Government Has A Number Of Issues That Drive Us Crazy

| Louisiana, USA | Crazy Requests, Employees, Lazy/Unhelpful

(I am trying to get my car tag. I take a number, but since the waiting area is crowded, I sit down just outside the little roped area. Note that it’s close to closing time, and this is the last office open. An employee at a different counter is closing up and starts to yell at me.)

Employee: “We are closing!”

Me: “I know; I’m waiting for the car tag, not for you.”

Employee: “You have to sit there!” *points to the roped area*

Me: “It’s crowded there, and I don’t see that I’m bothering anyone sitting here.”

Employee: “You have to sit there or they won’t call your number!”

Me: “Wait. If I don’t sit there, they won’t call my number? How will they know which number not to call?”

Employee: *stomps off*

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