Sub-Standard Sub-Service, Part 6

, | FL, USA | Employees, Food & Drink, Ignoring & Inattentive

(This happened every time I went to a sub place when I was younger. The menu clearly displays the ingredients for the items, both with a picture and with the names of the ingredients.)

Me: “Hi, I’d like to get Italian sub, please. Everything that normally comes on it, except for onions, please.”

Employee: “Okay, sure.” *begins making sub*

Employee: “What kind of meat?”

Me: “Whatever normally comes on it.”

Employee: “I know, but what kind?”

Me: *annoyed that they don’t know, I look up at the menu* “Pepperoni and salami, it seems.”

Employee: “And what kind of cheese?”

Me: “What it says on the menu. Just like that without onions.”

Employee: “Can’t you just tell me what kind you want? So I know I’ll get it right.”

Me: *knowing they aren’t going to be any help, I read them the rest of the ingredients from the menu* “Mozzarella. And after that, lettuce, black olives, and tomato.”

Employee: “Okay, and what vegetables do you want on it?”

Me: *face-palm*

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Not Leaving The Trainee In The Cold

| USA | At The Checkout, Health & Body, Technology

(I am purchasing a few items from a one-stop-shopping kind of store, and approach the check-out with my purchases. I get in line at a check-stand and note that the clerk’s tag says that he’s a new employee. I figure this may take a few extra minutes if he’s still learning the system, but I’m not in any hurry. He scans my tissues, snacks, and cold medicine, and I hand him my ID. He stares at it for a moment, not sure what to do with it. There must have been a lag in the system, because there’s a beat or so before a screen pops up, asking for him to check my ID.)

Clerk: “Oh!” *he laughs* “I guess you know the system better than I do!”

(I smile.)

Me: “No, it’s just that I’ve had this dumb cold for a while now, and the great state of [State] wants to make sure that I’m not Walter White.”


Was Animally Attracted To The Job

| Winnipeg, MB, Canada | Job Seekers, Pets & Animals

(I have been looking for a job for quite a long time, so I am thrilled to get a call from the pet shelter I’d applied to. They advertised for a part-time receptionist who would also be responsible for booking appointments and arranging birthday parties at the shelter. I love animals, and think this will be perfect.)

Interviewer: “You’ll be expected to assist with euthanizing animals on a regular basis once they’re past their ‘adopt-by’ dates.”

Me: “Um… there must be some mistake. I applied for the part-time receptionist position.”

Interviewer: “That’s correct.”

Me: “The job posting didn’t mention anything about euthanizing animals, though?” *thinking: If it had, I would never have applied.*

Interviewer: “I realize that, but we’ve found that if we include that in our ad, no-one will apply.”

Me: “I see… How often would I be expected to do that?” *hoping against hope that the answer will be very rarely.*

Interviewer: “Probably at least a couple of times a day. In fact, that’s mostly what this position will entail.”

Me: “I’m terribly sorry for wasting your time, but I don’t think this job will be a good fit for me.”

(I really needed a job, but I wouldn’t have been able to look my cat in the eye if I’d taken that one. Luckily, I found employment elsewhere a month later.)


Adopting A Bad Attitude

| USA | Ignoring & Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful, Pets & Animals

(It is less than a month after one of my cats has died. My remaining cat, who is elderly and has never been without a companion a day in her life, falls into a deep depression from loneliness, so I start looking into adopting an older cat to keep her company. I find an older male that I like in a local shelter and fill out an application for him. Two weeks later I still haven’t heard back from them and after a phone call goes unanswered, I assume either my application was rejected or he was adopted by someone else. I look elsewhere and end up adopting an elderly pair that belonged to an owner who passed away. Three months afterwards I get a phone call from a volunteer at the shelter.)

Volunteer: “Hey, I’m looking at your application and I was wondering if you were still interested in the cat?”

Me: “Oh, sorry, it’s been months and I thought my application was rejected. I adopted two cats from another shelter already.”

Volunteer: “Can’t you still take him? He gets along with other cats really well.”

Me: “Sorry, sir, I already had a cat before adopting them. Three is my limit and I don’t have the means to care for a fourth.”

Volunteer: *suddenly angry* “So you just don’t care about the cat anymore, then?”

Me: “I’m sorry, what?”

Volunteer: “If you changed your mind and decided you didn’t want the cat, you should have called and told us. You’ve just wasted our time! We could have found him a home with someone else!”

Me: “I beg your pardon, but I applied for the cat months ago. I didn’t so much as get an email from you and no one even bothered to return the call I left. I feel bad for the cat, but I really can’t take him now. Maybe I would have if you actually contacted me in a timely manner.”

Volunteer: “Don’t bother trying to adopt from us again. I’m barring you from our shelter.” *hangs up*

(I was stunned, so I went onto the shelter’s website, found contact information, and emailed the owner directly. She later got back to me with an apology and promised that I could still adopt from them in the future if I so please. Apparently the reason it took months to get back to me was because the volunteer, who turned out to be her adult son, lost most of the applications, including mine, which ended up costing several cats potential homes. On the positive side, all three of my cats are inseparable friends.)


The Shift Takes A Sudden Shift

, | Québec City, QC, Canada | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Time

(It is my very first job at a very popular fast food restaurant. After a couple months of working there, one month before the schedules come out I request a day off for an event. When the schedule does get out, what do I see? That I’m scheduled that very same day, of course. I call my manager to remind her that I wanted the day off. She agrees, so I think nothing of it until that very day. My manager calls home but I’m away because of said event. My mom answers.)

Manager: “Where the h*** is [My Name]?! He was supposed to check in today!”

Mom: “Hmm, I’m pretty sure he did call you very early to say he wouldn’t come in today.”


Mom: *now outraged when she’s usually the sweetest angel* “HOLD ON! Now, I know this isn’t true at all! [My Name] has always been very responsible about his job; I am now convinced he called you beforehand to tell you he would not be there. ALSO, I drive him to work every single time so I would know if he didn’t go!”

Manager: *now embarrassed* “Oh, um… I must have thought of someone different with the same name as [My Name].”

Mom: “Of course you have!”

Manager: “Oh, um… it will be fine for this time…” *hangs up*

(The funny thing is this manager was known around town to hire way too many people to get some random bonuses. She tried to have over one hundred employees for one fast food restaurant, resulting in her not knowing each employee personally. I have seen her a total of two times the whole time I was there. I didn’t stay long after that incident.)