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(Note: I am the author of this story, and this is the same coworker. It’s Thanksgiving, and because he doesn’t celebrate it, he has agreed to come in two hours early so I can make my family’s Thanksgiving dinner on time. I am the only one in the shop, and because we are one of the only places open, the line wraps around the entire store. I have been at the register all day, unable to tend to coffee or cleaning, and unable to take a break. An hour after I was supposed to be done, my coworker has not arrived, so I call him to find out where he is, but there’s no answer. Three hours after he was supposed to arrive, an hour after the normal end of my shift, he finally shows up.)

Me: “It’s about time! I need your help. Open the other register; this line has been like this since 8am!”

Coworker: “Not yet; I need to take care of a couple things.”

(He proceeds to go into the back, where he stays for a half hour. When he finally comes out, I’m looking for an explanation as to why he was late.)

Coworker: “Oh, I forgot.”

Me: “You… forgot?”

Coworker: “Yup! I don’t celebrate this holiday, so I forgot it was today.”

Me: “But even if you weren’t coming in early, you should have been here an hour earlier! And I called you a few times; that should have been a reminder!”

Coworker: “Yeah, sorry… I was asleep.”

(Note: My shift normally ends at 2pm.)

Me: “You were… asleep.”

Coworker: “Yeah! I had a long night, so I slept in! I guess I forgot it’s Thanksgiving.”

Me: “But you were an hour late!”

Coworker: “Oops!”

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