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(My family and I have gone out to dinner. We have finished our entrees, and the waiter asks if we would like anything else.)

Me: “What kinds of desserts do you have?”

Waiter: Well, we have the best tiramisu in the state! And if that doesn’t interest you, I can suggest some cologne…” (Blushes) “Actually, um, I’m not sure about that, but we do have some lovely cannoli on the menu…”


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During summers I work as a guide at a local museum in my little hometown. I usually have coworkers my age and we have a lot of downtime when there are no customers, so we often end up having conversations about any common topic. With this girl, we usually talked about work.

Co-worker: “I hope that that one guy won’t come here. You know the one, with the long beard? Who roams around town? A bit crazy?”

Me: “Sure, I’ve seen him.”

Co-worker: “I’m really afraid of meeting him. Last month, when I was working at the gas station, he came in for umpteenth time the same week. He had been asking for banana yogurt all week, and we had been out of it.”

Me: “…and he couldn’t buy it anywhere else? Pretty much any store in town would have it, and it would be cheaper.”

Co-worker: “No, apparently he likes to buy a little from every place in town. Well, anyways. He tries to pass the line, and I tell him to back off. I serve the other customers, and then he comes to the till again. I have been having a good day, so I happily tell him that we had the banana yogurt in stock again. He mutters something I don’t hear, so I ask him to come again. So he asks me if my Mom is alive. I tell him that she has been dead for six years. You know what he said? That it must be because usually the ugly ones go first. I had to go to the back and get someone else to serve him. I couldn’t do it.”

*At this point I’m thinking that this is the most real Not Always Right story I had heard, especially because my coworker had been around 13 when she found her Mother dead at their home. It must have been incredibly traumatic. Then she continues.*

Co-worker: *completely sincerely and convinced that what she’s saying is the most logical thing that could happen* “Well, I tell my Daddy, and he’s like all ready to beat up the guy. So we drive around town all night looking for him. Didn’t see him, and he was gone for like a whole week. Then one day I was out with my best friend when I saw him out of the car’s window. I parked, told my friend to stay in the car and went and yelled at him for a good while. Haven’t seen him since, and he’s been avoiding Daddy too.”

I have no idea if this is a story about crazy customers, crazy co-workers or just crazy people in general. I’m pretty sure that no matter how horrible a customer is, the solution isn’t “get your father and try to hunt the guy down”… At least she just yelled at him in the end?


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(It is the last night of our summer vacation to Italy. Since we’re getting up at 5:45 AM to finish packing and get to the airport to return to the United States, we go to sleep around 9:15 PM. My dad, brother, and I all share a room, so my dad sets the alarm on his phone to wake us at the appropriate time. Around 3:00 AM, his ringtone goes off, waking us.)

Dad: *answering phone groggily* “Hello?”

Telemarketer: “Hello! Do you have time to talk about upgrading your auto-insurance?”

Dad: *sleepily* “I am overseas in Europe right now, and it is 3 in the morning.”

Telemarketer: “Oh, I can be brief!”

Dad: “…I am going back to sleep now. Good night.”

(He hangs up, and we share a look before falling back asleep. The kicker? 3 AM CEST is 9 PM EST. Why would anyone want to talk about auto-insurance that late, even in the US?

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