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American Express Yourself

England, UK | Bosses & Owners, Money

(I’ve ordered my food and pull around to pay.)

Worker: “Sorry we don’t accept American Express.”

Me: “Really? I thought I saw the sign saying that you do.”

Worker: “No,, we don’t.”

Me: *while looking for some change* “That’s really inconvenient; is there a problem?”

Worker: “No, we just don’t take them.”

Me: “Okay. Well, I will have to pull over at that cash point. You should really update the sign.”

Worker: “I’ll ask my manager.” *off she goes*

Me: “I just made that comment that you state that your sign says that you take American express and I’m told you don’t.”

Manager: “Where does it say that?”

Me: “The sign with all the cards on it.”

(The manager jogs around looks at the sign then jogs back in.)

Manager: “I guess we can see if it works.”

(The payment clears fine.)

Manager: “Well, I never. Apparently we do take it.”

Me: “Okay, thanks.”

(All would be fine until a week or two later I had the exact same conversation with another manager!)

Fret About Debt

| MN, USA | Bad Behavior, Employees, Health & Body, Money

(Due to health issues, my debts and bills have begun to pile up. Most places are understanding and often hold off on collecting a payment, or let me make a smaller than minimum payment after I explain the situation. My phone rings.)

Me: “Hello?”

Debt Collector: “Yes, is Miss [My Maiden Name, but mispronounced] there?”

Me: “That was my maiden name, yes. My married name is [Married Name].”

Debt Collector: “This call may be recorded. The last four of your social are [numbers]. I’m calling to collect a debt from [School I went to years ago].”

Me: *taken aback by the casual nature of giving out any part of my social security number* “Uh… yeah. I’m on a payment plan. I know I’ve missed last month’s payment and probably this month’s as well. I’ve already called and worked it out with them.”

Debt Collector: “Well, I have wonderful news. If you just pay $600 right now, you’ll be back on track. This is a great opportunity to get your credit up!”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry but I don’t have that kind of money right now. I’ve been in the hospital and–”

Debt Collector: *interrupting* “What can you give today? $500?”

Me: “No, I don’t have any money.”

Debt Collector: “You have something. $400? $300?”

Me: “I don’t have anything. All of my money has been going to hospital bills and rent.”

Debt Collector: *angry* “Look, I’ve heard it all before. I need $200 from you right now, and more tomorrow. Borrow some money from someone.”

Me: “I don’t HAVE two hundred dollars, and I’m not borrowing money to get out of a debt! I’m hanging up now.”

(The next day:)

Debt Collector: *flatly* “Miss [Mispronounced Maiden Name], I’m a debt collector. I have wonderful news for you. If you can send $900 right now, your debt with [School] will be nearly caught up. This is a great opportunity.”

Me: “I told you yesterday, I don’t have that kind of money. I’m not going to have that kind of money this month, or next, period. I’ve already worked it out with [School].”

Debt Collector: “Your insurance will pay your hospital bills, [Mispronounced Maiden Name]. $800 today and your problems go away. Now, how would you like to pay? I’ll just call you back if you hang up on me again, so don’t try it.”

Me: *losing my temper* “Okay, LOOK. My name is not [Maiden Name]; it’s [Married Name]. I told you yesterday that I don’t have several hundred dollars lying around, and the reason I don’t is because most insurances don’t pay for chemo. I’m more worried about fighting for my life than I am my credit score right now, PLUS [School] and I have an arrangement worked out already.”

Debt Collector: “I’m doing my job. Give me whatever you have or I’ll call you every hour.”

Me: *click*

(The next day:)

New Debt Collector: “Hello, is [Mispronounced Maiden Name] there?”

Me: “Nope.” *click*

Making You Grit Your Teeth

| NC, USA | Health & Body, Money

(I’m 21 years old, pregnant, and one of my wisdom teeth has become dangerously infected. I visit my dentist, but he tells me to come back after I’ve delivered. Normally when I go to the dentist I take my mother with me, as I’m autistic with sensory issues and I get overwhelmed easily by the tools. I receive a call two months after getting the tooth pulled.)

Caller: “Hello! I’m looking for [My Name].”

Me: “That’s me.”

Caller: “Hi, [my Name], I’m calling from [Dentist]. Are you aware that you have a bill for $300?”

(At this point my daughter is crying and my mother is asking who it is, so I hand her the phone to tend to the baby. I calm her down enough to hear what’s being said.)

Mom: “I’ve talked to [My Previous Insurance] and they’ll cover the cost if you’ll file the claim correctly. It was a medically necessary procedure, which is covered. This is the third time I’ve told you to re-file the claim. If you’d done it right the first time, you’d have your money.”

Caller: “Well, it will soon be sent to collections. Even if it is covered, that’s only $100 from her bill; still needs to pay for the cleaning.”

(At this point I’m confused, because all we’d ever been told was that the $300 was for extracting my tooth. Furthermore, I had neither asked for nor discussed a cleaning with the dentist, as I was only going in to have that tooth pulled. It takes me a minute before I realize that he did clean my teeth, without warning or my consent, to see what all damage there was so I would come back, which I had no plans of doing.)

Mom: “[My Name], did he clean your teeth?”

Me: “Yes, but I didn’t ask for it or agree to it, and didn’t even know he was going to do it until he started. We never discussed a cleaning, just the extraction.”

Caller: *practically screaming* “Well, she can say that all she wants, but she sat in that chair and had her teeth cleaned, so it’s her responsibility, and if she doesn’t pay it will be GOING TO COLLECTIONS.”

(The caller then hung up as I started fighting tears. I had seen this dentist as a teenager, and he knew of my issues. Every time my mother had gone in with me for wisdom tooth removals he had done the procedure without a cleaning — but the one time I went in alone they wanted to spring a surprise cleaning on me, then charge me $200 for it. I won’t be returning there, or taking my daughter to see them.)

Eliminate The Checking Process

| NY, USA | Extra Stupid, Money, Non-Dialogue

Back in the 1970s, I remember reading a catalog from an electronics company. On the last page, next to the order form, they had this note:

“Make ordering easy! Just send us a signed check made out to us. Don’t fill in the amount. Let us add it all up, including shipping, and calculate the total, then we’ll write it on your check for you.”

My thought was, “yeah, it will also eliminate that unsightly balance in my checking account.”

It Pays To Be Married

| San Antonio, TX, USA | Coworkers, Money

(It’s Wednesday and we just got paid Friday. A coworker and I are talking about what we did on our days off.)

Coworker: “I spent $118 in one day!”

Me: “Woah, on what?”

Coworker: “I took my daughters out to eat and then we did some shopping and then to the movies. I have about $40 left.”

Me: “That was money well spent! You spent some time with your daughters so it wasn’t a waste.”

Coworker: “Yeah, you’re right. Besides, it’s almost Friday.”

Me: “We don’t get paid this Friday. We already got paid last Friday.”

Coworker: “Yeah, we don’t, but my husband does!”

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