Do As I Say, Not As A Drink

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(At my drugstore, we have a manager who berates us in front of customers. She also watches surveillance videos from days when she is not working, and then comes to our registers and yells at us for things we did days ago. One day, I get into my shift and see her working the register. I start preparing my register right away.)


Me: “What?”

Manager: “You KNOW that you are not allowed drinks behind the register!”

(The manager gestures to my bottled water. Note: store policy is that you cannot have food or drinks behind the register with the exception of water. As we work eight hour shifts and only got a half hour break, we are in fact encouraged to keep bottled water behind our registers.)

Manager: “I can’t believe you! Throw that away NOW, or put it in the break room! You know you can’t eat or drink behind the register. I mean, you’ve only been working here for THREE years. You know better! I can’t believe you!”

(My manager glares at me. She then reaches underneath her register and pulls out her OWN can of half-drunk soda, huge bag of half-eaten chips, and multitude of open candy bars and goes home for the night. I call up my first customer.)

Customer: “I am so sorry she did that to you! I promise to be nice to you!”

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