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My wife and I went to an animal shelter to get a cat. We looked around and found a cat we liked. The supervisor told us that this cat was no good. She would never be friendly to us. We decided to go ahead and take this cat home with us.

It’s been 3 years of patience but now she’s the most funny and loving cat you can imagine. She still has some problems with loud noises which freak her out, but most of the times she’s really a d=funny friend to die for.


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we find time to go out for a meal on a rare day off for the both of us, we arrive early enough to beat the lunch rush. The waitress is nowhere to be seen, so we wait and wait until i get fed up and wander around to find her chatting and laughing with a coworker in the back. She sits us in a tiny space and clumsily slams down the highchair.

Me: I think we know what we would like order, but can we get to refill drinks whilst we take a quick look.

Waitress: Err ok.

(She disappears and thankfully returns quickly with two glasses that again manages to slam down in front of us, knocking one across the table. Before i can say a word she disappears again and is nowhere to be found. Again i have to find her to order our food. When we eventually get our food i notice a problem.)

Me: Sorry i don’t mean to be difficult, but i orders carrots not green beans, a jacket potato not chips and my steak medium, this looks well done.

Waitress: Oh im i will get that sorted for you.

(Again in a near empty restaurant she disappears not to be seen again, my food eventually turns up, but by this point my wife has nearly finished hers, and our baby is growing restless. She puts the plate on the table then rushes off.)

Wife: Is it ok?

Me: Well the veg is cold and they have basically squashed the potato flat, the steak is as well done as before.

Wife: You can send it back.

Me: no, by the time they get that right, (baby) will be throwing a fit, i’ll put up with it.

(after i have eaten)

Waitress: (suddenly all smiles and happy, makes an effort to smile and wave at our baby) so how was your meal?

Me: Frankly not great, but we have run out of time, could we please have the bill.

Waitress: (grinning like a madman) Of course you can! I will be back as quickly as i can.

Waitress: Here you are sir, just let me know when you are ready.

Wife: are you going to tip her?

Me: hell no, even the little smile face she drew on the receipt wont help her now.

( I tip most meals even though its not a custom in the UK, she wasn’t getting anything.)


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That day, we were launching an app on a major manufacturer’s television sets, and this had been hyped for months by our (notoriously difficult) CEO as an important milestone and game changer for the company. I’m coordinating the marketing initiatives surrounding the launch, one of which is a major overhaul of our website, which was supposed to be delivered by our contractor early in the morning. However, when I arrive at work, I find out that the update hasn’t been delivered and I can’t reach the contractor, so I notify the CEO.

Me: (Boss), just so you know, seems like the update didn’t go live and I can’t get a hold of (contractor). I left them a message, hopefully I’ll hear from them soon.

CEO: This is unacceptable! (My name), this is your responsibility and I’m holding you accountable; I don’t care how you do it, but that update HAS to be live WITHIN THE HOUR, understood?

Me: Sure. I’ll keep calling I guess.

I keep monitoring my inbox, trying to call our contractor, and even the contractor’s boss, to no avail. 30 minutes later, the CEO calls an impromptu office meeting away from our desks. I bring my phone with me, hoping to catch an email or call from the contractor. I expect the meeting to be about the launch, but it is in fact a rehash of an investors meeting held a few months ago, which I had basically prepared from A to Z for the CEO (and for which he had taken all the credit), so there’s nothing new for me there and he knows it. As I’m about to head back to my desk to keep monitoring the website situation, he stops his speech mid-sentence.

CEO: Uh, (My name), where are you going?

Me: I need to get back to my desk and try to reach (contractor) so that I can check that the update goes live without a hitch.

CEO: Uh, no. You stay here. This is a company meeting. This is important.

Me: With all due respect, I was there at the investors meeting and I even prepared that presentation so…

CEO (in a dismissive tone, pointing to my seat): (My name), please sit down and listen. Thank you.

I returned to my seat reluctantly, still holding my phone close. At some point, a new email comes in, and it is indeed from the contractor. I start reading it, when the CEO stops again in mid-sentence.

CEO: Uh, (My name), am I bothering you?

Me: No, no, it’s just that…

CEO: NO! You are being rude to me and your colleagues. Put your phone away NOW!

Me: But it’s…

CEO: (My name), please give me your phone.

He then proceeds to snatch the phone from my hands and put it in his pocket for the remainder of the meeting, which lingers on for another hour and a half. When it’s over, I head back to my desk to check on my emails, and it turns out the contractor needed some help from us to complete the update. It finally goes live a few hours later than expected. The CEO then calls me into his office.

CEO: (My name), I was extremely disappointed in your behaviour during today’s meeting. You were very rude to me and your fellow employees. I expect a much higher level of professionalism from you, and I will not stand for this kind of attitude again.

Me: Well, with all due respect…

CEO: I’m not finished. Then there’s the website situation. I told you that you were accountable for it going live within the hour. It was four hours late, which means we might have lost some potential customers. This is absolutely unacceptable; the company depends on all its employees being on point and delivering on their objectives. I’ll be keeping a close eye on you from now on, and we might have to rediscuss your future here if I don’t see a clear improvement. Is that understood?

(At this point I’m fuming and consider going into an expletive-laden tirade, but the job market back then was kind of hard and I figure I couldn’t afford getting fired and having a bad reference)

Me: Yeah. Understood.

CEO: Great. You can go now. Oh, and here, you can have your phone back.

Long story short, this is one of many incidents involving this CEO behaving badly, and from that point on I began looking frantically for a new job. Fast forward a few years later, I’m happily employed somewhere else, while his company went bankrupt earlier this year.


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After a few days with a sore throat that has kept getting worse and worse, I go into the local clinic. Since my doctor is on vacation, I am sent to the “on call” doctor who has no patients of her own but takes on overflow from other doctors.

Doctor: “So, what are you here for?”

Me: “I’ve had a sore throat for three days. I’ve been drinking lots of water, taking cough syrup, and it doesn’t help.”

Doctor: “Well, we’ll check for strep. If it isn’t that, it’s probably just a bug and there’s nothing we can do for you.”

The doctor runs the strep test, and it comes back negative. I am sent home. Two days later and my throat has gotten worse. I have been unable to go to work and have almost no voice at all. I’m living on milkshakes at this point. I go back into the doctor’s office and see the same on-call doctor again.

Doctor: “Well, we can check for strep again, but you probably just need rest and fluids. Have you tried taking tylenol?”

Me: “Nothing is helping. I’ve never had a sore throat this bad. Is there anything else you can do for me? Anything else I can take? Antibiotics or something?”

Doctor (angrily): “That’s why there are so many superbugs you know! People over-prescribing antibiotics!”

After arguing for a few minutes, the doctor just leaves the room. Sick and tired, I go home and hope for the best. But two days later I come back. At this point my throat is visibly swollen from the outside. I cannot hardly stand the pain of swallowing, so I have eaten or drunk very little for the past two days. I can’t sleep and am in general miserable and weak. My husband has to drive me to the doctor.

Doctor: “Look, I don’t know what you think I can do for you. I’ll refer you to an ENT (Ears, nose, throat) doctor. Maybe it’s a sinus problem”

I go to the reception desk and wait in line to schedule the referral appointment when I start feeling extremely weak. The next thing I know, I’m sitting in a wheelchair with two nurses and my husband standing over me One nurse is giving me oxygen, while another is putting together an IV line. After asking me a few questions, I see my own doctor walking past and start pointing at her like an excited child. The nurses go over, talk to her, and then wheel me into an examination room.

Nurse: honey, when did you last eat something?

Me: um…yesterday

Nurse: have you been drinking?

Me: I can’t…I can’t swallow.

Nurse: oh dear, we’re going to get you on some fluids to start with…

My doctor comes in, takes a look at me and immediately goes to touch the swollen sides of my neck. I’m not a baby about pain, but I yelp and start tearing up immediately. The doctor looks at the nurse with surprise.

My doctor: “you said she was just examined?”

Nurse: “Yes. [on call doctor] has seen her three times over the past week. She ruled out strep.”

My doctor: “Ok, let’s test for mono now…”

Turns out I had mono, and some of the most severe symptoms my doctor had seen. They put me on steroids to bring the swelling down. Apparently the swelling had gotten so out of hand there was a chance I could have suffocated in my sleep that night. After re-hydrating me, giving me a slew of pills to take and some high dose painkillers, they wheel me out the door to the car with strict orders to stay home and pretty much in bed for at least a week. My doctor told me later that she had “a talk” with the on-call doctor, and ripped her a new one. I still wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t passed out- and if that doctor ever learned there are more than two illnesses!


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I work at a big retail store and am a merchandiser helping out on registers. And its past my shift.

Customer: hey im a blank member ring me up?

Me: im sorry sir i really cant. (Mind you my lights off and at my store if your cashier as soon as it hits your scheduled time to be off itll lock and give you the money to bag up if no customers being helped at the moment.)

Customer: come on dude i got three things.

Me: sir i really cant even if i wanted to.

Customer: god your lazy little Mexican c***.

(Another Customer enters my line)

Customer 2: come on i got a cart full id like to go through quick just ring him up.

Customer 1: yeah come on c*** ring my items so i can go home

Me: sir and madam i really cant ring anyone up im a merchandiser and my system wont let me in till my next shift.

Customer 2: im reporting you to your boss theres lines here to the back

(There was 12 lanes open with small lines)

Me: im so sorry but i cant use my system its locks up if its past my shift

Customer 1: i swear to god if you dont

(By this time the owner comes up to me seeing whats causing the ruckus.)

Owner: whats the issue?

Customer 1 and 2 in unison: this little bitch wont ring us up fire her.

Me: i

(Owner steps in)

Owner: dont worry about it blank. And for you two shes off let me explain its 945 she was off at 930 the system after done with last customer will lock up and hand her the till.

Customer 2: but she….

Owner: her lights been off shes advised to have others go in the next line. Plus shes not cashier shes merchandiser she works in clothes you know the clothes in your cart she put those up.

Customer 1: but the bitch can…

Owner: no you dont call her that she helped the cashiers till she was off systems locked she bags the money goes home and cant unlock it till her next shift. Its not her fault she did nothing wrong if you wanna yell at my employees you can walk out that door cause you guys are being kicked out. Any aggression towards my cashiers merchandisers etc will lead to a permanent ban you have 1 minute to leave. As for you (pointing to me) thanks for the help you cam go home and have a great night okay.

Customer 1 and 2: this is bullshit well never shop here again.

Owner: okay cool dont have to worry cause your banned so dont try to come back.