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Two Timing

| MA, USA | Time

(I’m waiting on the front step for my driving instructor for my last ever driving lesson. I have a 12:30 appointment so I’m sure he’ll be here any minute. Come 1 pm, he’s still not here, so I decide to call him to make sure he’s okay and that a student hasn’t crashed the car.)

Me: “Hey [Instructor], it’s [My Name]. I was wondering where you are?”

Instructor: “What? Why? Your appointment’s at 2 pm.”

Me: “That’s not what I have in my calendar… I was told I had a 12:30 appointment.”

Instructor: “Well, don’t call and yell at me about it! I just pick up the schedule at the beginning of the day, and it says 2 pm!”

Me: “Okay, I understand. It was the school’s fault. I just wanted to make sure you weren’t in an accident.”

Instructor: “2 pm! I’ve never done my job incorrectly; I do it by the book! I would call you if we got in an accident! I’m a professional. I would call you! Don’t yell at me about this! I just follow the schedule!”

Me: *taken aback and wondering how he’d call me if he ended up dead from a crash* “Okay! Thanks for letting me know! I’ll be waiting at 2 pm!”

(He did come at 2 pm, but I still swear to this day that I was told 12:30 when I made the appointment. As a bonus, he said things during “teaching” such as “You gotta stop for people in the crosswalk. I know it’s a pain, but I legally gotta tell you that,” and when he drove away from my house for the last time, he didn’t even put his seatbelt on.)

That Tabled That Discussion

| Arlington, TX, USA | Bosses & Owners, Rude & Risque, Time

(One morning I show up at work early, right when the manager gets there. The opening manager is in a bad mood and treats me like absolute crap. Finally, right before I leave we have the following conversation.)

Manager: “Hey, I’m sorry about this morning.”

Me: “It’s cool.”

Manager: “You showing up at 8:30 totally threw off my routine.”

Me: “Sorry about that.”

Manager: “To be honest, my boyfriend and I were going to have sex on the prep table before you walked in.”

(I just clocked out and walked away.)

New Flights Of Unreason

| Washington, DC, USA | Employees, Time, Transportation

(I’m trying to get on a flight for work to State College, PA. I have to be there by 7 pm for sound-check; the flight is scheduled to take off at 12:30 and land at 2 pm. At 12 pm, they announce a five-minute delay. Knowing that it’s NEVER a five-minute delay, I approach the desk.)

Me: “I just wanted to talk to someone about getting on another flight; I MUST be in State College this evening for work.”

Airline Employee: “Oh, it’ll be fine. We’ll just be a few minutes delayed.”

(Every few minutes, they announce another short delay. By 1 pm, I go back to the desk.)

Me: “Hi, I really need to talk to someone about getting on another flight.”

(At that moment, a VERY cranky passenger storms up and interrupts me to shout about the delay. Airline employee turns away from me to deal with it. He continues to rant, and another employee comes over. Now there’s a bunch of us in line, and everyone’s serving that one guy. I give up and return to my seat. At 1:30 pm, I return to the desk and again, just as I am about to be served, cranky man jumps up and starts yelling. At 2 pm, I try AGAIN, and by now there are FIVE airline employees serving him and everyone else is being ignored. Finally, at 2:30, I stand my ground.)

Me: “OK, the last time I checked, I was told it would be ‘just a few minutes until the plane took off. That was more than two hours ago. I fly tens of thousands of miles with you folks every year and I know you have other flights into this town – I NEED to get on the next flight. Can you help me?”

Airline Attendant: “Sorry, miss, but the last flight to State College left an hour ago. Why didn’t you say something sooner?”

Me: “…”

(I managed to get into town and to the venue with less than 20 minutes to spare.)

Pizza Of Future’s Past

| Washington, DC, USA | Food & Drink, Time

(I order a pizza on the night daylight saving time ends, at 1:45 am DST. They tell me it will be there in about half an hour, and sure enough, half an hour later, it arrives. It is now 1:15 am, standard time, because we set the clocks back. I have no complaints, but a couple days later, I get a call from a manager.)

Manager: “Hello, I’m calling about your order a couple days ago from [Pizza Place].”

Me: “Yes, was there a problem?”

Manager: “You tell me. It’s showing here that your order took 993 minutes to be delivered, but that’s what, 16 hours? I just wanted to follow up and see what happened.”

Me: “No, it took about half an hour, pretty much what they promised.”

Manager: “So you ordered at 1:45 am, and it was delivered at… 1:16 am? That is fast, but that can’t be right.”

Me: *thinking back* “Wasn’t that the day we set our clocks back? So that does make sense. Maybe your computer system couldn’t handle a negative and it overflowed?”

Manager: “Like Gandhi?”

Me: “Yeah, like Gandhi.”

Manager: “Well, sorry to bother you, and I hope you order again soon. We’ll be fast next time, too, but we can’t get it to you before you order. That was a one-time thing!”

Very Bad Reception, Part 17

| Atlanta, GA, USA | Employees, Ignoring & Inattentive, Time

(I’m on a break at work when I get a call from the receptionist at my doctor’s office.)

Receptionist: “Hi, I’m calling from [Doctor] for [My Name]. We were wondering if you were going to show up for your appointment today?”

Me: “Um, I never made an appointment for today. I had one for tomorrow but cancelled it last week.”

Receptionist: “Okay, but you’re in the system for an appointment in five minutes, so you must have made the appointment.”

Me: “I never made that appointment, so I won’t be there. I’m not sure where it came from.”

Receptionist: “So… will you be showing up today?”

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