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I’m the supervisor on shift and it has been a crazy day.

Coworker over intercom: <My name> will you dial <extension>? <My name>

Me: *dials extension*

No answer so I start walking over to where the extension they paged is located.

Coworker over intercom: <My name> will you dial <extension>? <My name>

I have reached the location at this point and dramatically kick open the door as he finishes the page.

Me: I DID!

The intercom was still active and you could hear my screamed reply faintly over the speakers through the entire store. Scared the blazes out of my two employees in the office and we laughed for a good minute.


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I’m an American studying abroad in a European country that’s within the EU. I’m going on a class trip in another country, but it’s still in the EU. I asked months before I signed up for the trip if just any ID would be okay, and I was told yes. However, I’m getting nervous a few weeks before the trip so I go to the office to double check.

Me:An embassy has my passport right now, so I wanted to make sure another ID would be ok.

Employee: Well, it needs to be a government ID.

Me:Oh, so would a drivers license work?

Employee: An American one? No.

Me: Ok… *Kind of frustrated because I was told any ID would work and now he isn’t even helping* What about a military ID? I have one because of my dad. That’s issued by the federal government.

Employee: No.

Yeah, turns out all they would only take was a passport. Despite the fact it was their misinformation, they wouldn’t refund me my money unless I found someone to replace me, which I luckily did.


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We’re planning an implementation of an enterprise IT system and we’re onsite with the customer. There are three of us around a table: the project leader, the technical consultant (me) and the customer.

Project leader: I think we need to [do some really ill-advised thing]

Me: Um, hold on, no, I don’t think that’ll work. Wouldn’t it be better to do [something better] instead?

Project leader; No. We’ll do it my way.

Me: Are you sure it wouldn’t be better to …

Project leader; No. We’ll do it my way.

Later, back at our office.

Project leader: Don’t ever contradict me, especially in front of the customer

Me: I’m just doing my job. Don’t we want this project to succeed?

Project leader: I’m in charge. Just accept my decision.

Me: Okay but here’s why I think it won’t work … [long explanation here]

Project leader: I’m the project leader. Just do it the way I said.

Me: (sigh) Okay.

So, we do it her way and, hard as my team tries to make it work, it all goes horribly wrong.

Project leader (to me): This is horrible. Why didn’t you tell me this wouldn’t work?

Me: I did. You told me not to argue and to just accept your decision

Project leader: You should have stood your ground.

Me: And whenever I’ve done that you’ve given me a lecture about how I have to accept your decision and stop arguing

Project leader: You should know when to ignore me and when not to

Me: O… kay.

I quit as soon as I found another position. Luckily I’ve only had the misfortune to work with someone with quite that level of arrogance and dimness that one time. I still have nightmares thinking back on that job.


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(I was four years old at the time. My doctor had sent me to a medical office to get blood work and a physical done before I started kindergarten. I am sitting on my mother’s lap as there was only a chair in the room and I am obviously too small to sit on it on my own. I have never been scared of needles or getting my blood drawn.)

Nurse #1: “Okay, are we ready?”

Me: “Yes!”

Nurse #1: “Okay! On the count of three. One…two…three!”

(The nurse inserts the needle. It misses my vein and I yell in pain.)

Me: “OWW!”

Nurse #1: “Sorry about that. Her veins are small. Let’s try this again. One…two…three!”

(Once again, the nurse misses my vein.)

Mom: “Maybe you need a smaller needle?”

Nurse #1: “Sometimes this happens. Let’s try again.”

(The nurse continues this about three more times. I start crying from the pain.)

Mom: (Clearly frustrated and unable to move.) “Can you please get someone else to do this?”

Nurse #1: “No need. I know where the vein is but it’s too small.”

(The nurse continues to prick me with the needle and keeps missing. By now she has tried twelve times to get the needle in. I have little puncture holes all over my arm.)

Nurse #1: *loosing her patience* It’s YOUR fault I can’t get the needle in! Stop crying! Your crying is making this harder!”

Mom: “Remove the table right now or I’ll remove it. You are NOT going near my daughter again. It’s YOUR fault she’s crying. Look at what you did to her arm!”

Nurse #1: “That’s not my fault. It’s her fault for crying.”

(Hearing the commotion, Nurse #2 walks into the room.)

Nurse #2: “What’s going on?”

Mom: “Look at what she did to my daughter’s arm! She can’t get the needle in her vein and keeps blaming my daughter for crying and having small veins!”

Nurse #2: “Let me look at that.” *Looks at my arm* “You don’t have small veins, sweetie. Mind if I give it a try?”

Me: *between sobs* “O…okay.”

(Nurse #2 distracted me while she stuck the needle in my vein. She got it on the first try.)

Nurse #2: “And done! That wasn’t so bad now, was it?”

(Whenever we had to go back to this medical office, my mom and I made sure to tell them that we refused to be treated by Nurse #1 again.)


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(I am about eight years old at the time. I noticed that one of my earrings had fallen out of my ear, My mother goes to take the other earring out of my ear and notices the back is missing. The next day, I had severe pain and swelling where the hole for the earring is on one of my ears. My mom takes me to the doctor. My doctor isn’t in, so we had to settle with the doctor in the practice who no one really seemed to like.)

Doctor: “It’s nothing. Just an infection where the holes are. You aren’t cleaning them properly.”

Mom: “I felt her ear and feel like there’s something there. I’m thinking maybe the back to one of her earrings may have gotten lodged in her ear.”

Doctor: “There’s no way the back would have gotten stuck.”

Mom: “But if you look at her ear at this angle, it looks like something is stuck in the hole.:

Doctor: “That’s just pus. I’ll write you a prescription but it’s just a bad infection.”

(The next day, both my ears are hurting me to the point where I can’t tolerate the pain. My mom calls the doctor’s office and confirms my regular doctor is in. She takes me in.)

Regular Doctor: “You’re right. The back did get lodged in her ear. And her other ear looks swollen as well. Let me take a look.”

(My regular doctor looks in my ear and does not see anything. When he looked in my ear at another angle, he saw the back of my other earring lodged in that ear as well. It was hard to see because of the angle it was lodged in.)

Regular Doctor: “Well, it looks like both the backs to her earrings got lodged in her ears. Don’t worry, it happens. Just make sure the backs aren’t too tight or too small otherwise this might happen again.”

(He proceeds to remove the backs out of my ears. He gives me a cream to put on my ears to fight infection. I waited over a year to get my ears re-pierced by my doctor, who also pierced them the first time. After they healed, I made sure to buy bigger backs to my earrings and never slept with my earrings in my ears again!)

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