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(I’ve been admitted to the ER with a particularly bad migraine, after getting there by ambulance. My girlfriend is with me and speaking for me as I get auras that sometimes cause difficulty moving/speaking/seeing. Note that I’m allergic to the most common treatment, which is in my file. Nurses have taken blood and checked vitals, as well as given me oxygen and put in an IV line with saline. After a few hours of waiting the doctor comes.)

Doctor: Hi [My Name], I’m Dr. [Name]. I’ve been told you’re having a migraine? I’m going to give you some ibuprofen and triptans to help you with that. *moves toward my IV line with medications*

Girlfriend: *Alarmed* No! She can’t have triptams, she’s extremely allergic! It’s in her file!

Doctor: Well, I didn’t see that. Are you sure we can’t try, [My Name]?

Me: *slurry* No!

Girlfriend: She can’t talk properly and the noise is hurting her. You’re not giving her triptans. She can have [Medicine 1] or [Medicine 2]

Doctor: *condesending* Triptans are better. Are you sure she’s really allergic?

Girlfriend: *now angry, pushes the call button for a nurse* Yes! Please do not touch her. Is there another doctor available?

*I’m panicking by now and my girlfriend is trying to calm me down*

Nurse: Is something wrong, [Girlfriends Name]?

Girlfriend: He’s trying to give her triptans and she’s allergic!

Nurse: *horrified* [Dr.Name]! it’s in her chart. She has anaphylactic reactions to it.

(To make a long story short, the nurses were awesome, and the doctor was temporarily suspended by a supervisor. I was later transferred to a hospital with a neurologist on call and got better, with no triptans.)


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I used to work at a pharmacy while in High School and it was a bit slow during that day and I was just starting to work without needing supervision with a fellow coworker. Like many pharmacy stations, I was working in the back with the register and was helping with a patient at that time. I was about to ring up the current patient when I heard the front entrance door open opens and the automatic notification system and the chimes ranged.

The woman quickly walks up to the back and grabs a pair of nail clippers. She somewhat puts it on my counter with force. Since I was ringing up the current customer, I politely told the woman that the gentleman that was before her will be worked on first.

In an annoyed and angered state, the woman tosses the nail clippers as she furiously walks out of the pharmacy. Within those few seconds, I was wondering what did I do wrong and was worried that my boss was going to yell at me for having a customer leave because it was my fault for no reason.

The original customer then speaks up and said to me, “Don’t worry about people like her. She was probably having a bad day and wanted to put it on someone else.”

I was happy to be relieved by someone at that moment when I was panicking. After that, I tried my best not to be super timid and opened up more as a person and as a worker during my time at the pharmacy.


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*I am in the elevator and I have just swiped my badge to go to another floor. The doors are closing when a young woman comes flying through the doors, arms in front of her like superman. She grins at me, all out of breath and triumphant.*

Me: *laughing* Nice save.


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(I did an internship for the CFO of the company my mom works for when I was in high school. I had taken two years of accounting previously and did very well, but I still could only do very basic tasks. One day the CFO is talking to my mom about one of the people working for him, who is working as an accountant:)

CFO: I can’t believe (Worker) couldn’t get this! (My name) would have understood it in an instant!


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I provide IT-type assistance to my work group. One woman there has constant problems using the systems.

To make things easier, I have written out for her a list of actions to be taken in numerical order.

One day she calls me:

Coworker: The system isn’t working right.

I go over to her desk.

Me: Hmm, you’re not in the right place. What did you do?

Coworker: I followed the list you gave me.

Me: OK, what steps have you taken?

Coworker. I did step 1. Then I did step 2. Then I did step 5. Then I did step 6.


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