Dubious Over Dubai, Dumb About Des Moines

| Employees, Geography

(I have taken my teenage son to the dentist. When it is almost time to leave, I have this conversation with one of their receptionists.)

Receptionist: “You need to make his next appointment. What day works best for you?”

Me: “He has the opportunity to live with his dad in Dubai this year, so I can’t commit to a date since I am not sure when he will be back.”

Receptionist: “Where?”

Me: “Dubai?”

Receptionist: *blank stare* “Is that in Tennessee?”

Me: “Dubai, as in the United Arab Emirates.”

Receptionist: “Where?”

Me: “The United Arab Emirates.”

Receptionist: “Is that in the United States?”

Me: “No. It is the Middle East.”

Receptionist: “Oh, like Iowa or West Virginia!”

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