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I was accompanying my son while he sold Cub Scout popcorn. Technically the scouts do all the selling and the parents just chaperone, but when the kids are still young we tend to help with the more complicated questions that the young boys don’t really understand (allergy statements, percentages going to the Pack, etc). One of his first stops was at our sweet, friendly neighbors.

Son: The [Large Collection] is really expensive!

Neighbor: Wow, so it is! Why is it so much?

Son: …er….

Me: It’s got four types of popcorn in it, AND this year it comes in a commemorative tin!

(Note: I misspoke and meant to say “collectible.” But the tin WAS noteworthy because the previous year all the collections came in relatively plain “gift” corrugated cardboard boxes.)

Neighbor: (obviously excited) OOooh! What does it commemorate?

Me: (realizing my misstep instantly) … er… Christmas?


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In response to the opposition candidate’s unsolicited email requesting topics of interest from her prospective constituency, I replied with a few of my particular concerns (care for the elderly, sharp practices and dubious business by companies contracted out by the local council, etc.) and she expressed an interest in discussing the matters further.

She suggested a meeting. My suggestion was a local cafe in the local village neighbourhood centre. She replied in an email in familiar friendly casual language along the lines of: “Yes, we’ll be meeting on Saturday at 11:45 — I’ll meet you there, [my name]! Cheers!”

I turned up and bought a paper and cup of coffee and waited for her to turn up. She didn’t do so. However, outside a crowd of loud people with clipboards and pamphlets and things had congregated outside, and among them was this parliamentary candidate for the forthcoming elections that I had been waiting to meet.

I wandered over and hovered awaiting to catch her attention, which took some time because she was full of pally pep-talk with her local group of supporters who were all about getting ready to go door-to-door canvassing. But in the end my large, looming and daunting presence caught her attention.

“Yes, what can I do for you?” she asked in a tone of irritation.

I introduced myself. “You sent me an email, you were going to meet me at the cafe to discuss the rip-off practices of [local scumbag companies]? You specifically requested a meeting with me?”

She looked blank, then said, “Oh yes, I know now, I must have got your email address confused with a friend’s. Sorry, can’t do it today, busy! Can we do it another time?”

“I’m afraid not,” I said, “my time is precious too.”

But in fact the real reason for my reticence was that despite the fact that she was the candidate for the party I favoured, I was not going to waste time voting for someone so ditzy she can’t even get her email addresses straight. I now support the incumbent who, although a member of the political party which I do not ideologically see eye to eye with, has proved himself to be a decent and hard-working man with a professional attitude towards is constituents.


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(At my work we wear uniforms of a loose kaki shirt with Blue jeans with no room for personal touches, we even have dress codes for shoes, belts, and hair. One day I show up on my day off in a brightly colored fitted dress, maryjanes, and my hair down showing purple streaks)

Coworker 1- Wow you look super cute!

Coworker 2- *Wanders over* WOAH, You weren’t joking when you said you like to wear color.

Coworker 3- *Attracted by the commotion* Holy shit you look like a girl!

Me- Well thanks guys. I have to go deal with family today so good to know I look good.

Coworker 3- Really good

Coworker 2- Why don’t you dress like this more?

Me- I do. Y’all just only see me at work, this is non-worker bee.

Everyone kind of laughs and agrees as I head out only to pass Coworker 4

Coworker 4- Hey {Name}! You look adorable!


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My husband and I use a well known internet provider. But lately we’ve been having issues with our internet running slow which is an issue since we both game, and I am a staff member on an online forum. So he calls and makes an appointment to have somebody see if they can figure out the issue.

I’m home alone with my toddler when the guy comes over. Everything is going fine at first until he says that the wifi was shut off at the modem that we were renting from them.

Employee: Did you or your husband turn off the wifi on the modem?

Me: Not that I’m aware of.

Employee: Well, if either of you did, we’re going to have to charge you a fine for tampering with the equipment.

Me: Well, how about I call my husband and have you talk to him yourself.

Employee: Fine. (meanwhile, he is trying to connect my compute up to the modem with an ethernet cable and struggling with it it. I get my husband on the phone and they are talking when he declares that my laptop won’t hook up with the ethernet cable and then tries to use our playstation 3 to get onto the internet. Only to find that it needs to be updated and I don’t have the password he needs.)

Employee: I think you need to replace your router. I think it is dead. We’re going to have to reschedule the appointment so that your husband can be home.

Me: Ok, that works.

(After my husband got home, he not only managed to get my computer hooked up using the ethernet cable, but we also figured out that it wasn’t an issue with our equipment, the guy wasn’t happy because our router wasn’t one of theirs, so apparently it had to be our equipment that was faulty. We ended up getting a new modem and router and now our internet works great. Score 1 for my husband, score 0 for the internet company)


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My job is to write profiles for attractions and restaurants on the West Coast and Texas for a travel website. I’m sent these assignments from our partner company in California, which is given to them by their clients. While I get a few weird assignments, most of the attractions are pretty vanilla. The data they send me is usually pretty basic, including the name, address, brochure, and website and leaving me to research and put together the rest, as they tend to be a bit disorganized. This is usually no problem, until one day when I’m alone in the office, checking a website for a series of pubs in Texas.

Me: *Opens website. Pauses* Well, that’s not right.

I send quick email to my contact at the partner company. I mull it over for a bit, then decide to call her. I reach her voicemail, so I leave a message. Note that I get really wordy when I’m uncomfortable.

Me: Hi, [Contact]? It’s [Name]. I just sent you an email, but I figured I should actually talk to you about it. Or, I guess, leave you a message about it. So, I’m working on the profiles for Houston that you sent me, and I’ve come across a bit of a problem with [Pub]. You see, I put in the website you sent me, and while it does mention the pub at the top, under that is really just a long, descriptive list of porn links. Like, you-can’t-mistake-them-for-anything-else descriptive porn links. You might want to get in contact with the client to clear this up, because I’m pretty sure that’s not intended. If it is intended, I’m not sure we can have their profile on our site. The email I sent you has the website, so you can check it out yourself. I mean, you can check with the client that this is really their website. So, yeah, if you could talk to [Pub] and give me a call back, that would be really great. Or email me. Either way, just check with them, please.

I hang up, then get to work on other things, trying to put the event out of my mind. A few minute later, I get an email from my contact.

Contact: WOW. After some sleuthing, we have determined that is indeed the correct website. We tried calling the Pub, just to make sure they were aware that they had some questionable content on their website, but it isn’t open yet. Leave that one alone for now and we’ll reach out for materials. Ahh, the joys of profile building….Thanks for providing this morning’s entertainment, we are all cracking up over here!

My boss then comes in, and I tell him about what happened, making him crack up. As I’m relaying the conversation, another email comes in.

Contact: OK, so we were able to get ahold of the bar owners! Apparently the person who originally built their website passed away, so they are aware of the weird content on their website but can’t do anything about it. BUMMER. They gave us a new website. Let me know if you need anything else to build this profile!

Happy to finally have a usable website, I reply.

Me: Ok, I’ll use that. I thought it had been a bit too long since I’d gotten something weird from your clients. I’ll let you know if any more issues come up. Good lord, I can’t believe they sent that website to you, knowing what was on it! Thanks for finding that out. Well, here’s your earworm for the day, then.

*links them to “The Internet is for Porn” from Avenue Q*

I inform my boss of the email and begin working on the profile, when something dawns on me. I poke my head into his office.

Me: Wait, so the client sent the original website KNOWING it had porn on it?!

Boss: And [Partner Company] didn’t bother to check it. You’re truly working with the best there, [Name].

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