Consider Yourself Downsized

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(My friend owns a couple of clothing stores through his family. He dresses quite humbly, so people don’t really recognize that he is an owner. On this day, I’m accompanying him while he checks on one of his stores.)

Me: “Excuse me, miss? Where is the plus-size section of this shop?”

Clerk:  “Over at the dirt mall where [plus-size chain store] is. We don’t cater to fatty fat-a**es like you.”

Me: “No need for that kind of language, and I’m a size 18, so I can fit in some average-sized clothing, but I prefer the fit in plus. I know that there is a plus section, but the store has been re-arranged so I’m having trouble finding it.”

Clerk: “I’ll speak to you however I want. People like you are beneath the rest of us. Just wrap up in a sheet and call it a dress. You might need two king-size to cover that Buddha-big-belly!”

Me: “May I please speak to your manager? You are being very rude.”

Clerk: “Oh, no! You are not going to stomp over me to get me in trouble just because you’re fat! Get the f*** out of here!”

(My friend taps me on my shoulder and points to a section of the store.)

My Friend:  “The plus-size section is over there.”

Clerk:  *to my friend* “Why are you helping that fata**?! We don’t serve her kind here!”

My Friend: “Well, if you must know, I am actually one of her best friends. I have been for over ten years, and for about five years, I’ve been running several clothing stores for my grandfather until he decided to officially hand the reins over to me two years ago. I, despite my appearance, now own several lovely clothing stores that cater to every woman of every size…”

Clerk: *stares*

My Friend:  “…including this one. Now, I believe my friend asked for your manager?”

(Upon hearing this, the clerk turns pale and calls for her manager, who recognizes my friend and rushes over. After we explain what happens, the manager apologizes over and over, and fires the clerk on the spot for their poor behavior.)

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