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(It’s the middle of winter. I work the night shift at a large retail chain where home office shuts off the heat at night to save money, since there are far fewer customers. Because of this, we frequently have to wear sweaters to keep warm. This happens on a particularly cold night.”

Coworker #1: “Man, it’s freezing in here!”

Me: “Seriously, I was just about to ask [Manager] if he could do something about the heat, this is kind of crazy at this point.”

Coworker #1: “Don’t bother, I already asked. He said someone asked before me, too, but couldn’t do anything.”

Coworker #2: “I have an idea. *she pulls out a walkie talkie and speaks into it* [Manager] we’ve had multiple customers complaining that it was too cold in the building.”

Manager: “I’ll call home office.”

Me: “There was no customer complaint, was there?”

Coworker #2: *grinning* “Nope!”

(The heat was turned on within an hour)


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I’m the manager for the night. I’m ten feet away when I’m paged to one of the registers. The customer is very agitated and has the fake smile and big eyes angry people wear.

Me: What can I do for you?

Coworker: I accidentally charged her full price for these discounted items so she needs a refund.

Customer: And they’re buy one get one free too! There’s a sign right in front of them that says so.

All of our store sale signs are bright yellow, large, and this product is easily visible from the counter. I see no such sign and know it would be ridiculous to have such a deal on an item already marked half off. I begin entering the correct commands into the register to correct the cashier’s mistake.

Me: Alright, let’s get these run up for the right price. These are already discounted so they wouldn’t be part of any buy one get one free deal-

Customer: You should really get someone to take down that sign then.

Me: They’re marked for $3 a piece-

Customer: Yeah, I shouldn’t be paying 14.98 for them when they’re marked $3 and buy one get one free. [aggressively waving their hands in my face]

The hand waving has thrown me off and I miskeyed something and had to start over.

Me: $3 a piece is only $6 so it’s actually less expensive than buy one get one-

Customer: Whatever, that’s fine. [more hand waving] You do what you have to but you should take down that sign and I’m in a really big hurry. You should just ring me up so i can leave. *continues ranting*

Me: That’s very aggressive behavior.

The customer ignores me but stops hand waving.

Me: Your change is [Total]. How would you like that back? Cash?

Customer: Cash is fine.

She start walking away even before I have the cash out of the till to hand to them.

Coworker: I’m really sorry-

Me: No, it’s not your fault. They’re supposed to be marked so they don’t scan in the first place and you haven’t even been here a week.

I walk the few feet over to the shelf once the customer is gone and look at the discount items there. On the shelf is taped very securely a plain white piece of paper with magic marker written that the product she bought was buy one get one free. One of my coworkers from the morning shift had put it up and not informed management or the cashiers. How can cashiers ring up a manual deal if they don’t know about it? It was unprofessional and should never have been put up like that so I did take it down as they lady had suggested.


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(This actually happened many years ago when I was younger. My dad would usually be in the basement watching TV and playing music if he was home, so I used to have to yell downstairs and wait for a response to see if he was home. One day I was home and the phone rang.)

Me: Hello?

Caller: Hi, is [Dad’s name] there?

Me: Uhhmm I’m not sure, let me check

(I go and yell downstairs)


(No answer..)

Me: Sorry, he’s not home.

Caller: B****! *hangs up*

(He probably thought that my dad had told me not to say he was home, but it was still a pretty rude thing to say to a 9 year old.. I never got his name so I wasn’t able to tell my dad about it, although I think it was someone from his work.)


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(I pick up a call from a telemarketer. Note: We do not have an IT manager, but we do have a third-party IT service that we are satisfied with and would not change, so such calls usually end quickly.)

Telemarketer: “Hi, my name is [name], can I speak to your IT manager?”

Me: “Could you let me know what this is regarding?”

Telemarketer: “I want to speak to your IT manager about the IT services we can provide your company.”

Me: “I’m sorry, we do have an IT-provider; we do not need your services.”

Telemarketer: “Is that an in-house or external party?”

Me: “As I’ve said, we already have our own IT-provider, and we do not intend to change them.”

Telemarketer: “Then can I speak to Mr [boss name]?”

Me: “He is not around.”

Telemarketer: “Will he be back this afternoon?”

Me: “No.”

Telemarketer: “Then when will he be back?”

Me: “Next month. He is on leave.”

Telemarketer: *Rudely*”He is not around or he is on leave?”

Me: “He is on leave that’s why he’s not around.”

Telemarketer: “Then, can I have his email? I’ll drop him a note about our services.”

Me: “Sure. You may email to office, that’s o-f-f-i-c-e, at [company name]…”

(I barely complete spellling out the company name.)

Telemarketer: *Interrupting* “Thank you!”

Me: “Welcome.”

(I hung up after that, neglecting to tell her that “.com.sg” follows my company name for the complete email address as she was so rude!)


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(I’m a cosplayer and am at Joanns buying petticoat netting for a Lolita outfit and four way stretch fabric for Sailor Moon. I get seven yards of the petticoat netting and three yards of the four way stretch fabric, get my ticket for them to scan at the register and head over)

Employee: *after we get my coupons dealt with* Okay, your total is $10.73

Me: Um. . . Can I see my ticket? That seems really low.

Employee: Alright. . . *she hands me the ticket back and I notice quickly what the problem is*

Me: Ah, see you accidentally entered the stretch knit at .30 yards instead of 3 yards.

Employee: Oh!

(She calls over another employee to help her fix the error, as she’s still learning everything. We got it fixed quickly bringing my total up more to where I thought it would be, $33. The both of them kept saying thank you to me).