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Two Too Early

| Westlock, AB, Canada | At The Checkout, Employees, Food & Drink, Time

(I pop in for lunch at a well-known fast food chain. This fast food chain switches from their breakfast menu to their lunch menu at 11 am. I check my watch to see it’s 10:58. I decide to try for lunch anyway.)

Me: “Hi! Is it too early to order a cheeseburger?”

Clerk: “We don’t start serving lunch until 11.”

Me: “But it’s literally two minutes until 11.”

Clerk: “I said we don’t start serving lunch until 11!”

Me: “Okay. In that case, I’ll be back in two minutes!”

(I go use the washroom. When i come back out, my watch says 11 am, and the menus have been switched over to the lunch menu. I go back to the same clerk.)

Me: “Hi! I’d like to order a cheeseburger.”

(I get my cheeseburger… and a death glare!)

First World Responses To First World Problems

| Tallahassee, FL, USA | Awesome Customers, Awesome Workers, Time

(My boyfriend works in produce and I work retail, so we’re both familiar with the best and worst kinds of customers. So, when we go out to eat and the restaurant is busy we take it in stride. The waiter comes back with our drinks.)

Waiter: “I’m so sorry about the wait.”

Me: “Oh, gosh, we just had to sit here and enjoy each other’s company!”

Boyfriend: “Yeah, it was just the worst.”

Waiter: *laughing* “I’m so sorry I made you go through that.”

Four Score And Half An Hour Earlier

| Canada | Coworkers, Lazy/Unhelpful, Time

(I have always disliked Coworker #1 for being lazy and sloppy with his work.)

Coworker #2: “[My Name], where is [Coworker #1]?”

Me: “It’s after four.”

Coworker #2: “So?”

Me: “Isn’t he done work at four?”

Coworker #2: “No, not until 4:30. Why would you think he only works until four?”

Me: “Because he always leaves at four.”

(It was a happy day for me indeed when he handed in his resignation.)

A Very Cranky Sale

, | CA, USA | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Coworkers, Popular, Time, Trending

(It is the late 1980s. I work in a women’s clothing store that has been open since the late 1960s. Nothing much has changed in those 20 years in terms of décor or clientele, who wear the same styles of clothing that were popular two decades earlier. Some of the cash registers are truly antiques; they are electric, but with a 10-key style system and a slot for a hand crank.)

Me: “Your purchase comes to [total].”

Customer: *hands me cash; I will need to make change*

(The main power goes out. It is about 10 minutes before closing time. It is not a power outage; the lights that stay on all night are still lit. The owner has turned off the power, apparently not realizing there is still a customer in the store.)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, I think the owner has shut the power off.” *sends coworker to tell owner to turn the power back on*

(The power controls are on the second floor. The coworker reaches the owner at the bottom of the stairs and he has to walk all the way back up to turn it back on.)

Customer: *laughing at the situation* “I can’t believe he would turn the power off before checking to see if there are still customers in the store!”

Me: “I know; I’m really sorry for the delay.”

Coworker: “You know, we’ve always wanted to crank out a sale on one of these old cash registers… Let’s try it!”

(By the time the power was back on, we had completed the sale with the old hand crank and enjoyed the joke at the expense of the store owner!)

Found Your Calling Quite Late

| Athens, GA, USA | Bosses & Owners, Crazy Requests, Time

(At the store where I work the schedule for Sunday through Saturday is posted in the break room, behind the customer service desk, and to a website all employees can access on the Friday prior to that week. All three schedules say that I am supposed to come in at three on Saturday, and say so for the entire week with no changes. When I show up at three on Saturday, my manager calls me over.)

Manager: “[My Name], why are you coming in so late?”

Me: “Umm, I’m not late. I was supposed to be here at three.”

Manager: “Well, our schedule for today says you were supposed to be here at 10:45. Why didn’t you call and say you were going to be late?”

Me: “Because all the schedules I saw said I was working at 3, and no one told me of any changes.”

Manager: “Well, yes, there weren’t any changes that I know of, but our schedule said 10:45, and it’s your responsibility to call us and tell us if you’re going to be late.”

Me: “But I’m not late!”

Manager: “You still should have called.”

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