Give Them An Inch…

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(One of our accounts received a box which had been smashed by the shipping company, destroying the lenses and frame inside. We placed a claim with the shipping company for reimbursement, as the damage was clearly their fault. My boss has called to check on the status of the claim and been told it was denied because our packaging was supposedly insufficient which lead to the contents being crushed, despite the fact that we package everything the same way and almost never have this problem.)

Boss: “So, how much weight are our boxes supposed to be able to hold to be considered sufficient?”

Customer Service Representative: “200 pounds per square inch.”

Boss: “Okay, so the package we sent was about two inches by five inches. That’s ten square inches. So you’re telling me that this package should have been able to hold… 20 thousand pounds?!”

Customer Service Representative: “…Let me have you speak to my supervisor.”

Can’t Quite Size It Up

| Jerusalem, Israel | Coworkers

Lab Guy: “How many boxes do you need?”

Me: “Eight.”

Lab Guy: “Big or small?”

Me: “What are the sizes?”

Lab Guy: “Small and big”

Me: “…”

Saw Right Through Your Plan

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(As the shop manager, I have been charged with doing tool training for everyone who works in the shop, whether they’ve been there as long as me or were just hired. At the moment, I am showing three new hires, sweet if zany girls, the saber saw and the jigsaw.)

Me: “These two saws are similar to each other for they both use a reciprocating saw but have different uses. The jigsaw is used for detail work when building. The saber saw is used more for destruction.”

New Hire: *picking up the saber saw* “You could torture someone with this.”

Me: “Please…” *picks up jigsaw* “This one is for torturing. That one is for killing.”