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(I am a receptionist at a salon when this exchange with Google occurs. It is important to note two things: I handle the online accounts, and the business owner is not tech-savvy in the slightest.)

Me: Thank you for calling [salon], this is-

(An automated message cuts my greeting off, saying it needs to verify our listing. This is an exchange I’d already been through before, but figure it wouldn’t hurt to take the two minutes to verify the information again. I follow the prompts to talk to someone, then this happens:)

Tech: Hello, we need to verify the information for your listing. Are you the business owner?

Me: No but I handle the online accounts.

Tech: Is the business owner available?

Me: No, she’s with a client, but I can verify the information for you-

Tech: *click*

(The information that needed to be verified? The address and phone number of the business. Literally ANYBODY could have verified it.)

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Me, via phone: Hello, how late do you accept donations today?

Employee: We’re open until 6pm today.

(I clear out the car, load it up, and drive over, arriving about 15 minutes later)

Me: Hi, where should I unload this?

Employee: I’m sorry, we can’t accept any more donations today due to the volume we’ve received already.

Me: What? I spoke to you on the phone not 15 minutes ago and you said you were accepting donations. You’re telling me I loaded all these clothes up and you won’t even take them for free?

Employee: There’s another donation center 10 minutes away…

Me: But they’re not open today, that’s why I came here. Look, I’m just going to unload these here, and you can throw them away if you want.

(I unload the car with the employee staring at me like I had run over his dog the whole time. Their whole business model revolves around reselling stuff that people give them for free. How can they stop accepting donations, especially for something like kids’ clothes?)

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(We’re doing spring cleaning in the shop. I carry something that looks like folded metal and is very heavy. Note: my boss is part of a muzzle loader club)

Me: What is this?

Boss: It’s lead.

Me: Oh, for making bullets? *I drop the lead on the table, horrified* Can I get lead poisoning just by touching this?!

Boss: You can get lead poisoning just by -looking- at it.

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I’m in the queue to pay at a cookware store. The customer in front is holding a baking sheet, and I hear her conversation with the shop assistant.

Customer: how much is this?

Assistant: it’s £8

Customer: well I’m opening up a new bakery in town and am checking out prices for equipment. I need 100 of these, I really like this brand, and I’ll buy them from here if you can do me a deal on the price.

Assistant (slowly): OK…

Customer: so what would it be for 100?

At this the assistant’s eyes glaze over as if thinking hard. After a while she holds out her hand as if counting on her fingers. Then she gets a calculator and starts tapping away. She taps on the buttons for over a minute as if it’s the most complex calculation ever. Everyone in the shop, including her colleagues, stare in anticipation. Eventually…

Assistant: that would be £800

Customer: oh! right… perhaps there’s a manager I could speak with?

There was, and she got her discount.

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(I’ve worked in retail for years, and because of that, I always try to be extra nice and understanding with other retail workers. I don’t ever want to be THAT customer, because I’ve handled plenty of THOSE customers in my life.

It’s January, roughly 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and I’m on my way to a popular donut store chain America ‘runs on.’ I had a coupon for a $.99 any-sized coffee and was craving one. I feel horrible for employees who have to man the drive-thru in winter, especially when the temperature was so low, so I parked the car and went inside for my easy order. A kid, maybe 18-20, stares at me from behind the counter without saying a word.)

Me: *opens my mouth to order*

Employee: *suddenly starts messing with the receipt tape, ripping it out and fumbling with it*

Me: *closes my mouth and waits, figuring he needs to get that working before he can take my order, since he has yet to say a word. So I get out my coupon and money while he goes on tearing at the receipt tape like I’m not even there*

Employee: *without looking at me, in a sickly-sweet, condescending voice, like I’m stupid* Can I HELP you?

Me: *taken aback* Uh, yeah, sorry, I thought you weren’t ready.

Employee: *in the same sweet, condescending tone* No, no, no, just waiting on you!

Me: *gives order and coupon, seriously annoyed*

Employee: *makes my drink at the speed of light and hands it off* Have a nice day!

(All he had to do was say he was ready, instead of just ignoring me. Sorry I was trying not to be a jerk and rush him because I thought he wasn’t ready. Sorry I took the time to come inside so he or somebody else wouldn’t have to freeze in the drive-thru. I wanted to say something, but I didn’t want to hear that sickly-sweet ‘you’re such a stupid customer’ tone one more time.)