Giving Them The Skinny On Politeness

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(I am at a fast food chain where they don’t let you get your drinks yourself. I have already had a rough day.)

Cashier: “…and what drink would you like with that?”

Me: “Diet Coke.”

Cashier: “You know that won’t make you skinnier?”

Me: *taken aback* “Of course not; I just prefer the taste of diet. Regular is too syrupy.”

Cashier: *rolling her eyes* “Ugh, whatever you say to get some nasty-a** drink down you.”

Me: “Miss. I change my mind; I’m canceling my order. There was absolutely no need for you to be rude.”

Cashier: “You can’t just leave; they already got the food cooking!”

Me: “Well, that’s now your problem. Tell the cooks that your decision to mouth off made them waste their time. Good day.”

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