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Try Out THAT School Of Thought

| OH, USA | Coworkers, School

(I work at a restaurant and I’m the only college-aged employee there. Everyone else is in their mid-30s to mid-40s. We’re scheduling shifts for the upcoming month.)

Coworker: “[My Name], can you take next Monday at 10:30?”

Me: “No, I have a class then.”

Coworker: *mockingly* “That’s right! You can’t work because you’ll be in school!”

Me: “At least I’m getting an education so I don’t have to work at [Restaurant] when I’m 40.”

(I quit a few months later.)

Common Sense Is Playing Truant Today

| San Antonio, TX, USA | Employees, School

(At college, some friends and I decide to go off-campus for lunch. We all have a long break between classes, so we drive to a restaurant a good distance away. There’s four of us, three girls and a guy, and when the guy leaves the table to go to the bathroom, we’re approached by a strange man, who stands blocking the exit of our booth and starts talking to us.)

Man: “Hi, how are y’all doing?”

Us: *looking at each other uncertainly* “Fine…”

Man: “Getting some lunch between classes, I take it?”

Me: “Yeah… Look, what do you want?”

Man: “Nothing, nothing… Just wondering, how old are you? Are you all freshmen?”

Friend: “We’re juniors and seniors. Please leave now.”

Man: “Oh, so you go to [High School]?”

Me: “No. We’re in college. Leave us alone.”

(The man seems to take the hint and returns to his own table where another man is sitting. He starts talking to the other man but keeps looking over at us. Finally, our male friend returns from the bathroom, and we tell him what happened. As we leave, the guy stops at the strange man’s table and leans over him. The rest of us go and wait in the car. When he comes out, we ask him what happened.)

Male Friend: “So, it turns out he’s a truant officer who works at [High School] and he thought you were students there. I suggested to him that maybe the best way to go about confirming that would be to show a badge, not to wait until the one guy in the group is gone and then ask random girls how old they are.”

And This Person Works In A Museum?

| Leiden, The Netherlands | Employees, Ignoring & Inattentive, School

(I’m working for a tourist information where I am head of the group activities. One day, a customer from Belgium who comes back every year with her school asks me for a tour in one of our museums. They are only here for one day and will visit two museums and have a guided walk for the students. The museum of their choice is closed that particular day so I decided to e-mail another one.  In the mail I write about the school-classes from Belgium who are in town for one day and requests a guided tour for approximately 90 students. The answer I get back:)

Reply: “Thank you for your request. Wow, 90 students is a lot… All of our guides are university students and I’m not sure if I can have enough guides for that amount. It is better if we split the group and have them visit us in three groups spread over three days. Can you ask if the group can stay three days instead of one?”

Me: *head on desk*

The Jury Is Out On This One

| Sacramento, SC, USA | Politics, School

(I turned eighteen very early in my senior year of high school. Before I even turn 18 1/2, I am summoned for jury duty. While I understand how important it is every one serves, I’m still in school and my mom informs the court I can’t go. She has received their rejection of our response.)

Me: “How can they say I have to go?”

Mom: *sighs* “They said school is not a reason for excusal.”

Me: “Sure, college or something like that! Did you explain to them that it’s a government mandate that I go to high school?!”

A Brainy Comment

| AB, Canada | Bosses & Owners, Math & Science, School

(While pursuing my master’s, I’m working at a grocery store to make ends meet. One day I’m struggling to get a pallet jack working. The visiting regional manager is watching me, and growing frustrated. Finally, he decides to chew me out.)

Regional Manager: “Come on, you dumb s***. It’s just a tool. It’s not rocket science!”

Me: “I’m studying for my master’s in physics! ROCKET SCIENCE, I CAN DO!”

(Since I am having a rough day to begin with, my response is a little louder than he expects, and he is quite taken aback. But I must have had an effect because the next time he’s chewing someone out, this happens.)

Regional Manager: “Come on, this isn’t rock…” *trails off as he sees me* “THIS ISN’T BRAIN SURGERY!”

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