

Me: “Okay. So, you know I can order a 12-piece and a 4-piece for about a dollar less than a 16-piece, right?”

(He went quiet for a moment, spent a minute double-checking things, and then suddenly burst out laughing.)

Chicken Place: “I’m sorry about that! It looks like when they were setting up the pricing they goofed on that. I’ll make sure to pass it along to the manager!”

Me: “Great! Can I get a 12-piece and a 4-piece, and can you put that all in the same bucket?”

Chicken Place: *still laughing* “Of course, the total is [lower price].”

(Yes, the food was still delicious, and he was discussing the price issue with the manager when I got there to pick it up. Sadly it’s been over a year and the price was never adjusted, but at least I know how to order it!)


Talking Eurotrash

| Belgium | At The Checkout, Bad Behavior, Criminal/Illegal, Employees, Money

(After winning €50 on a lottery scratch card, I go to the newsagent’s to cash it in and buy a new €10 ticket.)

Me: “Hi, I’d like a [€10 ticket], please. And could you also pay out this one?”

(The cashier hands me a new ticket, takes my winning ticket, and looks at it in a rather annoyed way.)

Cashier: *in a quite pedantic tone* “You know, you really should scratch it more thoroughly so the QR code is completely uncovered; otherwise it’s too much work for me.”

Me: *surprised* “Oh, since when has the system changed? I thought all you needed was the 4-digit number in the corner, so I always make sure that’s fully visible.”

Cashier: *annoyed* “Yeah, well, they changed the system earlier this week and they came to install this stupid new computer terminal, without as much as a word of warning. So yeah, now we need to scan the QR code on each ticket.”

Me: “Okay, that’s good to know; I’ll bear it in mind for next time.”

(The cashier scans my winning ticket’s QR code, and the message “winning ticket: €50” pops up on the terminal’s screen.)

Cashier: *hesitates, looks at the winning ticket, then at the new ticket he’d just handed me, and then starts typing numbers into the cash register* “Right, minus the €10 for your new ticket, I owe you €28.”

Me: “Ehm, no… that would be €40. I won €50, the new ticket costs €10.

Cashier: *now obviously annoyed* “No, I don’t think so! It says €28 on the cash register. The register is always right!” *tries to hand me €28*

Me: “I’m quite sure it’s €40. Could you check my winning ticket again?”

Cashier: “No, I won’t! I never buy lottery tickets! I don’t know how any of that works! My register says your change is €28 so that’s what you’re getting! The register doesn’t make mistakes!” *slams down the money on the counter*

(At this moment, the next customer in line, who had clearly seen the “winning ticket: €50” message on the terminal’s screen, decides to speak up on my behalf:)

Customer: *to the cashier* “I’m sure this gentleman is right. I just saw him win €50!”

Cashier:  “Stay out of this!” *turns back to me* “Right, if money is obviously sooooo important to you, here’s your stinking two euros!”

(He grabs four 50ct coins from the till and slams them down on the counter, bringing the total change to €30.)

Me: *doing my best to remain icy calm* “Actually, you still owe me €10.”

Cashier: “Oh, really!? You know what?” *taking two €5 notes from the till, and throwing them on the counter* “Take it all! Take MY money! I hope you’re happy now! In fact, why don’t you go spend MY money right now? Buy a burger, why don’t you… and choke on it!”

Me: *walking to the exit with my €40* “Thanks for the tip, and pleasure doing business with you.”

(Although somehow I doubt I’ll go back there…)


Driving Home The Point

| NY, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Money, Politics, Transportation

(It is the Monday before Thanksgiving. My car has been making a horrible scraping noise for a few days, so I take it into my regular mechanic. I explain the symptoms and hand over my keys so he can see for himself. After a few minutes of test driving the car, he takes it into the shop, pulls something out of the bottom of it, and parks it back out front.)

Mechanic: *handing my keys back* “You’re all set. Have a happy Thanksgiving.”

Me: “Oh! Great! What was wrong?”

Mechanic: “The heat shield fell off and was bouncing around. There wasn’t enough of it left to salvage, but it’s okay.”

Me: “Okay! What do I owe you?”

Mechanic: *with a straight face* “You got a couple million?”

(I am very slow when it comes to figuring out whether or not other people are joking. I kind of just stare at him for a minute in response.)

Mechanic: “What, you’re not related to Trump?”

Me: “No, sir!”

Mechanic: *grinning* “Then have a happy Thanksgiving!”


Throw Your Request Into Oblivion

| Montréal, Canada | Bad Behavior, Employees, Geeks Rule, Money

(It is a few days after the video game collector’s edition of “Elder Scrolls: Oblivion” has released, which came with a metallic replica of the in-game currency the player uses. For fun and added authenticity, I want to get it gold-plated.)

Me: “Hey there, do you happen to offer goldsmithing services?”

Clerk: “Yes! What would you like to get done? We can do gold plating of various fineness for a wide variety of items!”

Me: “Awesome! What would it cost to do a 24-carat plating on this?” *shows her the coin*

Clerk: *frowns in disapproval* “I’m sorry, but we can’t do that. Defacing currency is actually a crime.”

Me: *stunned for a moment* Oh, no worries, this isn’t a real coin. It’s a replica of an Imperial septim from a video game!”

Clerk: *look at me angrily* “That’s even worse! We are NOT going to help you make fake currency! That’s criminal! Get out of here right now before I call the police!”

Me: *shocked in surprise* “But you don’t get it. It’s a fictional coin. It’s from a country that doesn’t exist! It’s from a videogame!”

Clerk: *not listening* “GET. OUT!”

(I left the place dejected and went to another jewelry store where service was much better. The clerk there asked why I looked so worried when asking him for plating and laughed a good deal when I told him the other clerk’s reaction. They gave my coin a flawless job and it looks gorgeous.)

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