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You’re Part Of The Part Problem

, | Germany | Money, Technology

(I’m building myself a new computer. For this I have ordered some hardware from a small but well known electronics mail order company. There’s only one part that isn’t in stock but the website says they’ll receive a batch within the next few days. However, after a month this item still hasn’t arrived. I call the hotline.)

Me: “Hi! I ordered some computer parts from you about a month ago and, even though the website said [item] would be available again within the last weeks, I still haven’t received it. I understand that you can’t do something about supply bottlenecks but I wanted to know how much longer it’s going to take and maybe cancel the order and order [other more expensive item].”

Employee: “Wait, just let me pull up your order. Oh, yes. I see what you mean. And you said you’ve waited for a month? In this case I’d be happy to upgrade you to [more expensive hardware] without any additional costs. Would that be okay for you?”

Me: “Wow, okay. Yes, of course. I’m thrilled. Thank you so much.”

(Few days later I receive a parcel from said online shop. I open it only to find an item which is actually both much cheaper and worse compared to my initial order. I call again.)

Me: “Hi. I called some days ago about [hardware]. Since you did seem to have a bottleneck with this part you offered to send me [more expensive item]. I’ve now received [hardware half the price of my initial order].”

Employee: “Oh, yeah. That was me. I talked to my supervisor and he said I couldn’t upgrade you to this particular part but since you were waiting for so long I thought you’d may be okay with [less expensive item].”

Me: “Oh, okay. Well, I’d like to send it back to you and order somewhere else. Could you do a refund?”

Employee: “I could but are you sure? You got [less expensive part] free of charge!”

(After a short discussion I gave up. He didn’t understand that I didn’t get it for free but would pay around 200€ more than the actual price. After he refunded me I ordered somewhere else.)


Cats Can’t Break The Script

| USA | Employees, Ignoring & Inattentive, Pets & Animals, Technology

(I am using my laptop when my cat unexpectedly springs onto the keyboard, accidentally opening a chat box for computer repair.)

Representative: “Hello, how can I help you today?”

Me: “Sorry, cat on keyboard.”

Representative: “What is the make and model of your laptop? Has this problem occurred before?”

(Yes. Constantly.)


Not Always Working Always Works

| AZ, USA | Non-Dialogue, Technology

As the phones at work are to be manned at all times, we’re allowed to surf the Internet when the lines aren’t busy.

I always enjoy going to the Not Always websites. One of the sites has just started to load when I’m sent on break.

I leave my desk without waiting for it to finish. By the time my break is over and I return, all my coworkers are busy taking calls. Only my desk is unoccupied, with NOT ALWAYS WORKING, splashed across the screen.


Not Properly Monitoring The Situation, Part 2

, | Evans, CO, USA | Coworkers, Extra Stupid, Technology

(We recently had a couple of computers move. To save manual labor on myself, I did not move monitors if there was a monitor already at the new location.)

User: “With the new screen, will my files still be there?”

Me: *hoping that I misunderstood the question* “Yes…”

User: “Are you sure? I don’t think they will be.”

Me: *inwardly dying because I know that I didn’t misunderstand* “Show me.”

(We go to the computer, she shows me a monitor that has stickers on it, where the one that used to be attached to the computer didn’t have stickers.)

User: “This isn’t my screen. This isn’t right. My files will be missing.”

(I turn the computer on, have the user login, and all of her files show up normally.)

Me: “The monitor is like a TV. Regardless of what TV you hook the DVD player up to, it will show the same content.”

User: “Oh, okay!”

(I go back to the office, and proceed to bang my head on the wall.)


Not Properly Monitoring The Situation



| QC, Canada | Crazy Requests, Employees, Technology

(After I move from a big city to a remote town, I need to call my cell phone provider to make a few changes to my account. The worker who answers the phone after about a fifteen minute wait time is talking with a very heavy accent. It is clear that she was either a first generation immigrant, or is working in a call center in another country.)

Worker: “Thank you for reaching [Cell Phone Company]. How may I help you?”

Me: “Hi. I need to change my local call zone as I have moved, and I would like to change my pre-paid plan for a regular plan.”

Worker: “We can only treat one issue per call. You will have to call back for the second one.”

(At this point I think this to be very bad customer service, but assume it wouldn’t do any good to argue.)

Me: “Well, okay… Let’s start with the local call zone. I recently moved from [Big City] to [Remote Town].”

Worker: *after about five seconds* “I can’t find [Remote Town]. Do you have another city?”

(Again, I find this odd, but I figure the other towns around would still be in the same zone. However, those other towns have complicated names, and it’s safe to assume that someone who never heard of them would make a spelling mistake while searching for those towns in a database.)

Me: “Okay, what about [Town #2]?”

Worker:  *after a few seconds only* “I don’t have that. Do you have another town?”

Me: “Hmm… maybe [Town #3]?”

Worker: *after a few seconds again* “I don’t have that. Do you have another town?”

(At this point, I’m about 100% sure she didn’t spell the names right, because I know this company has cell phone coverage in the area I’m in.)

Me: “Are you sure you’re spelling the names right? Those towns have tricky names and—”

Worker: *cutting me off* “Yes, sir, I’m sure. I don’t have those places in my list. Do you have another town?”

Me: “Well, the next town over is about 500 km from where I live, so I guess not.”

Worker: “Okay. Since we haven’t been able to resolve your first issue, we can go ahead and change your plan without you having to call back. So, what plan would you be interested in today?”

Me: “Is this serious? You cannot set me up in a local call zone, and now you expect me to stay with your company, AND to switch from my pre-pay plan to a regular plan?”

Worker: “Well, we have a lot of good plans.”

Me: “Never mind.” *click*

(I called their competitor, and got everything working the way I wanted within the hour. And they have actual decent customer service!)

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