On Bloody Time Every Time

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(I’m working medical about a tenth of a mile from the finish line of a 5K, half, and full marathon. I have several students with me who are training to be an EMT and a paramedic student, who’s seasoned. I’ve been explaining EMS people don’t really have a good filter. A volunteer biker not associated with medical has come over to us during a lull.)

Biker: “Well, here comes the pace marker.” *looks at watch* “Yep, right on time. I’ve noticed the women are amazing at tracking and pacing these events.”

Me: “Well, of course. If you had to track your period every month for 40-plus years, you’d be pretty good at long term time management, too.”

Biker: “Uh, well, I guess you can’t argue with that.”

Medic Student: *laughs*

EMT Students: “Um…”

Medic Student: “Yay. Well, welcome to EMS.”

(By the end of the race, they were counting bloody nipples. Men, petroleum jelly!)

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