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(This happened in 2014, when I was delivering my daughter prematurely. My parents had only just found out that I had the baby. My mother is also a nurse.)

Mom: *calls the hospital the first time* (husband’s name) what’s going on!?

Husband: (My name) had the baby.

Mom: WHAT?! *finishes talking to my husband and gets ready to leave* …

Dad: What’s wrong?

Mom:…She can’t have had the baby.

Sister: She did mom.

Mom: *calls the hospital back* Hi, this is (mother’s name), I’m calling to check on my daughter and her daughter, are they ok?

Nurse 1: Well they’re alive. *click*


Dad: (sister’s name) go out to the car…

(After this, my parents and sister raced down to the hospital where I’ve delivered, and they entered the ward.)

Nurse 1: Can I help you?

Mom: *wearing her scrubs* Yeah, I’m (my name)’s mother.

Nurse 1: *goes stark white*

Nurse 2:…Oh…oh my god…did you yell at someone else’s mother!? I’m so sorry miss, your daughter is ok, they’ve delivered the baby, both are doing well.

Nurse 1: …Her room is over there.

(My mother walked to the room only to find blood EVERYWHERE. She promptly fainted in the door way. My dad had to catch her, and my sister wound up seeing the room before the second nurse realized that the first directed them there. She ended up doing damage control. Mom reported the nurse.)

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I was calling a pharmacy to check that they had a filled a prescription for me so my husband could pick it up later.

Me: “Hi yes my name is [First Name, Last Name] and I need to know if my prescription for Mirtazapine has been filled.”

Lady: “Sorry what was your last name?”

Me: “[Last Name]

Lady: “So it’s [Completely wrong last name]?”

Me: “No it’s [correct last name]” *spells it just to make sure*

Lady: “And your first name is Rose correct?”

*My name is nothing like Rose*

Me: “…No it’s [My Name]”

Lady: “And your address?”

Me: *gives address*

Lady: “And it was a prescription for Citalopram correct?”

Me: “….no Mirtazapine.”

I eventually found out they have my prescription but I was slightly concerned.

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There’s this store that’s unique in my town. They have a lot of awesome knicknacks, gifts, gadgets etc, you can’t find in any other store in town or in a nearby town. I loved browsing there, but 2 incidents make me careful of going there.

Situation 1:

Me: I’d like to return this item; I’m sorry.

Clerck: No problem, here you go: euro 1.40 in cash.

Me: Eh, I paid euro 1.42 for it.

Clerck: Yes, but we rounded it down, like all cash transactions. So you paid 1.40.

Me: No, I paid with PIN (like a debitcard), so I paid 1.42. The receipt even says so.

Clerck: But we don’t have 2 cent coins any more.

(The Dutch stores are allowed to round up or down to 0.05 cents. Paying with 1 and 2 cents is allowed/ legal tender, but they don’t have to return it any more. Some stores don’t even accept those coins, which is allowed if they make that very clear when entering the store)

Me: I won’t mind a gift certificate with the amount instead?

Clerck: We don’t have gift certificates.

Me: Then it’s not my problem, I’m sorry. I paid 1.42, I want 1.42 returned. (I know it’s only 3 cents, but if they do this with every customer… besides, there’s more, which I didn’t know then yet.)

Clerck: *sighs, is obviously fed up with me and slams a 5 cents-coin on the counter, returning me 1.45*

Me: Thank you for solving this.

Situation 2:

I bought something for euro 5.43. I paid, again, with PIN. The receipt says 5.43. However, when I check my bankaccount, there is 5.45 deducted. I triple-check things, but no, store name, date, receiptnumber… all says that transaction belongs to that receipt. So, I return to the store.

Me: Hi, I have a question about this receipt? It says I paid 5.43, but you guys deducted 5.45. *shows bank-receipt along store-receipt*

Clerck: Then that was an error, I guess (turns out they have to manually type in the amount).

Me: Okay, but now what? This isn’t something I’m okay with…

Clerck: *turns to other clerck* Ehm, how are we going to solve this?

Clerck 2: Do we have a 2 cents coin in our drawer?

Clerck: I don’t know…

Clerck 2: *opens drawer, finds a rare 2 cents coin and quickly puts it on the counter* Guess that solves it! Have a nice evening!

Me: Yeah, that does solve it, thank you.

The thing that left the nasty aftertaste, was they obviously wanted me gone right after and that in only a few months time, they twice messed up with a few cents, making me wonder if they pull this stunt more often…. but without proof, there’s nothing I can do, plus things DID get solved for me. And I also know it’s only 5 cents in total, but like I said… how often are they pulling this stunt? Or did they honestly messed up twice and with just me?

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I work at a local job center and often go through the online sign-up process with people to make sure it goes smoothly. A man was doing really well filling out questions until we got to this one.

Me: Would you rather it [his online resume] be submitted ‘With contact information’ or as ‘Anonymous’?

Job Seeker: What does ‘anonymous’ mean?

Me: It means without your contact information.

Job Seeker: What does ‘without contact information’ mean?

Me: ……………………..
It means it doesn’t have your contact information.

Job Seeker: …….

He still didn’t get it after I explained it a second time.

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(I’m a 15 year old guy coming back from a hunting trip with my dad. We decide to stop and eat as the last time we ate was noon and it is now 8:30pm. The sub shop we stopped at has only two people working there when we arrived)

Dad: Hello, how are you?

Employee #1: *in a rude tone* Tired, I can’t wait to go home. *he says this while packing up his station*

Dad: Oh what time do you guys close? We can go somewhere else if you are closing now.

Employee #1: We close at 11:30. *walks off*

Dad: *Looks at me confused* What time is it?

Me: It’s only 8:30…

*We obviously don’t want to deal with this rude employee, but when we get back into our truck my dad says this*

Dad: This is why our country is failing; I wouldn’t even hire him to take out my garbage with that attitude.