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Very Hard (Drive) Music

| Jackson, MS, USA | Family & Kids, Technology

(I’ve recently started writing full-time for my dad’s company, and am busily plugging content into our new website.)

Dad: “Hey, looks like you’ve got the CMS all figured out.” *pause* “Are you hearing that noise?”

Me: “What noise?”

Dad: “It’s sort of quiet, coming from your computer…”

Me: “Oh! That’s just my music player!”

Dad: “Oh, thank goodness. I heard it buzzing and sort of clicking, I thought it was your hard drive failing.”

Me: “Nah… it’s the EDM station. It’s supposed to sound like that.”


Not So Smart Phone, Part 10

| CA, USA | Technology

(I am calling to get the phone number transferred from my old phone to the new one I just purchased. Once the request is processed, this conversation takes place.)

Customer Service Representative: “Now that the number transfer is complete, you’ll need to cancel the old phone.”

Me: “How do I do that?”

Customer Service Representative: “You can request that through me.”

Me: “Okay… Would you please cancel the old phone?”

Customer Service Representative: “May I ask why you would like to cancel this phone?”

Me: “…Because I don’t need two phones?”

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Unsocial Media

| Dallas, TX, USA | Bad Behavior, Bigotry, Bosses & Owners, Technology

Me: “Okay, we’ve got the new Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles matching to create uniformity across all platforms. We just need to generate conversational content.”

Boss: “Well, take everything down and stop following people. We are industry leaders and you need to contact the companies we are following and tell them to follow us. Then stop following them. Also, I’m the only one that generates content for this company. Social media is gay. Twitter is just for stay at home moms.”

Me: “…”

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