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A few years ago, I went into a chain video game store. I’m a woman and was in my late 20s at the time. The only employee I can see is a guy behind the counter chatting to someone who I assume is a friend. I shoot him a smile and a nod as I pass without interrupting because I don’t need anything, and head over to the section of games for a system I own.

Cashier: Can I help you find something?

Me: No thank you! I’m good.

Cashier: *turns back to his friend* Ugh. I can’t stand the voice of a female.

I pause, trying to figure out if I just heard what I think I heard, and turn around. He won’t look at me, but I can see the back of his neck and his ears slowly turning bright red. The guy he’s talking to his staring at him with a clear look of shock and confusion. I don’t have any sort of “weird” or even distinctive voice (neither high nor low pitched) that would have prompted a remark on it.

Me: … I’m sorry… what did you say?

He refuses to turn around or even look at me or respond. The other guy is still looking visibly awkward and confused. I finally just turn and walk out of the store. In hindsight, I could have/should have gotten his name and sent in a complaint, or at the very least confronted him more directly, but I was just so baffled by the encounter and how unprovoked it was that I didn’t think to. I have been back to that store multiple times since and have never seen that employee again. Can’t think of a single reason why he wouldn’t have made it!

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(There is a store of a very popular chain sandwich shop located on the ground floor of my dorm. I have a meeting to go to elsewhere on campus and decide to get a meal there instead of the residential restaurant so I can just take my meal with me to the meeting.)

Me: Can I please get a foot-long spicy Italian sub on Italian bread and with provolone cheese?

(The employee makes my sandwich correctly and the following ensues)

Employee #1: Do you want it toasted?

Me: (shakes head) No, thank you.

(The employee proceeds to place the sandwich on the tray used for toasting.)

Me: Oh, um, not toasted please.

(The employee picks up the tray and heads for the toaster)

Me: (a little louder) Uh, NOT toasted please.

(The employee places the sub in the toaster)

Me: Excuse me! Not toasted please!

Employee #2: (To Employee #1 as he is about to set the toaster) Hey! She said not toasted!

Employee #1: (finally hears this and takes the sub out before toasting it, but rather than being sorry for his mistake doesn’t say anything and instead looks rather annoyed at me as he passes the sub down the line.)

Me to Employee #2: Thank you for that

(Employee #2 proceeds to put all of the vegetables on my sandwich correctly, but after he rings me up leaves the sandwich behind the sneeze guard at the end of the line rather than putting it within my reach. I had to reach over the counter to grab it.)

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(I am transplanting plant seedlings from the germination trays to the actual pots. On two consecutive days we do large runs of two similar-looking plants, white iberis and white alyssum. Due to uneven germination, both times the numbers are a bit off.)

Coworker: Yesterday with did 105 flats of iberis and came out with 100. Today we did 100 flats of alyssum and came out with 104… (points accusingly at the trays of potted seedlings) HAVE YOU BEEN VAMPIRIZING THE IBERIS?! There’re legends in the Baltic of vampire squash, do we get vampire alyssum here?

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I am about to ask a woman for payment of her purchases. She is weaing a niqab. I am legally deaf and use hearing aids. One has ran out of power and I haven’t had time to switch the battery over yet.

Me: That’s £50 exactly, please?

Woman: *speaks low enough for me to only make out “card”*

Me: You want to pay with card?

Woman: *huffs* No. *again speaks too low for me to hear*

Me: Sorry, would you mind speaking a little louder please? I’m de-


She rants at me for another couple of minutes before tiring herself out.

Me: … I can’t hear you correctly because my hearing aid has turned off.

The woman notices my hearing aids for the first time. She ratches around in her purse and throws two £50 notes at me before hurrying out. As the she only needed to pay £50 I take the spare note to the reception.

Me: Just in case she comes back. This is the receipt as well.

Receptionist: Could you really not hear her?

Me: No, I could make out “card.”

Receptionist: She was saying she would use card if we offered cashback.

Me: Oh!

Receptionist: Yeah, I wondered whether I should tell you, but knowing muslims she probably would have been offended, and I didn’t want one of “those” having a go at me.

Me: *me internally* Wow…

The woman eventually did come back to apologise. I had already gone how by then though, but I was assured her money was returned.

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Last month I was scheduled for a medical procedure that would require me to take two days off work for recovery. I am the only person who covers the front desk, answers phones, and takes orders at my job; therefore, it is important that I am not gone for many days. My employers are both originally from China, and while they speak very good English, sometimes it is hard to make them understand things. I received a call from the office where I was going to have the procedure done, requiring me to reschedule my appointment.

Fast forward to today (Friday); I received another call from the doctor’s office – they were requesting to reschedule AGAIN. I am not at all a morning person, admittedly I am quite grumpy if woken by the phone. The conversation between myself the receptionist was chilly at best.

Me: *groggily* “Hello?”

Receptionist: “Hi, yes, this is Doctor So-and-So’s Office calling, we need to reschedule your appointment.”

Me: “uh, what? again?”

Receptionist: “yes. when would you like–”

Me: *cutting her off* “This is the second time. Just cancel my appointment, please.”

Receptionist: “What? are you *sure*??”

Me: *thinking* Uh, yeah. What did I just say? “Yes. I’m going back to sleep now.” *click*

Maybe I was in the wrong for being grumpy, but her attitude was unwarranted, in my opinion. Like they were doing me a favour in some way, and I should be happy to be jerked around. I’m going to find a new doctor, and hopefully won’t have to deal with the runaround again.