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*I have a few credit cards from different banks that I hold on to but don’t use. The one that I do use has been asking me to update my new information, so when I receive an automated call telling me that it’s my last chance to update said information, I think nothing of it and press 1 to speak to a live operator.*

Him: *mumbles incoherently*

Me: “Um, what? Who is this?”

Him: “Hello, I’m calling from your credit card service to lower your interest rate.”

Me: “Okay.”

Him: “We see that you have made all your payments on time so you are eligible to lower your fee from [high number] to [lower number].”

Me: “Okay.”

Him: “We also see that you owe $3,000. We just need your credit card information.”

Me: “What?”

Him: “You currently owe $3,000.”

Me: “No, I don’t.”

Him: “Are you sure you don’t?”

Me: “Who are you calling from?”

Him: “Uh, Visa and Mastercard services. We just need your credit card information to process your request.”

Me, catching on to the scam: “Has this call been recorded?”

Him: “Uh, yeah.”

Me: “And what bank are you affiliated with?”

Him: *click*

I did a quick search for the number after the call, and apparently it’s from a known scammer! Beware if you receive a call from 856-209-1573!

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[My manager and I do a lot of deadpan humor together. On this occasion, I’m in the office looking at our social media, of which I am in charge, while he is getting ready to go home. One of the local news reporters has posted a photo of food. The following exchange is done extremely rapid-fire.]

Me: Ugh, that’s nasty. She’s putting blueberries into a bowl of lettuce.

Him: Try it, it’s great.

Me: No. Fruits and lettuce don’t belong together in my meals.

Him: It’s like having a salad with strawberries.

Me: I don’t like strawberries.

Him: It’s a delicious salad with a champagne vinaigrette.

Me: I don’t like champagne.

Him: It doesn’t taste like champagne.

Me: Then why is it called champagne vinaigrette?

Him: I DON’T KNOW, [my name]!

[We lose it at this point and crack up.]

Him: This was like something on YouTube. We need a camera back here.

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(The manager at my work rarely shows up, and when he does he’s only in for a few hours at a time. He recently hired a new guy, let’s call him Robert, whose mother works at our store and got him the job. Things aren’t looking good when Robert leaves his first full shift four hours early, saying that he didn’t know it was a full shift even though it was clearly printed on the schedule. On the next shift he then walked into my manager’s office as soon as his shift started.)

Robert: Excuse me, if it’s not busy today, can I leave early?

Manager: Sure thing, just be sure to check in with your supervisor and ask for permission first.

Robert: Sure thing!

(Four hours later Robert mysteriously goes missing and we have no idea where he’s gone. He comes in for his shift the next day and says the manager gave him permission to leave early. Because the manager rarely comes in and never deals with issues like this over the phone, we can’t do anything about it. In fact, he proceeds to continue to do this, since my supervisor would often show up after Robert had ‘asked permission’ and the manager had left. I work with him for the rest of the summer and have a miserable experience, with him absent for half of his shifts. The next summer I return and notice neither him nor his mother are there.)

Me: So what happened to Robert, I also noticed his mother isn’t here anymore?

Coworker: Oh… him. He called in one night and asked me to cover a shift for him since he was sick, forcing me to work a double.

Me: That’s not that great, but honestly I didn’t think the manager would fire someone for just that.

Coworker: Oh no, it gets worse. He pulled the same stunt a week later, forcing me to work two doubles, and then I saw he had posted on Facebook that he was partying on both those nights. I showed the manager and he fired him the next day.

Me: Wow, so what happened to his mother?

Coworker: When she showed up to work this season she was told that her son had cost her the job!

Me: So not only did he get himself fired…. he got his own mother fired!? Wow, that’s serious idiocy.

Coworker: No kidding.

(Turned out Robert sued the store for wrongful dismissal and somehow walked away with a pitiful $1000. I also hear he pulled the same stunt at the next place he worked and was fired for the same reasons.)

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(My coworker and I have only been working in the deli department of a store for a few days. We were asked to make roll sized sandwich orders that were due today. While slicing some of the bread I hear a strange noise from my coworker.)

Me: What’s wrong?

Coworker: Um… I can’t find the bun *Points to a mini sandwich with no top bun*

Me: Umm… *I start to help her look for the bun on the table* It’s not… here… *I look under the table* Where did it go?!

Coworker: It’s not under there?

Me: Yea!

We notify our supervisor and she says to not include the sandwich in the order, so we continue working.

Coworker: This is so weird.

Me: I know! If it was just dropped on the floor I could deal with it, but we straight up just entered the Twilight Zone!

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(I have an older coworker that is outgoing, friendly, and loved by customers, but she’s also extremely flighty. For instance, although she lives just down the street, she’ll come in 45 minutes to an hour before her shift starts, just walking around or sitting in our breakroom, which is four walls, a plastic table and our lockers. I’m not even sure if she clocks in. Then about halfway through her shift, she’ll ask if she can go home early, stating everything from her medication has worn off, her dogs need let out, or she’s just going crazy. We’ve tried to tell her she’d be less burned out if she just came in ten to fifteen minutes early like we’re supposed to, but she brushes it off, saying she wasn’t doing anything at home anyway. Then, like clockwork, halfway through the shift, she says she just wants to go home. She changes her availability and desired hours almost weekly, and will then outraged to find herself scheduled according to her notes, because she’s already changed her mind and forgotten about the note.

Recently, she’s taken to declaring herself unfit for work and simply walking out. Not asking permission, not telling anyone, just taking out her cash drawer and leaving. I was working in customer service the first time it happened. She was scheduled til 9pm, which is still an hour before anyone else would get to leave, and dropped by customer service at roughly 8:15.

Coworker: Here’s [the petty cash box] and my drawer, I’m leaving. I don’t feel good, you know? I gotta get outta here.

Me: *takes the box and the drawer, thinking the night manager must have cleared it* Alright, have a good night.

(After two customers, I count down petty and find it the even $500 it’s supposed to be. I go to write my own log entry and see that she wrote her count time at 9:00, which is when petty is supposed to be counted and brought back to customer service. So I time my log entry by what my phone says, 8:27.)

Manager: *walks back to customer service* Uh, where’s [coworker]?

Me: … She left, I thought you cleared her to leave early.

Manager: I definitely did NOT. She was already SCHEDULED to leave early. What time did she come back here?

Me: Like 8:15, but she wrote that she counted petty at 9:00. I thought that was weird.

Manager: What the hell! That’s not cool! You can’t just WALK OUT!

(A few days later I was working a different department and chatting with the girl in customer service. It was just after 2:00 and everyone working the morning shift was scheduled til 3:30. The same coworker walked up with the petty box and her drawer.)

Coworker: Here you go, [coworker 2], I need to get outta here, I just hurt, you know?

Me: … Did you talk to [manager]?

Coworker: *surprised* No, should I?

Me: Yeah, he gets the final say on who stays and who goes home early, we can’t just up and leave.

Coworker: Oh yeah… I’m gonna go punch out first, then I’ll talk to him.

(Me and the customer service girl facepalm.)