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(This was during my first week on the job. I had a booklet with fill-in-the-blank questions I was supposed to complete with the help of a trainer, but I didn’t have a proper trainer, so I was asking my coworkers.)

Me: Hi, [Coworker], I wonder if you can help me with this. I need to know what temperatures all the equipment is supposed to be at.

(My coworker looks confused, looks at the section in the booklet herself, and then pulls out a sheet for recording temperatures of food.)

Coworker: OK, so hot stuff has to be at 130 or above, and cold stuff has to be at 41 or below. So this… (points to the blank which says “refrigerator”) is 41, and this (points to the blank which says “freezer”) is also 41.

Me: I don’t think that’s right, [Coworker]… this is asking what temperature the equipment should be at, and that blank right there is for the freezer.

Coworker: Right, so it’s 41 or below. It can’t be higher than 41.

(At that point, I just gave up. It was clear that she didn’t understand that the question was about the equipment, not about the food. I guess it doesn’t matter much since the deli department doesn’t do anything with a freezer, but I found it kind of baffling that she thought it would be reasonable for frozen food to be at a temperature above freezing! The correct answer for the freezer was 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-17.78 degrees Celsius), by the way.)


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(I have just arrived at the airport lobby for an early morning flight and take a moment to pay for my taxi through an app on my smartphone before I approach the desk to get my boarding pass. I am standing just outside the designated area for my airline.)

Airline representative: Excuse me ma’am. Ma’am. Excuse me. Do you need help?

Me: Oh, not yet. I’m just taking care of something.

Airline rep: Well you’re standing in line.

(I am probably 30 feet from the desk and outside of the designated area for the airline. It is early enough in the morning that the place is almost deserted. There is literally no one in line. Still, I take a few steps away from the stantions that show where to line up.)

Airline rep: This whole area is the line. (She is referring to the entire empty lobby).

(I end up going back outside the airport to use my app. I could understand if it were busy and I was holding up an actual line, but there simply wasn’t one. I do not understand why I couldn’t stand in the lobby to use my app… which ultimately took less than a minute.)


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[This happened several years ago. I was in an IT position with a small company. We got a new inside account who managed to finagle things so as to become my supervisor. We did NOT get along. After a few months, I complained to the big boss. Four days later, I’m called to the big boss’s office. Please note that, while my office area isn’t neat, the big boss’s is a pig-sty. On the corner of the desk, near where I’m sitting, there’s a sign: “A messy desk is a sign of genius.”]

Supervisor: [proceeds to chew me out for many things, some of which are legitimate] And your desk is a mess! It’s unprofessional!

Me: [Looking at sign on boss’s desk…] “….”

[A few weeks later, I was laid off. It was a hostile act, and the letter I received had this statement at the end: “We had every right to let you go for poor work performance.” No. They didn’t, but my supervisor had to get that in there. My supervisor was fired six months later and, as a result of being laid off, I found a far better job.]

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