Not Everyone Had A Sleepless Night

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(I am standing at the front desk at seven am, speaking to the desk manager, when a guest walks up.)

Guest: “Could I please have someone check out the toilet in my room — it has been running all night.”

Manager: “Ma’am, I am sorry about that but why didn’t you ask the night clerk?”

Guest: “Oh, he was sleeping so peacefully I didn’t want to disturb him.”


Could Think Of Nun Better

| Lexington, KY, USA | Bosses & Owners, Health & Body, Holidays, Popular

(Our manager is pregnant and Halloween is fast approaching.)

Manager: “What really sucks is that I love to dress up for Halloween, but this year, since I’m pregnant, I can’t do anything.”

Me: “Are you kidding? I can think of something perfect; a nun!”

(It seems that never crossed her mind. She practically lit up when I said it.)

Lights Off But Somebody’s Home

| USA | Employees, Lazy/Unhelpful

(After an evening checking out the local art galleries and music downtown, my dad, sister, and I decide to check out a new ice cream shop. When we get there, despite signs on the door saying they’re open for another hour, there’s not a single person in sight.)

Dad: “Hello, anybody in here?”

Sister: “Maybe they forgot to turn the lights off and lock the door?”

Me: “No, right here it says they’re open tonight until nine; it’s just past eight.”


Sister: “This… is just a little too creepy.”

Dad: “Yeah, all right.”

(Right after we left, a man wandered out of the kitchen and started mopping the floors. Last I heard, all their locations had closed down. I wonder why…)