Discretion Is The Better Part Of Disclosure, Part 2

| Employees, Health & Body, Rude & Risque

(I’m a customer waiting in line. The young woman in front of me is being served by a nice but somewhat ditzy cashier.)

Cashier: “Oh, whoops! These aren’t scanning. I’ll just get a price check.”

(The cashier holds up a little blue box and starts waving it around, then shouts to a coworker in one of the aisles.)

Cashier: “Yo, [coworker]! I need a price check on these [brand] condoms in XXL size!”

Young Woman: *blushes* “Oh my God, don’t worry about them. I’ll just get these.”

Coworker: *shouts back* “WHAT KIND?!”


Young Woman: *looks mortified and practically runs out of the store*

Discretion Is The Better Part Of Disclosure

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