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I really like my doctor and hospital. I have never had a problem with a nurse, doctor or any other employee being anything but wonderful to me there, but this was certainly an odd experience. I’m being seen by a nurse before my doctor comes in.

Nurse: Why are you here to see the doctor?

Me:It’s my allergies again. The medicine she gave me has only given me temporary relief.

Nurse:What symptoms are you having?

Me:The same as usual. It’s my sinuses. I wake up with headaches and always feel congested.

Nurse:How long have you felt like that?

Me:Oh, I would say about two years or so.

Nurse:*Sharply*No you haven’t. That’s not possible. No one would live like that.

Me:*Completely taken aback* Um… well I have? That’s why I’ve been seeing her for two years about it.

Later when the doctor is with me.

Doctor:Sorry you still aren’t feeling great. Let’s try this new medicine.

Me:Thanks, hopefully that helps a little. I had the weirdest experience with the nurse. She told me no one could have allergy problems for two years.

Doctor:Uh… yeah, that’s up for her to say. Sorry about that.

Luckily, I’ve never seen that nurse again.


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(I often arrive ten to fifteen minutes early to work and rather than just standing in the back and waiting to clock in I’ll visit the store right across from mine. This is also a poplar location for other stores to conduct interviews or other such work-related things.)

Me: *goes to my usual spot in the corner to sit and people-watch*

(Just as I sit down, a man and a teenager walk in. The teenager shakes his hand and generally acts very respectful so I assume he’s here for a job interview and tune out until i overhear the conversation a few minutes later)

Teenager: “Please, sir. Can I just talk to you about this? I mean-”

Man: “I’m sorry, but there’s no talking about this. After the…”

Me: *quickly realizes what I’m listening to is a guy begging to keep his job.*

(Having realized what was actually happening, I was quick to leave and went to my own store where I decided to tell my coworkers about the situation I had just previously found myself in.)

Me: “…so then I got out of there as fast as I could because I felt so bad for this poor guy. I was literally listening to him beg for his job!!”

Coworker #1: “So where did he work?”

Me: “At [Kiosk Name].”

Coworker #2: *quickly jumps into the conversation* “What did he look like?”

Me: “I don’t know, he was big. Tall. He might have had brown hair and he spoke with, like, an accent or something. Why?”

(I am unable to hear why she was so concerned about what this guy looks like because our manager came over and we set off to work. But the next day, Coworker #1 reveals to me that Coworker #2’s boyfriend worked at [Kiosk Name]. And that, my friends, is the story of how I listened to my coworker beg to keep his job and then proceeded to gossip about it to his girlfriend.)


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We have a new hire this season. While he’s a nice guy, he lacks common sense and basically has to be retrained on everything every day. The first thing we do in the mornings is prep our trucks for the day: refill stock, inspection, clean out garbage, etc. This is standard practice and everyone is expected to help their foremen with it.

Me: *hopping into back of truck* “what are you doing?”

New hire: “oh I’m making these fixtures”

Me: “don’t worry about that for now, man. We can do that when we get to site. Just make sure our truck is ready to roll for the day”

New hire: “oh… oh yeah… okay…”

At this point I head into our inventory lockup to grab supplies for the day. I come back and guess who is still making fixtures. This is pretty typical for a day with him.

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