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They Can’t Elevate Their Positions

| Toronto, ON, Canada | Bosses & Owners, Coworkers, Technology

(While working in a bank’s head office, around twenty colleagues and I get stuck in the elevator.)

Me: *pressing security call button* “Hello, the elevator has stopped between floors and won’t restart.”

Security: “I apologize for that. We will tell maintenance to come let you out. Could you please tell me who all is in the elevator?”

Me: “[My Name], and [twenty other lower-level bank employees].”

Security: “Thank you. We will inform your managers.”

Me: “Thank you.”

(Security hangs up.)

Man Behind Me: “You idiot! Why didn’t you name a manager or executive? We’re going to be stuck here for hours. They’re not going to rush for us!”

Me: “Oops.”

(He was right; we were in there for more than an hour. Next time I’m naming an executive or two!)


Email Fail, Part 7

, | NY, USA | Extra Stupid, Technology

(I’ve forgotten the password for my college-provided email account. The only way to reset it is to physically go to the IT techs, who are also college students, and get them to do it.)

Me: “Hey, I’m an idiot and I can’t remember my email password. Could you reset it for me?”

Tech: “No problem. Just let me see your student ID so I can make sure you are who you say you are.”

(The tech fiddles around on his computer for a few minutes and then looks up.)

Tech: “Okay, you’re all set.”

Me: “Great, thanks so much. So what is my new password?”

Tech: “Oh. I closed out the screen, but don’t worry. I emailed it to you.”

Me: “Umm… how am I supposed to access my email without the password?”

Tech: “Oh… right. Let me just reset that for you again, and this time I’ll write it down!”

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The 1990s Called… And By Doing So Kicked You Offline

| PA, USA | Technology

(I have to contact a customer to help them figure out a technical issue. While that is not my job, I am happy to make the call. The information sent to me indicates the customer has complained that they are having issues staying connected to our company’s system. As I am talking to the customer, I ask them to connect to the system. As they do so, I hear sounds I have not heard in almost a decade – the tell-tale beeps and boops of dial up connecting…)

Customer: *sighs* “Hang on, I was auto-kicked. Someone picked up the other phone.”

Me: “I think I figured out your problem.”

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