Making A Mountain Out Of A Marked Bill

| North Carolina, USA | Employees, Lazy/Unhelpful

(Note: I live in a one-light town in the mountains, so it takes half a day to go “off the mountain” to do any shopping or doctor’s appointments.)

Me: “Excuse me, I’ve received a bill from your office that I know I already paid.”

Clerk: “Oh, not a problem! Just bring your receipt marked ‘PAID’ and I’ll mark it as ‘paid’.”

Me: “Huh? Why? I’m looking at my receipt which is a computer printout from your computer. So, you should already have a copy of my receipt. Why can’t you pull it up?”

Clerk: “So I don’t have to look… for… it…” *trails off as she realizes what she’s saying*

Me: “Let me get this straight: you’re suggesting I take a half-day off work to drive down the mountain and show you something you already have so you don’t have to look for it?”

Clerk: “Oops! Marking it ‘PAID’ right now!”

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