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Has Five-Twenty Vision

| Merced, CA, USA | At The Checkout, Employees, Ignoring & Inattentive, Money

(My mom and I go through a fast food drive-thru, and as it is my turn to pay, I pass the money to Mom, who in turn passes it to the cashier. Now, it happens that I am a little tight on funds, and only have a couple dollar bills and a $20, and I want $10 back. It is kind of a weird amount and a normal person would have used a $5 instead of a $20, but I don’t have that. She hands me back my change, for the $5 instead of the $20.)

Me: “Excuse me, but I gave you a $20.You gave me the wrong change.”

(She immediately gets very defensive and assumes I’m lying.)

Cashier: “No, you didn’t. You handed me a $5.”

Me: “Sorry, but I’m absolutely positive I did, because I only had the $20, and I need the $10 back.”

(At this point my mom, who had passed the money over, is trying to help.)

Mom: “No, [My Name], you gave her a $5” *thanks, Mom!*

Me: “I didn’t HAVE a $5! I only had a $20! Please check your drawer. The $20 will be on top of the 5s.”

(This goes on for several minutes, Mom and the cashier insisting I handed her a $5, with Mom obviously thinking I am mistaken, and cashier just as positive I am a scammer, while I insist she either check the $5 slot in her drawer or call a manager. I am not a good liar, and tend to get seriously indignant when I am accused, so I am becoming very angry at this point. Being broke enough that the $10 difference is very dear to me isn’t helping, either.)

Cashier: “IF she has to call the manager over, he WILL count out the entire drawer, and press charges WHEN I am proven wrong.”

Me: “That’s fine. But before you call the manager, just open the drawer, and look in the $5 slot.”

Cashier: “FINE!”

(She angrily key open the drawer, looks at the $5s and shock passes over her face. Of course, sitting right on top, where I told her she’d mistakenly put it is my $20 bill.)

Cashier: “H-how did you do that?” *she actually stammered it out, and gets me my correct change*

Me: “Maybe next time you’ll at least check before you straight up call someone a liar!”

(As she’s driving away, my mom turns to me, with an equal look of shock.)

Mom: “How on Earth did you know it was in the $5 slot?”


Check And Double-Check The Check

| New Forest, England, UK | Bizarre/Silly, Employees, Money

(My siblings and I arrange a weekend away for our parents’ anniversary and book some rooms in a B&B run by a couple. I do most of the admin for organising the trip but I arrive last due to a delayed train, so the landlady doesn’t meet me until the next morning, when I am dressed in very casual clothes. When it is time to pay, my sister and I find the landlady. We have agreed that I will pay by cheque and my siblings will pay me back, as the B&B doesn’t accept card. Note that in addition to wearing very casual clothes, I look very young.)

Me: “Would you mind giving me the bill so we can pay?”

LandLady: “Ah, yes. How would you like to pay?”

Me: “Cheque, please.”

LandLady: “Sure.” *starts to write out bill* “And are all of you paying?”

Me: “I’m paying the full amount and then my siblings are paying me back. It’s a surprise holiday for our parents.”

LandLady: “You’re paying it all?”

Me: “Well, yes, but my siblings are paying me back.”

LandLady: “Okay…”

(She hands me the bill, which is a few hundred pounds.)

Me: “All right, great. Let me just write out the cheque.”

LandLady: “That is quite a bit of money.”

Me: “Yup.”

LandLady: “Are you sure you want to pay it upfront just yourself by cheque?”

Me: “Yep. I’m afraid I didn’t fancy carrying this amount of cash around with me and your website said I could pay by cheque.”

LandLady: “But it is quite a bit of money.”

Me: “Yes… and I have the money in my bank account; I checked before I came up here.”

LandLady: “If you’re sure… I mean, if your siblings wanted to pay some of it… You know, chip in…”

(At this point, my sister decides to step in as I’m not understanding what the landlady’s problem is.)

Sister: “She’s actually the best placed to pay upfront. She probably earns the most of the three of us; definitely a lot more than I do.”

(The landlady looks at me with some surprise.)

LandLady: “Um, what do you do?”

Me: “I’m training to be a lawyer in a corporate city law firm.”

LandLady: “Oh. Oh! You understand, don’t you, the worry we get when people write cheques, though? Since we can’t do card up here…”

Me: “Yeah, I know.”

(She was already very pleasant to us but I noticed she seemed to treat me a bit more like an adult after that.)


Needs To Make War To Get A Refund

| OR, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Geeks Rule, Money

(After a long, arduous affair, I decided to finally put my online gaming account down. I’ve already preordered the next expansion and so I thought I’d put in a ticket to get a refund since I will literally never use it.)

GM: “Greetings! This is Game Master [Name]! I see you’re leaving us and you’d like a refund. Sorry to hear that.”

Me: “It’s okay. It’s been a long time coming, I think, and this is for the best. I figure since it’s digital and not even out yet maybe you can help me out.”

GM: “Unfortunately, we can’t. The pre-patch is out now and we can’t do refunds for it any longer as a result.”

Me: “That seems a little arbitrary. Most people didn’t even know anything about gameplay until this pre-patch, right? Plus, I mean, it’s digital. It’s not like I have a copy waiting for me on a shelf.”

GM: “I understand your frustration. Unfortunately we do have to protect our interests. I see you were even civil in your ‘reason why you’re quitting.’”

Me: “Well, it’s not your fault I’m frustrated. What, if I would have been angry would you have given me the refund?”

GM: “Erm, I can’t directly discuss our policies, but we are usually told to rush problem customers away however we can…”

Me: “Did I just need to cuss you out? F***in’ f*** mother*** f***?”

GM: “That’s unfortunately going to end our conversation. I do wish I could have helped.”

(I’m totally on the GM’s side, but man, what a policy.)


Burnin’ Down The House!

| USA | Crazy Requests, Employees, Money

(My husband calls our insurance company to discuss our home insurance because our coverage is too high compared to the value of our home.)

Employee: “The reason it’s so high is if something catastrophic happened to your home the first thing we would do is pay off your mortgage, then build you a new house.”

Husband: “Wait, what? If our house is destroyed we get a brand new house and no mortgage?”

Employee: “Yep.”

Husband: “That can’t be right; everyone would just burn down their houses! Can I talk to your supervisor?”

(The supervisor gets on the line and my husband repeats the conversation so far.)

Supervisor: “No, that’s not right. If we did that everyone would just burn down their houses!”

Husband: “That’s what I said!”

Supervisor: “We will have a talk to that associate about this. Now, let’s take a look at your policy.”


My Bank Takes 5010 Days

| Annapolis, MD, USA | Money, Time

(I am chatting online with a representative of a company about a faulty order we just received. They have agreed to send a replacement order and credit back a portion of the original purchase price.)

Representative: “Please allow me five minutes to replace the order.”

Me: “Thank you so much. I really appreciate all your help.”

Representative: “No problem. I have issued a refund of $100 to your credit card on file. This may take 305 business days to reflect on your account.”

Me: “305?”

Representative: “Yes. Please remain in the chat until I have completed the order.”

Me: “305 days?”

Representative: “Yes. Is the shipping address still the same?”

Me: “Yes. So it may take up to a year for us to see the money?!”

Representative: “Oh my gosh I am so sorry! 3-5 days.”

Me: “Haha, oh okay.”

Representative: “I am so sorry.”

Me: “Don’t be; that kind of made my day!”

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