Mrs The Point

| Germany | Employees, Popular

(I am a trans-man who started hormone therapy a few months ago. Quite early in the morning, the doorbell rings. I wake up from it and, as I’m expecting a parcel, hurry to the door in my old and rather girly-looking pajamas. As soon as I open, the salesman outside seems ready to start his spiel, but pauses and looks at me in confusion. I am aware what he sees: A short person with a noticeable chest and bright pajamas, but also broad shoulders, a masculine-looking haircut and visible stubble. He blinks and starts again.)

Salesman: “Are you Mrs… er…” *he pauses, now visibly distressed* “Is your name [Last Name]?”

Me: *in my currently gender-neutral sounding voice* “Yes!”

(He tried to finish his talk as quickly as possible, still looking confused the whole time, and left in a hurry. Poor guy – but I admit I found it amusing!)


Needs Change And A Change Of Cashier

| MN, USA | At The Checkout, Math & Science, Money, Popular

(My mom has gone to a well-known pharmacy for a prescription. Her co-pay is $74 dollars. She’s given the cashier four twenties.)

Cashier: “Ma’am, I need another twenty.”

Mom: “No. I gave enough.”

Cashier: “No, I need another twenty.”

(After minutes of bickering the cashier calls her manager over.)

Cashier: “This woman refuses to pay for her medication.”

Mom: “What? I gave her enough money.”

Cashier: “No, you owe me another twenty!”

(The cashier is flustered by this point and giving my mom an evil look.)

Manager: “Let me count this.”

(He counts the twenties to find that my mom is indeed correct.)

Manager: “Uh, actually this woman needs $6 back.”

(The cashier looks at him and smiles.)

Cashier: “Oh, my math is simply awful.”

(My mom never got an apology.)


Still Needs The Doctor

, | Houston, TX, USA | At The Checkout, Employees, Food & Drink

(I am at the drive-thru.)

Me: “I would like to order a number three with a [Soda].”

Attendant: “Number three comes with a drink…”

Me: “In that case, I’d STILL like a [Soda]…”


Don’t Say What I Mean When I Clearly Don’t Mean What I Say

| Canada | Coworkers, Extra Stupid

Coworker: “Just a head’s up. [Manager] might not be here tomorrow.”

Me: “Oh, how come?”

Coworker: “Earlier, she looked at me and said ‘I’m not coming to work tomorrow.’ But that could mean anything.”

(She actually did show up to work the next day.)


An Unhealthy Attitude Towards Healthy Attitudes

| Indianapolis, IN, USA | At The Checkout, Employees, Health & Body, Popular

(I am a pretty healthy person. I love veggies and fruit, which is what my cart is full of, as well as nuts, chicken, and other assorted food.)

Cashier: “You don’t have any fun food!”

Me: “What? Oh, I love this. It tastes great.

Cashier: “No, no, you need a pizza or something! The only kinda fun thing on here are the chips, but you got the organic ones!”

Me: “Those ones are made with flax seed. It gives them a different flavor that I really like. They taste great with hummus!”

Cashier: “Why don’t you run and get a pizza or ice cream?”

Me: “I don’t want to. This is the sort of food I like.”

Cashier: “Are you anorexic?”

Me: “Excuse me?!” *I am 5’4 and 115 pounds, which is slim, but definitely not anorexic looking*

Cashier: “Well, this seems like the sort of food an anorexic would get. Are you trying to starve yourself? You are already pretty tiny. You should probably get some real food so you don’t disappear.”

Me: “Wow. Do you know that is pretty rude to say?”

Cashier: “Hey! I am not being rude!

Me: “Okay, then. Can you just ring me up now?”

Cashier: “Can you at least grab a candy bar?”

Me: “Seriously?”

Cashier: “What? I am trying to look out for your health!”

Me: “Everything on this entire belt is healthy. Everything you mentioned is not healthy.”

Cashier: “But it’s good for your soul!”

Me: “So eating food that I am not fond of is supposed to make me happier than eating food I actually like?”

Cashier: “Yes!”