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(I was buying groceries when I over heard one of the managers talking to an employee about another employee.)

Manager: She’s a Wicken and I found out that she used to be a stripper. Satenistic W****.

Me: (In total shock)


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(This is many years ago when my husband and I were just dating, I was working a second job as a bartender as I was a single mom of 2. On this particular evening it was my night to get off early of my bar was slow. My husband and his brother, sister-in-law, and best friend came into my bar just before I was released.)

Husband: Ok, you’re off, lets go to (bar under new management across town).

(We head there, but then I remember, since I was working I didn’t have my purse/ID with me. I ALWAYS got ID’d at bars at which we weren’t regulars.)

Me: I don’t have my ID, they won’t serve me.

Husband: I’m sure it’ll be ok.

We walk into the bar.

Bartender: (to me) ID please

Me: (starts giggling)

Bartender: (VERY angrily) Well, I HAVE to see your ID! See those two guys down the bar? They’re COPS! I could get ARRESTED! (I knew them, they weren’t cops.)

Me: No, no, I’m sorry, I was just giggling because I just told (husband) I would get ID’d. I work at (bar) and I totally get it! We’ll just go somewhere else.

We leave, as we’re driving away…

Husband: Wow, she was a real b*&^c! We just live up the street, lets go get your ID and go back.

We go get my purse/ID and go back. Note, it’s approximately midnight, closing time is 2am. We walk back into the bar. Again, Note, I’m the OLDEST out of our group by at least 2 years.

Bartender: ID’s!! ALL of you! Now!!

We all show ID.

Bartender: Ok, WHAT do you want? Make it quick, I’m about to close! (We look around questioningly, as there are about 12 people scattered around the bar)

Husband: I’ll have a (beer).

Brother In Law: I’ll have a (Beer)

(We all order about the same thing. Bartender gets out 6 ounce juice glasses and starts filling them with draft beer we didn’t order, all our beers were bottles or cans)

Brother-In Law: Hey! I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I haven’t had a drink all night! I’d like the beer I ordered, or at least a regular sized draft!

We all agree.

Bartender: (Extremely angry) THAT’S IT!! Get out!! ALL OF YOU!! AND YOU!! (Looking directly at me) ARE A SMART A$$!!

We all look confused and leave. The next day my husband returned as he knew the owner. The owner told him the bartender reported that at 2 am, when she was cleaning up to close, a “bunch of rowdy kids” came in and she had to throw them out. My husband informed him that it was me, a paralegal (and part-time bartender at (well known bar), him, a local business owner, his brother, a corporate attorney and his wife and our friend, a transport company owner. As it was only midnight we would have sat there and had a few each and tipped generously, but as we were treated so badly, we wouldn’t be back. Needless to say I heard that bartender didn’t work there anymore after that. And that’s the one and only time in my life I’ve EVER been kicked out of a bar…because I was OLD ENOUGH TO DRINK, and proved it!


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Me: Hi, where could I find mouse traps?

Employee: What are they used for?

Me: Uhhh……to catch mice


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Coworker: *books at least 3 days off every week (including weekends) for months on end*

Manager: *always gives them to her no matter what*

Coworker: “I just don’t understand why [manager] doesn’t give me more shifts…”


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I am an 18 year old, new nursing student at my local college. We are doing our first ever med pass and being a nervous wreck, I make a small error in my dosage calculation. The instructor is pretty laid back.

Me: “I will give half a tablet.”

Instructor: “Who in the world taught you how to do math?!”

Me: “Your mom.”

He looks at me like I am insane before realizing that I graduated from the high school his mother teaches math at. Yes, she really did teach me Algebra 1. We had a good laugh about it.