Give Me A Break!

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(I am a young woman in an office environment. I am also naturally very thin and small. One day the manager calls me to his office.)

Manager: *seriously* “[My Name], we need to talk. We’re cutting your bathroom breaks.”

Me: “What? Why?”

Manager: “You’ll thank us later.”

Me: “Is it my record? I’ve been very good; I help with the sales.”

Manager: “No, it’ll be fine. Just take things as normal and we’ll get back to you.”

(I leave, confused. Unfortunately, I’m on my period and it’s extremely inconvenient. I spend the whole day in pain at my desk. My supervisor comes to me at the end of the day.)

Supervisor: “What’s going on? I heard you didn’t do very well today. Is anything the matter?”

Me: “No.”

Supervisor: *looking concerned* “Okay. Well, I’m here for you, all right?”

(I go home, puzzled by what happened. Next day, I’m suffering heavy bleeds and I have to go to the bathroom numerous times. The manager calls me in the office with the supervisor.)

Manager: “[My Name], we’ve been noticing that you’ve been having a LOT of bathroom breaks and I’m afraid we’re going to have to let you go for a while.”

Me: “WHAT?!”

Manager: “Now, understand that this is only temporary. We have the numbers of some very good people who can help you and we’ll even let you have time off with pay if things come to it…”

Me: “Wait. ‘People who can help me’?”

Manager: “Here.”

(He hands over some leaflets on eating disorders.)

Me: “[Manager], I’m fine. I’m a healthy weight.”

Manager: “Well, you were sick after [Coworker]’s birthday when she brought stuff in the other week, plus you’re really skinny.”

Me: “I had the flu! I didn’t even know I had it at the time. Listen, I’m on my period. I’m not bulimic!”

(My two male superiors were very embarrassed.)

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