Just Plain Batty, Part 2

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(I have a quite and well-behaved Chihuahua that is a medical alert service dog. I’ve been talking to a sales associate for at least fifteen minutes, and she hasn’t said a word about my service dog. Suddenly…)

Sales Associate: “So the thing that you want to keep in mind is—OH MY GOD, IT’S A BAT!”

Me: “What?! Where?” *looking around in surprise*

Sales Associate: “THERE! THERE! IT’S A BAT!”

(The sales associate is completely hysterical, shrieking and pointing. It takes me a moment to realize she’s pointing at my service dog.)

Me: “…Ma’am, that’s my service dog.”

Sales Associate: “IT’S A BAT!”

Me: “He’s my service dog. He’s a Chihuahua. ”

(The sales associate stops screaming and stares at my service dog for a few moments.)

Sales Associate: “So, the thing that you want to remember is…” *goes on about the product as if nothing happened*

Just Plain Batty

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