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Breakfast Rush To Conclusions

| Sydney, NSW, Australia | Bosses & Owners, Time

(Our cafe stops serving all breakfast at 3:00. Our dockets are also labelled with the time they were sent to the kitchen and who sent them.)

Chef: “[My Name]!”

Me: “Yes?”

Chef: “What is this?”

(I glance over the docket, worried I’ve missed something in the order.)

Me: “Uh… a bacon and egg roll?”

Chef: “Yes. And what time is it?”

Me: “2:15?”

Chef: “Exact… Oh, f***. I thought it was past 3 and was getting ready to rip into you! D***!”

A Wait-y Reward

| CA, USA | Employees, Food & Drink, Non-Dialogue, Time

I order in the drive-thru of a burger place. I find out it’s only two coupons per car, so I tell the lady working that I’ll be driving through again. When I get to the window and pay, she asks me to park in the parking lot to wait for my food. I agree and park.

I’m looking at stuff on my phone for a bit when she comes out to give someone else their order. When she sees me she asks “You haven’t gotten your food yet?” I say no and she leaves to check on my food. When she comes back she says it’ll only be a little bit and asks for the other coupon. I show it to her and she tells me that it’ll be free for the long wait.

When I arrive home with the food, I realize she upgraded the small fries of the last coupon to a large and added a Snickers pie.

I don’t know how long I waited for, but I’m sure it wasn’t for as long as she seemed to think it was.

Time For A Change

| Dallas, TX, USA | Awesome Workers, Time

(I’ve worked as a page at the downtown branch of the Dallas Public Library, and we have an announcer who broadcasts notices of special events to the building as well as opening and closing notices. At about 4:45 Saturday evening I hear the following:)

Announcer: “Attention, please. The Library will be closing in 15 minutes. Please gather your belongings and take materials for checkout to the first floor. Again, we will be closing in 15 minutes. Thank you.”

(Now, I think little of this until it crosses my mind that since we expanded our hours a few months back, no longer close at 5:00 on any day except Sunday. Sure enough, the announcer comes back mere seconds later.)

Announcer: “Attention, please. Obviously, I cannot tell time. We are not closing yet. Thank you.”

Not Much Assurance About The Insurance, Part 2

| MI, USA | Employees, Time

(I buy a used vehicle and start shopping for insurance, as the law in my state requires I have insurance in order to register or drive the vehicle. I put in an online request for a quote from three different companies. I hear back from two, never hear from the third, and ultimately go with the first. A month later, the third company calls me.)

Agent: “Hi, I see you’ve put in a request for an insurance quote.”

Me: “Well, yes, but I already bought insurance.”

Agent: “What? You didn’t even get our quote yet!”

Me: “It’s been a month. I had to have insurance. I’m sorry.”

Agent: “Well, thank you for WASTING MY TIME!”


Not Much Assurance About The Insurance

The Shift Takes A Sudden Shift

, | Québec City, QC, Canada | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Time

(It is my very first job at a very popular fast food restaurant. After a couple months of working there, one month before the schedules come out I request a day off for an event. When the schedule does get out, what do I see? That I’m scheduled that very same day, of course. I call my manager to remind her that I wanted the day off. She agrees, so I think nothing of it until that very day. My manager calls home but I’m away because of said event. My mom answers.)

Manager: “Where the h*** is [My Name]?! He was supposed to check in today!”

Mom: “Hmm, I’m pretty sure he did call you very early to say he wouldn’t come in today.”


Mom: *now outraged when she’s usually the sweetest angel* “HOLD ON! Now, I know this isn’t true at all! [My Name] has always been very responsible about his job; I am now convinced he called you beforehand to tell you he would not be there. ALSO, I drive him to work every single time so I would know if he didn’t go!”

Manager: *now embarrassed* “Oh, um… I must have thought of someone different with the same name as [My Name].”

Mom: “Of course you have!”

Manager: “Oh, um… it will be fine for this time…” *hangs up*

(The funny thing is this manager was known around town to hire way too many people to get some random bonuses. She tried to have over one hundred employees for one fast food restaurant, resulting in her not knowing each employee personally. I have seen her a total of two times the whole time I was there. I didn’t stay long after that incident.)