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(I’ve been working at the same college store for three years–now that I’m a senior, I cut my hours harshly so I can focus on school. However, I’m still really stressed and tired when I come in. My coworker and I are talking during down time.)

Me: …and I’m just worried that I won’t get a job out of school. It’s really–hold on.

(The phone rings, cutting me off. I pick up the receiver and throw my voice up at least two octaves.)

Me: Good morning, this is [My Name] at [Store]! What can I do for you?

(I continue in a really nice, cheerful tone. I return to my drab regular voice after the call.)

Coworker: You’re a little TOO good at hiding your discomfort…


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One of the women I work with has it in for me, she will complain about any little thing I do and has in the past changed work that I have done correctly so it’s incorrect. We each have departments and have to keep them up to scratch. One day the boss calls me into my department.

Manager “(My name) why is this whole section not priced? You were supposed to do it when you set it up. (Name) said she noticed when a customer asked her for the prices”.

Me “I have no idea why it’s not priced because I know I did price them”

Manager “Well just get it done, I’m guessing that you forgot to them.”

I get it done, wondering where all the prices went, thankfully Manager is pretty easy going.

Later I am tidying another part of my section and notice a big pile of screwed up price tags hidden behind some stock. I pick them up and take them in to the manager.

Me “Look at what I just found hidden behind (stock items), it’s all the pricing I forgot to do”. *dumps them on his desk.

I can’t prove who the culprit was but can guess.


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(Ok so I work at a big box store on the overnight shift. One of our assistant managers is on vacation and we have a day shift assistant manager filling in for him. It’s about an hour from our shift ending and my supervisor is out on the floor cleaning when this happens)

Dayshifter: *pulling a pallet through the area where I’m straightening up* …I thought we had two machines…

Me:…We do*blink*

Dayshifter: So where’s the second one?

Me: *voice very flat and dead serious* Under (supervisor)’s butt….

Dayshifter: Oh….well the floor should be clean then*leaves*


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I’m at a popular Mexican fast food chain restaurant where the food is made to order. When I try to order my food, this happens:

Employee: Welcome to [restaurant]. May I take your order?

Me; I’ll have a chicken burrito, please.

Employee: Black beans or pinto beans?

Me: Pinto beans.

The employee then turns away to help another employee with something else. When he returns, he seems to have no memory of already speaking with me:

Employee: Welcome to [restaurant]. May I take your order?

Me; Um… I’ll have a chicken burrito.

Employee: Black beans or pinto beans?

Me: Pinto beans.

Employee: Would you like any meat on that?

Me: Chicken?!?!

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