Not Thinking Outside The Unboxed

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(I pop into a grocery store on my way home from work to pick up some cat food. I find the pet food aisle and the shelves are almost completely bare. There are just a handful of cat food cans, none of the brand I usually feed my cat. I go up to the nearest employee, who is standing next to the registers talking to the cashier, for help.)

Me: “Hi, can you tell me where all of the cat food is? The brand I want isn’t on the shelf. Are you guys moving the pet food to a different area?”

Employee: *giggling* “Oh, that’s all in the back room!”

Me: “Okay, well, can you go back and get me [Brand] in the smaller bag?”

Employee: *giggles again* “No, it’s all boxed up. We won’t be un-boxing them until tomorrow afternoon. You’ll have to come back.”

(By now I’m really annoyed as I just had used the last of the cat food this morning and cannot return home without more.)

Me: “I can’t come back; I’m all out!”

Employee: “Well, we’re not un-boxing it until tomorrow. You’ll just have to wait.”

(The lady then turns back to the cashier.)

Employee: “Can you believe this lady? Jeesh!”

(There was a man with his little girl lining up behind me, so I didn’t say what I really wanted to say. I was so mad I just stormed out and went to another location where they not only had the brand I wanted, but it was on sale!)

Complaining About A Lack Of Reasons To Complain

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(I am the treasurer of a volunteer organization. There is one board member who takes great delight in humiliating me, and tries to crucify me over the tiniest flaws in my reports. One night, he spends a half hour tearing me a new one over my font choice. I accept a new job overseas, and tender my resignation as treasurer. This one board member quickly jumps to the fore and is acclimated as the new treasurer. After the final meeting where it’s made official, he comes up to me with a very smug grin.)

Board Member: “Well, with me in charge, I’m glad there’ll finally be proper accounting in this organization. I’ll give you a week to get the books in order, and bring them by my store.”

(I reach under the board table and pull out a banker’s box.)

Me: “No need. Everything’s right here.”

Board Member: “Well, I’m certain you’ll need time to prepare [some highly specific financial reports].”

(I reach into the box and grab a ledger.)

Me: “You’ll find that report in here.”

(He glances through the ledger and finds the report he requested.)

Board Member: “Oh. Well, in one of your reports a few months ago, you provided an inventory of the office supplies we have. I’ll need all those, too, in order to get to work.”

(I reach under the board table and grab a second banker’s box.)

Me: “All the office supplies we have are in here. Inside, you’ll find a complete inventory list, and everything is accounted for.”

(His smug grin is turning into an angry scowl.)

Board Member: “I need the phone numbers of everyone in the head office so I confirm with them that everything’s in order.”

(I reach into the first box and pull out an address book.)

Me: “Every phone number you’ll need is right here.”

(He’s now grown quite angry at my level of preparedness.)

Board Member: “Well, you just thought of everything, didn’t you?”

Me: “I leave for my new job overseas in two months. If there’s something I didn’t think of, you’ll have until then to contact me.”

(When I came back from my job a year and a half later, I found a ton of mail and paperwork had been sent to me, because the new treasurer never bothered to inform anyone he was the new treasurer. When word that I was back in the country got around, the president called me up and begged me to come back!)

Some Dogs Like To Schnapp

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(I am at the pet store to buy some more pet food for my dog.)

Me: “I would like to get [Dog Food Brand], please.”

Worker: “Sure, may I see your ID?”

Me: “Wait, what?”

Worker: “I need to see your ID before you can continue with your purchase.”

Me: “Why?”

Worker: “Because it would be illegal for me to serve you if you are under 18.”

Me: “And buying dog food is illegal because?”

Worker: “That would be $7.50…”

(Later, she explains that she used to work at a liquor shop…)