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(This was around 20-30 years ago, when the internet was fairly new to my dads workplace)

Dad: “does anyone know what a PDF file is?”

Workmate: “Why, did someone call you one?”

*cue laughter from everyone involved*

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I used to work at a military mess that also served weddings. The cooks at this particular mess were very lazy, and horrible cooks. The kitchen was filthy. It was so bad while I worked there, that everytime I served a guest I wanted to apologize over the condition of the food. One wedding function, the bride and groom preordered children’s meals. The regular meals were all chicken thighs, with undercooked asparagus and dry potatoes. Not really something small children would enjoy, even if it was cooked properly. All meals have to be ordered in advance, and the kitchen didn’t have any children’s meal ordered on their order script. this was all conveyed to and from the kitchen by the head waitress. So the wedding party ended up getting mcdonalds for the kids. Later, the bride came into the servery to ask the head chef if the lack of kids meals was the kitchens fault, or the brides. Without missing a beat, the head chef turns to the bride and said “I hear you think my food is shit.”

It turns out the head waitress heard the bride tell one of the other parents, “there’s no way my kids are eating this shit” and immediately told the head chef that the bride called her food shit.

The bride was being very polite to the head chef and tried to convey that she was also going to say how nice the food tasted… It truly was horrible food
I only worked there for about a month.

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Many years ago I worked on a minesite in the geology section. Every room in the mostly open plan office building had a radio speaker, and many minesite workers had radios. One day someone phoned in and we decided to pass the message along:

“[Geologist], your mother called.”

Cue an entire minesite cracking up laughing.

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Me: “[Coworker]? There a phone call for you.”

Coworker: “Hm? Ok.”

(I watch him while he dithers around, doing nothing, just rearranging stuff in his desk, and tying his shoe.)

Me: “[Coworker]? Aren’t you going to pick it up?”

Coworker: “In a minute.”

(He goes and puts away files, and goes to the bathroom. Then he FINALLY picks up the darn phone. After he hangs up, I go up to him.)

Me: “Why didn’t you pick up your call?”

Coworker: “I did!”

Me: “I mean right away. You know how our phones work. If a call doesn’t call picked up, it starts makes a loud beep!”

Coworker: “Yeah I know, it’s just that, I knew it was my significant other, and she’s always calling me, she’s just too untrusting, and I just wanted some minutes away from her, you know? Look, I even turned off my personal cell!” *waves it in my face*

Me: “……………………..”

(I later complained to the supervisor about it, and a policy was put to stop personal phone calls to our business line. Good, this happens WAY too often.)

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(I am the female manager on duty at a sports store. This will be relevant. I am at the front cash, kneeling down to repair a drawer, when two well-dressed men with briefcases come in. I call out “Hi, I’m down here! Just a moment!” as they walk up to the cash desk.)

Man #1: Hi, how are you today?

Me: Hi, I’m well; what can I do for you?

Man #1: Well, you look like you might be – but we’re looking for the manager?

Me: Yes, I am one of the managers here.

Man #1: *puts gift bag on the counter* Well, I’ve got a deal for you and your staff today! Who doesn’t like make up?!?! (Billie Mays level enthusiasm)

Me: *taken aback by sudden extreme enthusiasm, also – completely nude face* Uh – do I look like I like make up? Look guys –

Man #1: *interrupting* oh, well, you never know! Surely you must know someone who likes make up!!!!!!! We’re here to show you what we’ve got for your staff!

Me: That’s very nice; we’re not really open to *my brain abandons me briefly here, and I forget the word for ‘solicitation,’ and I pause for about half a heartbeat*

Man #1: Oh you know, everyone says that, but then they see in our bag and they go, “WOW!”

Me: I was going to end that sentence with ‘solicitation.’ There’s no soliciting from other companies at our place of business, guys.

Man #1: You might say that now, but then you’ll look in the bag and remember, Valentine’s Day is coming!!

Me: Guys. You’re selling stuff in my store. There’s no solicitation here.

Man #1: Are you sure? But we’re not even showing any skin!!!


Man #2: *awkward wave*

Man #1: *gathers stuff off counter, leaves in a huff*