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I work at the biggest theme park in Canada as a retail associate.

At the beginning of the summer, I wrote all the days I needed off on the request off sheet. Starting in September, the theme park only works weekends so my Team Leads print off monthly work schedules.

I notice I am working on two days in October I asked off.

Me: (Team Lead) I requested off October 22nd and 23rd

Team Lead: It wasn’t on the sheet

Me: Yes it is (shows her sheet)

Team Lead: Oh, I didn’t look that far back. Most people put their later request on the first week of October sheet to make sure we see it.

Me: But that’s not what you’re supposed to do. I put my request in the right week, it’s not fair.

Team Lead: Are you sure you can’t work it?

Me: Yes….

Team Lead: Fine! I’ll find someone to cover for you.

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I worked at the largest theme park in Canada in 2016.

I did not get along with a coworker of mine, who was always trying to take credit for my work. I am not very competitive so normally I just let her do what she wants since my Team Leads, Supervisors, and Area Supervisors like me more than her so what is the point in fighting?

A male guest comes into the store and waits by the cash register, clearly wanting to ask us a question.

My coworker sees this and speedily cashes out a guest with barely any speaking, being very rude so she can finish and get to the guy before me.

Coworker: (Smirks as she walks by me) How can I help you today sir?

Guy: I am looking for a Kosher restaurant, is there any in the park?

My coworker turns her head and sends me a glare, knowing I am the only associate here who knows anything about Kosher.

I do not rush through the transaction like she did though and after pleasantly wishing the guest I was serving a goodbye I calmly approach the male guest.

I step in front of my rude coworker and open a map, detailing every shop that the man could possibly eat from. Since I was going into so much detail my rude coworker got mop duty which everyone in the store tries to get out of.

I guess slow and steady can help you win the race.

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I do not get along with a co-worker of mine who is always trying to undermine me any way she can.

I was specifically chosen by a supervisor to help her set up some clothing racks. Now, most people would groan at this but I am getting one-on-one time with a supervisor and it always helps to have supervisors on your side.

As we are walking to the front of the store to pick up hangers the coworkers approaches us

Co-Worker: (Loudly) Hey (My name) You didn’t clean out the candy area like I asked!

She was doing this so a) I looked lazy in front of the supervisor and b) I wouldn’t be able to help the supervisor since I would have to clean the candy area

Me: (calmly) I did it two hours ago, I can’t help it if it got messy since then.

She tried a couple more tactics but when she saw it wasn’t working she left to go hide in the back room and play on her phone.

She ended up quitting later saying that no one respected here here.

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I work at the largest theme park in Canada. With over 200 attractions they employe a lot of staff, usually teenagers and we all know how responsible teenagers can be (and I am one myself)

This happened in the summer of 2016

A coworker of mine has missed a couple of her shifts and it starting to tick off the Team Lead’s.

She calls in one day and I answer the phone

Coworker: Hey, I can’t make it in today

I really like this coworker and didn’t want to see her get fired. I even offered to drive her to work before.

Me: Okay but just letting you know the Team Lead’s are getting annoyed. Is there any reason you can’t come in today?

Coworker: It’s complicated

I relayed that exact information to the Team Lead’s who then decided to use “it’s complicated” through the entire day when they didn’t want to do a specific task

For example,

Me: (Team Lead) (coworker #2) says he’s too short to reach the chips in the back. Can you help?

Team Lead: Eh, I can’t

Me: Why not?

Team Lead: It’s complicated (laughs but helps us anyways. She just wanted to say that for the joke)

I laughed along too because it was a pretty stupid excuse until the coworker told me the next day she was having some personal issues. Then I felt horrible and got the Team Leads to stop making fun of “it’s complicated” without spilling her secret

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Me and my boyfriend had just made a big purchase of things for our home.

I noticed that the cashier was having some issues with scanning one item, but nothing out of ordinary. After paying and getting out I wondered why the value was bigger than expected, so decided to take a look at the receipt.

And then I saw that he decided to double charge a much more expensive item, instead of the item that he could not scan.

(Yes, I went back and got the difference back)